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Chicago Sun-Times
It's a high-gloss version of a Hong Kong action picture, made in America but observing the exuberance of a genre where surfaces are everything.
The plot is so thin that it's not really worth thinking about, but director Antoine Fuqua and cinematographer Peter Lyons Collister have put so much effort into the feel and appearance of the movie that it held my attention.
This melodramatic action opera is a lurid love letter to the guns and poses aesthetic of Hong Kong action cinema.
It's just like a spectacularly excessive and melodramatically daft Cantonese crime opus, but in English, with a thumpingly trendy soundtrack.
Entertainment Weekly
Between cycles of gunfights and glowering, Yun-Fat displays some of the dignity and suave good looks that account for his star status (without much chance to show his wit).
It's beautifully shot by first-time feature director Antoine Fuqua, whose eye for sensual surfaces, deft camera moves and elegant framing was refined with commercials and music videos
Christian Science Monitor
The story has more violence than brains, but Hong Kong action star Chow makes an interestingly moody impression in his first Hollywood role.
A counterfeit of a Woo movie, even though Woo himself co-produced it.
Coolio videographer Antoine Fuqua frames Yun-Fat in slick style and his choreography of the slo-mo shoot-outs is worthy of comparison to those of the film's executive producer, John Woo.
To put it as kindly as possible, Fuqua is a well-intended tyro who wrongly assumes that his obvious love for action movies qualifies him to make them himself.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A plot so thin you could filter coffee through it.

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