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Simple but effective action movie.
Boba_Fett113825 December 2004
There is nothing in "The Peacemaker" that is new or something we haven't seen done before in an action movie. Yet the movie serves its purpose; to bring some mindless entertainment with some nicely done action.

Nicole Kidman in a main part of an action movie? Yes, Nicole Kidman in the main part of an action movie and who would have ever known, she is actually believable in her part but her acting is just a bit too standard and boring but yet like I said before, her characters remains believable. Thumbs up for that! But the best roles are played by George Clooney and Armin Mueller-Stahl, who is always great in a movie.

The movie's opening is really a memorable one and is one of the very best action movie openings I have ever seen along with "The Rock", which was made one year earlier. After that the movie looses some of it's power and pace and we begin losing interest until the next action sequence occurs. Yes, it truly are the action sequences that are the highlights of the movie and make this movie a watchable one.

The visual style of the movie is also what makes this movie above average. The cinematography by Dietrich Lohmann gives the movie a cool action movie feeling. Dietrich Lohmann unfortunately died not much later during or shortly after completing the movie "Deep Impact".

The music by Hans Zimmer is most excellent. Zimmer and co really set up some new standards for action movie soundtracks in the nineties.

Standard action movie but well executed!

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A Real Suspenseful Thriller by Mimi Leder!
gradyharp9 May 2006
Terrorist films abound these days, as though putting stories about terrorists who make mistakes is supposed to make us all feel more safe. This taut, well-written and finely acted espionage film is different that those currently in front of us: made in 1997 this film in retrospect had a better grip on just how frightening terrorism is and how two-sided the implications of danger usually are.

Filmed with never let your guard down suspense, the story is rather simple: nuclear weapons are circulating with one headed to the US and the military joins with science in tracking the carrier of the bomb. George Clooney is in fine form as Lt. Col. Thomas Devoe, professional yet charismatic and his scientific colleague is Dr. Julia Kelly, with Nicole Kidman delivering a polished performance. And for once we get to see a terrorist as a person: Dusan Gavrich (Marcel Iures), despite his mission to destroy us, is a vulnerable, bruised human being. The supporting roles are well handled by such strong character actors as Armin Mueller-Stahl.

Cinematographer Dietrich Lohmann keeps the action lively with multi-angled shots and surveillance scenes and the tension is well maintained with the music score by Hans Zimmer. But in the final analysis the credit for the success of this film lies in the capable hands of Mimi Leder. A terrific little suspense film. Grady Harp
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Stylish, hi-tech, completely unbelievable... Great
The_Dead_See1 August 1999
A lot of so-called action directors should take some time off to watch this movie and learn from it. We do not need to see a dodgy cgi train crash when we can have things the subtle way, just a couple being awoken by the distant destruction. We don't need to see a carriage load of soldiers cut down with machine guns in a choreographed ballet sequence, just the arcing laser sights through an open doorway. We don't need ultra evil bad guys who kill off their companions in sudden rages, just a compassionate man on a disillusioned mission for peace. We don't need the 'obligatory' kiss between the co stars at the finale, just the promise of future things.

Peacemaker is politically unbelievable, it has some seriously ill thought out moments. But at the end of the day it brings a freshness to sequences we've all seen a million times before, it lets us feel the emotions of ALL the characters. Intelligent, stylish, and great fun to boot. Worth a couple of hours of anyone's evening.
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Standard story – but good tension, good action scenes and a great performance by Clooney make it good.
bob the moo8 May 2002
When nuclear warheads get stolen during decommissioning in Russia, American military agents Thomas Devoe and Julia Kelly start to try and track their movements before they get into the wrong hands. Julia's intelligence background and Thomas' more direct approach don't gel too well, but they must recover the weapons before they are used in a terrorist strike against the US.

This starts well – with the detonation of a nuke in rural Russia, and indeed it goes on quite well from there. The story is the basic 'terrorist with stolen nuke' story but it has sufficient ability to rise above the norm to be quite enjoyable. The odd-couple of Devoe and Kelly isn't made too much of and it avoids that pitfall. The action scenes are handled well and, though lacking in flair, they do contain plenty of tension and excitement.

The cast really help – in particular Clooney. Clooney takes what could have been just a one dimensional tough military role and adds layers to it. His violence is just beneath the surface and it shows in his face and eyes. At times he does what is expected of him – but for the most he lifts the role and the film. Kidman also does well – at times she is a screaming side-kick, but she also has a bit of depth there too. The support cast never really get beyond ethnic stereotype – only Armin Mueller-Stahl has a good role. There are some interesting roles given to now famous people – Boatman (Carter in Spin City) and, to complete the ER coonnection between star and director, Goran Visnijc in a tiny role.

