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Perfect Portrayal of the Extreme Lengths A Girl Will Go to for the Perfect Body
BettieTeese22 March 2005
This film could be used to educate young girls and their parents about deadly eating disorders.Beautiful actress Amy Jo Johnson of Power Rangers fame,brilliantly plays the role of a young girl passionate about being a gymnast,but is brainwashed into believing that unless she is dangerously thin,she'll never be successful.Johnson's character becomes obsessed with her weight and soon begins to fall into dangerous habits of throwing up everything she consumes to not eating at all.Her bulimia quickly leads to anorexia,and a frighteningly thin Johnson's health begins to fail,sparking concern for those who care about her.The film is a decent portrayal of how eating disorders orginate and could be useful for anyone who suspects someone they care about suffers from bulimia or anorexia.
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Very touching and kind of heartbreaking drama about the consequences of being anorexic
Catherine_Grace_Zeh8 December 2005
PERFECT BODY, in my opinion, is a very touching and kind of heartbreaking drama about the consequences of being anorexic. Anytime Andie (Amy Jo Johnson) threw up, I wanted to vomit myself. It's kind of hard to explain why. If you ask me, she should have been more cooperative about things. However, I did enjoy seeing her do her gymnastics routines as well as get lectured by her parents. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say, "If you ask me, PERFECT BODY really shows you how being anorexic or bulimic can affect a person's body. " Now, in conclusion, I recommend this movie to everyone who hasn't seen it. You're in for some tears and a good time, so the next time it's on TV, kick back with a friend and watch it.
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What a Surprise!
Maxi-1424 August 2000
I almost passed this movie as some fluff from a Power Ranger. What a mistake that would have been. Amy Jo Johnson turned in a powerful performance as a young woman so caught up in chasing perfection that she will sacrifice anything to get it. This film was a powerful statement about the pressure that is put on young athletes by themselves and others. This isn't a fluff piece and it will make you think but it's still entertaining. It's worth catching on TV.
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Good Gymnastic/Life Movie.
famousgir113 November 2001
Andie Bradley is a gymnast who has big dreams to perform at the Olympics. When she gets offered the chance to train with one of the best gymnast coaches she of course excepts the offer straight away. When she gets there though, the coach makes her feel fat and he asks her to go on diet. Leslie, another young girl also working with the coach, tells Andie a way where she can eat what she wants and not gain any weight. This leaves a lot of pressure on poor Andie.

Perfect Body is a good movie which portrays the things people may have to do to get where they want to be. Amy Jo Johnson plays the lead role of Andie Bradley and she gives quite a good performance.
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Entertaining but unrealistic
anniejohnston7920 November 2004
This movie was great for a Sunday afternoon cheesy Lifetime movie, but a few things in it were so unrealistic that it just about drove me crazy.

My biggest complaint was that the gymnastics that these girls were shown doing were nowhere near the olympic level, which they claimed to be. The vaults were especially ridiculous. I mean, I did some of those vaults when I was ten years old, and I wasn't anywhere near olympic level (I was level 6, elite is level 10).

Also, Amy Jo Johnson's character's eating disorder just sort of suddenly went away when she realized it was harming her. A more realistic eating disorder movie is Sharing The Secret.
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Aerothorn10 September 2003
I was forced to watch this film at school. Next time, she can give me a big fat F but I refuse to watch anything this horrible. Basiclly, its your typical "based on a true story" TV movie- the true parts are made as small as possible and the rest as filled with melodrama. The acting isn't bad, but the directing is- he basiclly directed his actors to be as exagerated as possible in their emotions. Also, the film is SO predictable- I am not exagerating when I say that after only watching the film for 5 miniutes, I correctly predicted every "plot twist" that was going to happen. And its just basiclly a soap opera- you feel nothing for the charecters because they are in NO WAY REAL, they look just like actors doing a TV movie, not like real people. The script is as cliche as you can get- they play it safe, take no chances, stick to the typical TV movie formula.
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Seriously underrated
n-mo5 August 2011
"Perfect body" suffers from being a made-for-TV movie principally in the quality of the cinematography and in the realism of the gymnastics--these girls were nowhere near Olympic level, I'm told, though I am not really one to judge. Yet what "Perfect Body" lacks in this luster it more than makes up for in the quality of the writing and acting, and considering the primitivity of the shooting equipment, the cameraman captured the essence of each scene and character emotion very well. Amy Jo Johnson is more than convincing as a perfectionist suffering from anorexia nervosa (contrary to the description, the film does not once claim that she is bulimic and in fact she is more of a gorge-and- purge type anorectic than a true bulimic). The film's portrayal of the debilitating effects of nervous anxieties--and of the extreme difficulty that sufferers tend to have in getting or accepting help even when they know they need it and even want it, and of the resulting sense of isolation and fright of the sufferer and sense of helplessness of her entourage-- strikes a powerful chord. Definitely worth a couple of hours.
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Pretty good; accomplishes goal
TinorialPeredhil15 July 2008
The entire point of this movie was to show how desperate girls can be to reach their dreams, how they think that they're helping themselves, and how they ultimately crush those dreams all on their own. The gymnastics may not have been realistic -- I'm not going to pretend that those girls were ready to compete in Beijing -- but I really liked the eating disorder part. We followed Andie and we saw how she got to be that bad. We went on her journey, felt her fears, understood her mindset. I also don't think that she cleared up her problems in the end. She says that it is going to take a while; we just don't *see* it taking a while because movies are short. I thought that this was a good portrayal and an eye-opener. It is definitely worth viewing, maybe more than once. Is it anything that teenage girls these days don't hear? Maybe not. It could very well go in one ear and out the other, but it's worth a shot.
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Great movie
HorrorMovieLover16 December 2001
Perfect Body was an awesome movie. The acting was perfect and it showed complete truth. I recommend watching this when it comes on TV (only because it's not on video). The movie was interesting to watch and you actually had feelings for the characters.
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About a girl who becomes obsessed with losing weight to achieve her goal.
erazer7918 April 1999
The film is very good. The main actress acted very well and so did the actor, whose character's name was Josh. His real name is Ron. The film correctly portrays the sacrifices and hard work an olympic trainee has to go through. It also deals with the common practice among young girls of eating then vomiting just to lose weight and be smart.
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