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  • The situation with Perdita Durango is not so crystal clear in terms of censorship. First of all the movie has been censored for its R-rating and several shots of Perditas breast or backside have been cut but there are also several other scenes missing due to the usage of copyrighted film material, like the Vera Cruz footage at the end.

  • The information regarding the cut lengths of the Great Britain releases are not unambiguous. About 37 sec. were cut for the theatrical release and this version was rated 18+, according to the BBFC homepage. The same cut length was noted for a VHS-release, also rated 18 years and above. The VHS that was at hand misses five and a half minutes, though. According to the OFDB (German IMDB), this is also the case for the old British DVD. "Old" because it seems that the DVD release from 2006 is uncut. OFDB also lists a VHS with a cut length of about 73 seconds, but this statement is most definitely wrong. A ten minutes longer version that was only shown on the Fantasy Film Festival in 1998 has not been released to this day.


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