Overall this is a standard story. But a top-class Clooney and plenty of good, tense action scenes make this much better than the average stolen bomb flick.
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Solid first effort from DreamWorks
Sean Gallagher26 February 1999
Let's be honest first of all. Did anybody think the first movie out of the gate from a studio owned by David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Steven Spielberg be an artsy-fartsy film? For what it is, this is pretty good. Director Mimi Leder does a good job keeping everything going (she was less successful with her follow-up, DEEP IMPACT), and I was involved the whole way through. I like George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, but I will admit they don't get a whole lot to do here. Like the similar MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, there's not a whole lot of character development for the heroes, so the film depends on whether or not you like the stars, and fortunately, I do.

The one distinguishing factor of the movie is the villain, played by Marcel Iures. While the one who steals the missiles is your standard action villain, there's a gravity and sadness Iures brings that's unexpected in a film like this. This is no sneering DIE HARD rip-off, but a guy who takes an action because he feels it's the only choice he has, and the film at least brings forth the notion that if that's how he feels, we the Western powers are somewhat culpable.
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Pretty decent movie...
scholara229 September 2006
I liked this movie. It did what it set out to do, to entertain, though post 911, the premise is especially scary (how poignant to see the WTC in the New York skyline).

I was drawn into the plot, and didn't care about any inconsistencies or holes. Everything came across as plausible.

As for the comment made ccthemovieman-1 about the unlikelihood of someone of Nicole Kidman's looks being in a position like that, well, all I can say is that he should take a look at some of the female analysts and spies (ie. Valerie Plame) that work not only in the US government, but also others like Israel.

Make no mistake, many of them are as beautiful as they are intelligent.

And I give kudos to the filmmakers for resisting the one formulaic turn, and that is making it into a romance flick where the male/female protagonists first dislike each other and then fall into each others arms by the end of the movie.

So, for all those who say this movie is predictable, here's one predictable and clichéd turn it didn't take. It concentrated on the action and suspense, and only hinted in the very end at the possibility of a romance.

It was interesting to see, that even though Dr. Kelly was Devoe's boss, the actual dynamics were in reverse, with her following Devoe's lead for most of the time, and listening to lectures from him about her inexperience.

I guess the movie's producers thought it was too much for someone like Clooney to constantly take orders from a woman. A formulaic turn, I suppose.

Clooney and Kidman acquitted themselves well in their roles, as did Marcel Iures who portrayed the terrorist. He came across as human, and a truly tragic, sympathetic, though misguided, figure, imo.

The train hijack sequence was awesome.
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New-killer power...
Benjamin Wolfe30 January 2007
The newspapers and the t.v. movie reviewers didn't give this a very favorable rating. As I had heard from someone else that I knew who saw this, didn't seem too impressed either. But as I live and learn, I realize that I have to be the one inevitably who says, "I like it, or it's a waste of time." You ultimately judge what's worth your time right? I saw this, I wish that I saw it in the theater, at any rate, I saw the characters of (Clooney) Col. Thomas Devoe and the very sweet and ever so lovely Nicole kid man's Dr.Kelly as being the type of characters that could keep me in an interested and ever curious state. Which for me, is exactly what I look for in a film.

I enjoyed the search and out of country 'trauma', that happens when in a foreign land at times, kind of like the terror that over-took the characters in "Clear And Present Danger". Although these two are different 'flavors' there seems to be a parallel in the action and the characters engrossment of their duty.

As such, I liked how Clooney seemed as Devoe and his mode of operation. I usually don't see a lot of female directors that really bring it home with an action persona, but Mimi Leder has done that to a very satisfying extent.

George Clooney and Nicole Kidman carry out a great working 'chemistry' that I found not only watchable, but believable.

I recommend this action adventure/thriller quest for all fans of the like and the two. Enjoy. (***)
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How do you stop a terrorist who has no demands?
Nazi_Fighter_David27 June 2004
A distraught Bosnian piano teacher named Dusan Gavric (Marcel Iures), whose wife and daughter had been shot down before his eyes by Bosnian Muslim snipers in war-divided Sarajevo, intends to ignite a stolen nuclear bomb around the U.N. building in New York in revenge for that atrocity…

Nuclear weapons specialist Dr. Julia Kelly (Nicole Kidman) and US Special Forces Colonel Thomas Devoe (George Clooney) try to stop the psycho...

