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  • Aside from condensing storylines, the film also eliminates a number of characters and science fiction elements from the story. A significant plotline in the book is the efforts of scientists at Corvallis, Oregon to use an artificially intelligent supercomputer to help rebuild society. Similarly, in the book the leaders of the Holnists are super soldiers who were experimented on by the military in order to augment their strength and speed. The film also eliminates the "Squire of Sugarloaf" a leader of a local community who the Postman tries to enlist to help in the fight against the Holnists

  • 1998. 15 years earlier. The film is set in 2013.

  • Yes. It would had gone stale and rotten, after being uneaten for many years and it would had made The Postman really sick.

  • No. Days of Our Lives and Monday Night Football was in The Postman's mind.

  • Michael had the viral disease Mumps since he was 12 years old, which is a common childhood disease and causes a rare permanent loss of fertility in adult males.

  • Yes he did. 2 years earlier, Kevin Costner starred as The Mariner in 1995's Waterworld.

  • Yes. Lily Costner is Irene March's granddaughter Lily. Joe Costner is the Letter Boy, whom The Postman takes his letter, when riding past his house and Annie Costner is Ponytail, the US postal service carrier, whom finds The Postman and Abby and brings them to the US postal service HQ.

  • Abby mentions that when she was Bethlehem's prisoner, he tried several times to rape her. However, he couldn't "perform". This may suggest that he was actually homosexual, but was desperate to try and father an heir, despite him not being attracted to women. It's also possible he was simply impotent. As he blames Abby and beats her for his lack of arousal.


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