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Kusum Ganga: [after learning of Rajeev's ex-girlfriend] Everything that happened was wrong, everything! And you're the one responsible!

Arjun Saagar: Me?

Kusum Ganga: Yes, you! Aren't you the one who told me Rajeev is like this, Rajeev is like that.

[reveals intimate pictures of Rajeev and Kelly]

Kusum Ganga: THIS is what Rajeev is like!

Arjun Saagar: Now, Ganaga, you'll have to learn to adjust to these small matters...

Kusum Ganga: A smalll matter? This is a small matter? A small matter? THIS is what you call small! Look, I don't want wan't to live is some palace made of gold! I want the love of a human, a human!

Arjun Saagar: Everyone loves you, don't they?

Kusum Ganga: No one loves me! Amd I don't want this kind of love!

Arjun Saagar: [angry] Then what kind of love do you want, huh? What kind of love are you asking for?

Kusum Ganga: Ask yourself! The kind of love you give to people, that's the kind of love I want! You've all mistaken me for some innocent little painting that you've framed in gold, and now you want me to hang on these walls in silence and become a part of this false decor! This isn't the dream Ganga came to this foreign land with, is it Arjun?

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Friend: [Arjun is frantically playing the piano] You love Ganga

Arjun Saagar: No, I don't love Ganga

Arjun Saagar: Yes you do

Arjun Saagar: I don't!

Friend: You do!

Arjun Saagar: I don't!

Friend: You don't?

Arjun Saagar: I do!

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