Clooney, convinced that United States educated half the world's terrorists, plays a talented soldier who takes great liberties to get what he wants including heavy bribes and savage beatings… With that cool, suave and dashing look that makes women swoon, Clooney demonstrates great sense of humor with his performance, and looks pleasantly cold as hell during high action sequences… His unexpected reactions get on Kidman's nerves so easily…

Kidman looks lovely as the anguished scientist who wants to save the world, struggling tightly against her self-doubt …

Mimi Leder definitely proves that she's a commanding presence behind the camera… She shows how to move more effectively the camera creating tension throughout the hijacking of the warheads, Vienna's exciting car chase, the flight of the three US Air Force helicopters ordered to return to Turkish airspace, the truckload of the bad guys hanging over a cliff, and the tracking of the missing warhead on Manhattan's crowded streets…

The music is great... It follows the action well and elevates the dramatic suspense throughout the show...
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Robert J. Maxwell4 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS. Clooney seems like an actor of modest talent but an affable guy, whose part here could have been handled by Willis. Kidman probably has more range and is definitely more decorative. (Her nose seems to have been professionally drafted by someone with a set of transparent plastic French curves.) Iures is frankly charismatic, on the order of Yves Montand, and is the only character given any developmental background. That is to say, the performances aren't bad -- but the movie is. Where to begin.

1. We meet Clooney at a Senate hearing while he is being asked to account for his arrest during a fist fight in a saloon in the company of a foreign spy and a prostitute. He's one of those roguish wisecracking mavericks we are supposed to like immediately. (In case you don't like fist fights, foreign spies, or whores, he has an explanation that absolves him of depraved tastes.)

2. The dialogue is ineffable. "We've got AUTHORIZATION, boys! Let's ROCK AND ROLL!"

3. The writers were unsure of who to pin the blame on so they spread the guilt around generously. There are the Russians of course, since we can't seem to get over the Cold War. And then the German are shown hard at work doing evil, a stretch, true, but still World War II was no pink tea. The chief villain describes himself as a Serb, a Croat, and a Moslem. Iraq is brought up in the first few minutes, and the stolen nukes are headed towards Iraq. North Korea was not invited to the party.

4. The action scenes were I'm sure generated by computer. A truck entering a bridge is blasted by a helicopter, swerves wildly, knocking down utility poles and whipping around cables that emit sparkling fountains, before finally smashing through the railing and being jolted to a halt by the cables now wrapped around its axle. Clooney is dropped onto the truck bed by cable from a helicopter. A surving villain knocks the pistol out of his hand and we get the obligatory shot of it skidding across the floor out of reach. Another fist fight while the cables snap their stops one by one and the truck dips farther off the edge of the bridge. (Cf., the elevator scene at the beginning of "Speed.") The helicopter crew decides the truck is about to take its final nose dive and they yank Clooney back up, but the cable was somehow wrapped around his neck and is strangling him, so he whips out a knife and cuts the metal cable in one swipe. He drops back into the truck, finishes off the heavy, saves the stolen nukes, and the truck finally pulls loose of its encumberances and drops towards the gorge below, exploding halfway down, and leaving a Harvard-educated Pakistani astrophysicist dangling from a bridge girder. (None of this is made up, I swear.)

5. Clooney, Kidman, and an accomplice complete a dangerous theft and make off happily in their car. The accomplice mentions that they are in an embassy car so it's armor plated and has bulletproof windows. I leave you to guess whether this datum turns out to be important in the next 60 seconds.

6. Those cars skidding and twirling and pirouetting along the rain-slick streets of Vienna, the driver, Clooney, having presumably learned his skills at the feet of Remi Julian or however it's spelled.

7. Iures intends to explode a nuke at the UN Building but is wounded and goes to ground a few blocks away. Clooney poses the perfectly reasonable question of why Iures just doesn't blow the thing up now, since it will "take out half of New York City." Kidman shouts back, "You don't UNDERSTAND. That's not what he wants. He wants his death to MEAN something!" Well, you can tell just from this exchange that Iures is a man of no mean principle. Looked at pragmatically, a few hundred yards would make little difference, and nobody would be left alive to tell whether Iures had reached his goal or not anyway. Where was I? Oh yes, number eight. Thank you.

8. Iures is now dead on the altar but his warhead or whatever it is is timed to go off in a few minutes. We know this because there is a red digital readout that tells us how much time is left. All exploding devices have red digital readouts. Why? That's a deeply profound question. Kidman must figure out how to disarm the primer so that only the pre-primer will explode (or something). She hacks at the fiendish device with fingernails, screwdriver, and pistol butt, while Clooney counts aloud the number of seconds remaining. "Nine. Eight. Hurry up! Seven." Doing the countdown in a situation like this, it's true, is a dirty and thankless task, but somebody's got to do it!

My mind is so benumbed by exposure to radiation leakage that I can no longer count past eight. I don't think the producers of this piece of derivative stereotypical commercial garbage could either, unless the number were preceded by a dollar sign.
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jbieds20 April 2005
Some movies stick in your consciousness. This is one of them. Although the script is not that original in its major components, Mimi Leder made a very strong visual statement here. The train hi-jacking sequence is about as good as anything on film. Although many reviewers here see the movie as one long cliché, the anti-hero is really protesting Western militarism and the ubiquitous arms industry. He's suffered a great personal loss at the hands of the "let's sell guns to everybody" group. The "Peacekeepers" ignore the slaughter going on around them. Blowing up the U.N. and a sizable chunk of Manhattan may not be the best answer, but in the context of the film it makes sense. In many ways the film is much more subtle than just "good guys/bad guys." Look again and watch for the nuances.
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Terrorist are human...but still evil as Hell.
Michael O'Keefe29 May 2004
This is an action packed apocalyptic thriller from director Mimi Leder. A renegade Russian diverts nuclear warheads, scheduled for dismantling, into the hands of a Bosnian diplomat still blaming the West for the death of his wife and daughter. A well planned train wreck is used to cover up the diabolical theft of the weapons. A race ensues to find one last missing nuke. A crack special forces Colonel(George Clooney)and a U.S. nuke expert(Nicole Kidman)track down the lone missing warhead targeted for the United Nations.

A very impressive opening showing the weapon laden train winding through southern mountains of the former Soviet Union. Plenty of action and violence. The cock-sure Clooney does his own stunts and incorporates his own brand of humor. You can't help but like him in this role. Miss Kidman is not only beautiful, but appears smart as a whip. There seems to be a very good working chemistry between the two. This breathless thriller also stars: Armin Mueller-Stahl, Marcel Lures, Alexander Strobele and Michael Boatman.
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The Cheesemaker
dunmore_ego18 December 2005
Infuriatingly predictable and wholly uninvolving, "The Peacemaker" finds George Clooney in classic head-waggling mode (as Army Intelligence Officer Devoe – hey! I bought that record of his, "Whip It!") and Nicole Kidman in severe-skirted secretary mode (as White House Liaison, Julia Kelly), saving White America from nuke-thieving Russkies who intend to blow up Manhattan.

In movies of this ilk, the American Military is omniscient, portrayed as so technologically advanced they can pinpoint license plate numbers half a world away; relishing showing off their spy-satellite capabilities and infiltration devices - yet never putting that technology to use in deterring the theft of nuclear weapons in the first place. They seemingly only use these gadgets to sell your confidential details to lowlife corporate bidders, to conveniently lose your records when you report an identity fraud and to send you garbage-loads of junk mail whenever you purchase a new electronic appliance with your credit card – instead of doing something important like CAPTURING OSAMA BIN LADEN. As Devoe says, "Toil Is Stupid."

Kidman is the token "sexy woman in power", incessantly battling to be taken seriously in a Man's World – until man-toy Clooney turns up and cows her with his head-waggling and tacit indications that she might soon be allowed to touch People's Sexiest Man Alive 1997.

But they get too busy to get busy, barking orders at everyone within modeling distance, as is the manner of Nuclear Threat movies: walking through office hallways hastily (glass doors and staircases, add extra points), handing off reports, getting reports handed to them, hectoring underlings to get "the President" or "the head of That Department" on the phone, reeling off statistics and information to each other, extras with one line updating them on the crisis situation (oh joy! – one step closer to a SAG card!) – doesn't anyone in the star's walking trajectory ever have something that they should actually be doing at the time they're lining the star's route being barked at?

Meanwhile, something of world-shaking import is happening – but in Nuclear Threat movies I can never quite scare up the interest to find out what. Ultimately, the Russian plot to blow up the United States grinds to a standstill through the efforts of the poreless Kelly (whose bra is always tantalizingly translucently apparent through her secretariat blouse) and the head-waggling of Devoe (who is air-lifted onto a truck which hangs off a bridge in classic Vehicle-Hanging-Off-Bridge position, leaving him just the right amount of time to get off before it falls).

Flowerpot hats off to Devoe, as all the stolen nukes are accounted for – but one! So begins the final idiot act of the movie – congruent with the final idiot act of a desperate terrorist (played by a non-threatening, apathetic Marcel Iures), who has the opportunity to detonate the nuclear device in his backpack at any time – keeping in mind that a bomb that powerful would do the same amount of damage no matter where it blows – yet opts to mill aimlessly through New York streets, presenting himself as a target for military rooftop snipers. Despite Devoe's imprecations of "Are We Not Men?!", the snipers refuse to take out the Russian, due to curly-haired American kids getting in the way (– strange, that's never stopped them in real life...).

When the movie has degenerated to the final chase sequence, Devoe gets to perform the action hero staple of Running Over Car Roofs and sliding over car hoods like a TV cop – he even gets to knock over a bum with a shopping cart! This movie has everything!

Finally we meet the star of our show – The Bomb - replete with easy-to-read big red digital numbers ticking down (Sesame Street was so proud they dedicated a sock puppet to Devoe), which Julia must defuse. And the big red numbers only give us two minutes to think about how predictable this whole scenario is – as if the film-makers would risk mussing Nicole Kidman's makeup by having a bomb explode in her face. But wait! – there's more malarkey to digest: we are told – via Julia's harried and wholly specious dialog – that this contraption is a "bomb within a bomb"; that there is a small "normal" bomb that they can detonate which will actually negate the detonation of the "nuclear" bomb – I'd like to slap someone now, please - so we can still have our "happy ending" (the big convenient explosion) and yet save civilization!

Diving through a stained-glass window with an explosion at your heels apparently only sustains a few minor scratches to the forehead, no worse than falling off your bike on some soft grass. "It's a beautiful, beautiful world!"

Let us not forget the pat Hollywood epilogue: Julia does laps in a pool while Devoe appears to make energy-dome innuendo about "whipping it good!" after she emerges. Not that she has any choice in her future bed-partner. As Devoe once sang, "Freedom of choice is what you want / Freedom from choice is what you got." He is, after all, a New Traditionalist, and one of the Ten Commandments states, "Thou shalt not end a Major American Studio Movie without the heterosexual couple spanking it, to please the slack-jawed masses."

Fade to hack.

(Movie Maniacs, visit:
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Extremely stupid movie!!!!
galebns12 February 2006
Quote "Russians can't find snow in the middle of the winter" but WE U.S. Army can... God help us. Next: I'm just a member of special forces of U.S. Army, i'm alone in Wiena fighting enemy spies on my own and killing them all... yeah wright. Oh i'm sorry they killed my friend and he was a good man so they had to pay for that. Well i guess when a man lose his wife and kid when sniper (which is by the way sold by USA) shot them, he has no right to revenge them, can't measure that with a good man. Now i'm not saying this is not a good action movie, i'm only saying this is a extremely bad movie!!!Bottom line is we are all stupid and bad except one and truly U.S.A. and heroes of United States Army. God help us all!!
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International intrigue and noisy action about nuclear smuggling starred by an exceptional couple
ma-cortes27 December 2010
A nuclear blow up in deepest Russia turns out to be a terrorist act that triggers rapid response by USA government. The Pentagon to avoid the uranium robbers from utilizing to wreak atomic war against the U.S.A . assigns the dangerous mission to two high officers ( attractive Nicole Kidman and impulsive George Clooney) . The expert field agent Clooney and spunky but unexperienced Kidman must solve the risked complications on the East pursuing nasties suspected of smuggling soviet nuclear arms into nations less civilised and stable . They get involved in the tangled chase of the Servian terrorists that run across countries until Iran . Meanwhile, they go to Vienna , there are are helped by a good Russian general (Armin Mueller Stahl) . The final terror arises when the terrorist (Marcel Iures as meek musician professor in the film's best acting ) behind it all is looking vengeance and goes to N.Y where happens a moving ending in the midst of a confusing crowd.

This exciting movie contains suspense , thrills, twists and turns , rattling action, and implacable intrigue . The yarn is interesting though based on fictitious deeds and barely credible tale . There are suspense, thriller and action, and the scenario is varied and spectacular . The flick is fast moving and interesting , as a highlight after another piles up . Extraordinary nail-biting scenes, specially when there happens the helicopter attacks on some amazing images and final climax in New York streets . George Clooney's performance as hard-boiled colonel is excellent, he hands perfectly the role ; cocky Clooney along with elegant Nicole Kidman form a perfect couple as troubleshooter team dispatched to trace terrorists . Stirring and moving score fitting perfectly to action by today prestigious Hans Zimmer . Colorful and adequate cinematography by Dietrich Lohmann . The motion picture is well directed by Mimi Leder in his first movie . She's a good filmmaker , usually for TV (¨ER¨ played by Goran Visnjic who appears as secondary in The peacemakers) and occasionally for cinema (Deep impact , The Code). Rating : above average . Well worth watching .
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By The Book Post Cold War Thriller
Theo Robertson12 June 2005
Did you know there's literally hundreds of nuclear warheads scattered throughout the old Soviet Union ? Bad news for humanity but good news for Hollywood producers who want to make a post cold war thriller featuring stolen nuclear warheads getting into the wrong hands but this type of scenario has become over familiar . While women watch " Disease of the week " TVMs I guess the boys will be watching " stolen nuclear warhead of the week " on another channel

So what makes THE PEACEMAKER different from a mediocre Tom Clancey novel or a James Bond movie ? Good question and one that I can't really come with a good answer to . I could point out that the bad guy is a White European Christian but if I remember correctly the plot of THE SUM OF ALL FEARS was changed so instead of Arabs we had WASPish Neo Nazis as the bad guys . In fact I'm struggling to remember when the bad guys weren't whacko white guys , would it be GOLDFINGER by any chance ?

I guess the movie deserves some credit in mentioning the motives of the villain who is misguided rather than evil , and the motives don't exactly put the United States in a very good light but of course it's left to an American special forces officer to save the day and yes there's a scene where the hero attempts to defuse a bomb that has a timer that helpfully lets the audience know how many seconds are left to detonation YAWN

THE PEACEMAKER isn't a terrible movie . In it's favour it's much better than another Hollywood blockbuster dealing with the Balkans conflict namely BEHIND ENEMY LINES but is in no way comparable to something like SAVIOR . It's also infinitely inferior to a mainly forgotten British production called SEVEN DAYS TO NOON and it's a movie that is more interested in making money at the box office than giving people sleepless nights in a world where a stolen nuclear warhead might explode anywhere
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I Hope Hollywood Isn't The Voice Of America
robert-6429 June 2005
Retrospective. Oh dear, oh dear oh dear. What trite nonsense. Be it Nicole Kidman desperately trying to look sexy with wet hair or delivering the immortal line: 'I'd be more worried by a terrorist with one bomb than ten', this films is utter balderdash. Once more American film studios search out a bette noir, this time it's the Bosnians. And hey, surprise, surprise, those darned Ruskies are friends.

One an only assume that the people who watch this kind of film have the mental capacity of Mickey Mouse - hence the need for exciting location titles every few moments - not that they are needed because there is a gross stereotype for every nationality or ethnic minority. If I hear another Russian called Dimitri I am going to scream.

I loved the peasantification of the the Serbs and Croats. Have the film crew ever been to Eastern Europe? Clearly not.

The positive aspect of the film is that it enables one to discriminate between bad films and good films. nice to have such bad films at hand.

I dread the day when some other director and 'B' grade actors make a film on the Iraq conflict. I'll conclude as I started. Oh dear,oh dear.
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Nothing new to see.
cvele8931 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
How much more movies like this are gonna be made? There are always some terrorists that possess nuclear weapon and threatens to use it and all-mighty US army which is always badly organized and must be led by one man, the main actor of the movie! Think of every positive human ability - he has it all. Every situation, which in reality needs a whole bunch of people to deal with, he resolves alone and walks out as a hero! I mean, if the producers wanted him to be like that, why didn't they just gave him blue suit with read cloak and letter "S" printed on his chest? This is type of movie in which you can always guess how the ending will look like and you won't be wrong! I rate this movie 1/10 for using standard "terrorist movie layout" and not bringing us anything new, 5/10 for good performance and acting and 8/10 for background music.
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A thoroughly unpleasant experience
tranquil23 August 2000
The Peacemaker, quite simply, is a complete hive for cliches. The plot is so completely unoriginal that viewers can positively predict the ending from the very start. Russian mobsters steal nukes; Russian mobsters tries to con everyone else; the Good Guys are smarter and rush in and kick some evil rumps and rescue the nukes.

While some of the action may have been fun to watch, the unimpressive plot leaves a dry taste in the viewer's mouth and makes the film a boring experience.
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Well, what can I say
mr_fister18 November 2007
Yet another All American World Saving film. Not only is 90% of this film predictable with renegade terrorists not sticking to plans, ex-regime Generals looking to give the finger to Democracy and only one man (and woman in a bathing suit) can stop them as usual with an array of unorthodox tactics.

From the outset the film lacked a convincing story which seemed to follow a formula. Take "Broken Arrow" for example, its basically the same except no Stealth Bombers.

If you want to watch a film with some substance then this is definitely not the film for you, if anything it will just anger you with the amount of rubbish that is being displayed.

On the other hand Hanz Zimmer's soundtrack is very gripping and stirring, especially the mens choir work, very nice indeed.
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Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda
ccthemovieman-13 July 2006
Despite never being impressed with this film, I watched it several times. Maybe I just wanted to get my money's worth out of the DVD but I recall, I actually liked this the first time I saw it. However, the more I watched it, the dumber the film got: sort of like George Clooney's political statements.

As stated, the story began losing credibility with multiple viewings. There are just too many hokey action and plot holes to make this the "intelligent" film it's trying to be. Nicole Kidman's beauty doesn't help, either. There is just no way someone in her position looks like that. Clooney is his normal arrogant character but part of that makes him interesting to watch.

It's really a "fair" movie but you just know it could and should have been a lot better. Maybe that's why I gave it several chances, always hoping that it would be better than it really is.
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This movie was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!
VivFan18 April 1999
I could not believe how bad this movie was. I thought it would never end! It made no sense whatsoever, the plot totally lost me, I hated it! I had to give it a 1 for awful, yet it doesn't deserve that. If you haven't seen this movie don't!
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i'd give it a minus 10
sundiva4 February 2001
okay, so the only reason i watched this movie was George Clooney. But after i watched it i was really disappointed. Why do brilliant actors like Clooney and Nicole Kidman take place in a movie like this? It's so cliche, the Russian of course are the bad guys and the Americans are the great heroes. the story is more than poor, at the end you feel real sorry for the dead terrorist. Anyway, Marcel Iures who plays the bad guy is the only good thing about this movie. His acting is amazing, he's the only one who really puts life into his character.
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Thumbs down!
emilian771 July 2000
This awful movie is the fair of stereotypes: all the goods are smart, cool and heroic (like Clooney in the role of an American official), all the Russians are idiots, the bad is a Jugoslavian that, poor him, has suffered too much that now instead of understand the value of peace wants to make all people suffer like him.... transporting an atomic bomb in New York(with timer! in the backpack!!! you understand!?). And the nice thing is that he was visible by satellites by means of radiation emitted by the bomb, but he survives happy only because in that manner he can be killed by the overmentioned hero........ too bad!

A real eye punch...
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I love you Mimi Leder
Deniz Ziya Toroslu20 December 2009
The Peacemaker is one of my all time favorite action movies. And its rating is one of the most odd ones in IMDb history, every time I bother about it, when visit the page of the movie. Mimi Leder is not a well known director sadly. I saw Deep Impact in 2000 or 2001 and liked it so much. Especially the scenes which the meteor comes down to the earth were dazzling and glorious. However, The Peacemaker is her masterpiece. George Clooney is great in this film, he is a great actor, especially his mimics. Yes, any actor can play this role, Thomas Devoe, but Clooney is a gift I believe. Action? A critic says that The Peacemaker is one of slow paced movies, so in the bonus disc, in the behind the scenes part, we can watch making of two action scenes. A big lie! How many action scenes does The Peacemeker have? Let's count. The first action sequence is a car chase. This scene is so stylish. Mimi Leder chose a cloudy, rainy day to shoot this part, the cinematography consists of gray tones mainly. The background music is sweeping, the crash moments are very strong, and generally it is not showy. Thomas Devoe squeezes the car almost. The second long action sequence occurs on the air and then in an aircraft. The third action sequence (attention, I always use sequence, not scene) takes place in New York. In those scenes, Leder catches dazzling panoramic views. And this time, she chose a sunny day. However, there is a thought provoking and frustrating scene. There is a little girl who obstructs the visual angle of the sniper, but Clooney and Kidman insist him to shoot. Returning to the action, the camera follows Clooney while he is jumping from one car to another, then makes a half rotation around him. Brilliant! The gunfight scene recalls John Woo movies. From the deliberately made opening sequence till the end, a solid thriller.
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Bland Globe-trotting Tom Clancy/James Bond Wannabe Thriller
zardoz-1312 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Stolen Russian nukes are up for grabs in the George Clooney & Nicole Kidman escapade "The Peacemaker," a sloppy but serviceable global thriller that drowns its audience in sentiment rather than buoys them with entertainment. Director Mimi Leder in her cinematic debut struggles with a second-hand, warmed over story. The cliffhanger predicaments and their resolutions emerge as more hackneyed and pretentious than virile and exciting. Enough with these adventure sagas set in the new Russia! Few surprises enliven this downbeat, humorless, technical Tom Clancy clone. Although "The Peacemaker" boasts a couple of decent scenes, the film grovels under a heavy-handed script, dull villains and equal opportunity his'n her plotting.

The Michael ("Crimson Tide") Schiffer screenplay follows the strenuous efforts of U.S. Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel Tom Devoe (George Clooney of "ER") and scientist Dr. Julia Kelly (Nicole Kidman of "Far & Away") to recover 10 nukes that corrupt Soviet General Aleksandr Kodoroff (Aleksandr Baluyev 0f "Deep Impact") has purloined. The action ignites with sizzling promise as a team of commandos armed with machine guns and night goggles stages a daring night train robbery. With the red laser beam sighting systems on their guns and the twinkle of red from their night vision equipment, they manage to evoke an evil, sinister look. General Kodoroff explodes one of the nukes to delay the response time of the authorities, so his henchmen and he can spirit the stolen warheads out of Mother Russia.

Meanwhile, an assassin guns down a member of the Bosnian parliament scheduled to attend a United Nations peace conference. Piano teacher Dusan Gavrich (Marcel Iures of "Hart's War") replaces him. Dusan's wife and child die as innocent bystanders in a street shooting; Dusan resolves to spread the tragedy of Bosnia beyond his borders so the world can experience his pain and anguish. His cohorts lay claim to one of Kodoroff's nukes. Dusan intends to sneak a warhead into the United States and trigger it at the United Nations. Consequently, as one of the members of the Bosnian diplomatic team, Dusan represents the title character.

"The Peacemaker" evolved from journalistic exposes by political reporters Andrew and Leslie Cockburn. Schiffer's predictable script recycles familiar elements from the 1983 James Bond thriller "Octopussy" where the villains attempted a nuclear blast to inflame the anti-nuclear protest groups and compel Western nuclear disarmament. Of course, "The Peacemaker" occurs against the backdrop of the anything goes 'new' Russia, a setting a little overdone recently by "GoldenEye," "The Saint," "Crimson Tide," and "The Hunt for Red October." The stolen nukes theme can be traced back to the 1965 Bond epic "Thunderball" as well as the more recent John Travolta extravaganza "Broken Arrow." The reliance on satellite technology as well as cooperation between the military and civilians at the highest levels of the government has the Clancy imprimatur inscribed on it. Little more than Jack Ryan with a sex change, Nicole Kidman's Dr. Julia Kelly combines literary detective Nancy Drew with the sexy 1960s TV heroine Honey West.

Feminist touches such as allowing the characters to savor quiet moments when they can cry are out of character for this kind of adventure that DreamWorks has served up. "The Peacemaker" could be accurately described as a macho chase melodrama that collides with a soapy chick flick. Quite often Leder aims for the cerebellum when she should smash the solar plexus. The best scenes in "The Peacemaker" bristle with volatile action. Nevertheless, even they falter between the lack of zip in the directing and the absence of zing in the plot.

Composer Hans Zimmer deserves credit for a strident but pulsating instrumental score that effectively strokes the film's action sequences. The demolition derby in the streets of Vienna is still a yawner, marginally redeemed by Clooney's bad boy antics. Clooney's Lt. Col. Devoe cannot miss a shot until the end of the movie when he fails inexplicably to nail a full-sized man scrambling past him in an alley! If sobbing heroes and heroines aren't enough, director Leder and scenarist Schiffer deploy a villain who is more of a sob than an S.O.B. As Dusan Gavrich, Iures creates a bland antagonist. He resembles the later horror movie icon Boris Karloff, and he looks incredibly lugubrious with his totem mask of a face. There's nothing charismatic about Dusan, so the filmmakers have stacked the cards in this drama against themselves. You cannot really hate the Dusan Gavrich character in a way that a great villain should be despised.

When Leder stresses the human elements in "The Peacemaker," she allows her audience to think instead of react. Thinking audiences are less susceptible to the hokey roller-coaster machinations that convulse "The Peacemaker." In a good adventure movie, audiences mentally dodge what the heroes must physically evade. Moreover, members at an action movie are better served when they flinch instead of furrow their brows. Otherwise, they'd realize how phony the predicaments are and that they could never occur in real life. Our heroes deduce who the terrorist is with a nuke in his backpack, but they underestimate him so often that their efforts strike a ludicrous note. When somebody dies in the line of action, our hero and heroine break down and cry.

Even the title "The Peacemaker" with its inherent irony not only conveys little pizazz, but also its significance may be lost on audiences. Director Leder well-intentioned message about the horrors of a nuclear blast would make a better disaster of the week television movie than a globe-trotting Clancy/Bond wannabe thriller. Undiscriminating audiences looking for a distracting bit of action with exotic scenery and juvenile heroes may appreciate "The Peacemaker" until the tragedy dampens the aura of escapism. Veteran action adventure moviegoers will find "The Peacemaker" more disappointing than tolerable. For all the film's smart moves and cool looking imagery, "The Peacemaker" is too derivative to be a milestone in the thriller genre.
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