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One of my favorites!
bte007911 July 2003
A quiet treasure of a film with excellent performances by Sam Shepherd, Diane Keaton et al, about the choices we make played out against the back drop of the human heart.Keaton's performance is understated and powerful; Shepherd conveys the conflicts and anguish of his dilemna with every wry grin and sigh. Their chemistry is palpable.
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Excellent movie - Acting was outstanding !
rockett-28 December 1999
I happened to catch this movie after it had already started on one of the movie channels. I probably saw about an hour of it and enjoyed it immensely. The actors were truly outstanding.

I was amazed when I viewed the credits to see that I had never even heard of this movie. I am wondering how such excellent acting was overlooked.

It is worth seeing and I look forward to seeing the whole movie.
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Tender and provocative love story
gerald-cravens7 June 2004
At the beginning of the movie Reece McHenry (Sam Shepard) has a moral dilemma. His wife has been in a coma for an extended period and though he is lonely, feels he must remain faithful. Carol Fitzsimmons (Diane Keaton) enters his life and the relationship they develop over a thirty year period becomes the key theme of the movie. Unfortunately we never find out when (or if) Reece's wife ever dies, which is a key factor in understanding the principal characters' motivations and actions. This is a tender love story with subplots that take a too long to develop their connection to one another. Otherwise, the superb performances by Keaton and Shepard make this motion picture a delight.
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A movie which deserved more attention and viewers!
Jonathan Doron15 February 1999
This little-seen obviously-based-on-a-play movie deserves to be seen. Diane Keaton is, as always, great. Her relationship with Sam Shepard rings true, and the reflecting relationship of their kids doesn't make you say Come On... You should see this movie because of its wonderful scenes and beautiful lines. It's a quite, what they call small film, and I guess that's why it didn't succeed. Do yourself a favor and spend 100 minutes with the Fritzsimmons and the McHenrys.
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"you learn, if you're lucky, that love isn't something you save for a rainy day."
nitewind65 June 2001
I watched this movie about three times. I think many people will see themselves, at least at some point in their life, as one of these characters. It may seem slow for those who want action.. but this is one of those movies that makes you think.. and hopefully teaches that if we don't communicate what we want, how can we expect to be understood? You have to make life work.
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Striking performance by Diane Keaton and impressive editing
Jugu Abraham28 February 2000
The film grips you because of strong performances from Keaton and Shepard, with great help from the make-up department. The editing of the script may not be noticable in the beginning but as the film progresses one is mesmerised as the film captures time with deft strokes in the editing room. The film editor and the scriptwriter use two generations in tandem to reinforce the the central theme of love and miscommunication between individuals. The play itself is an interesting one but the film is able provide visual perspectives (the father in the old store among old clothes that needs better housekeeping as the film unfolds or the conversation at the edge of a cliff for a crucial turning point in the film) with a felicity that the stage could never offer.

The film may not be a masterpiece but is definitely interesting in the departments of acting, editing and scriptwriting.
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Watch w/ care...and lots of tissues!
KeatonKidman4Oscar14 January 2004
This movie is so brilliant that it's hard to even talk about it because it stirs up so many emotions inside me. The acting is out of this world. Diane Keaton is so incredible, like she usually is. And Sam Shepard is exceptional as well. And let's not forget Diane Lane and Robert Patrick. The whole cast is perfect. The story brings me to tears just thinking about it. I cried (and cried HARD) for literally hours. I own the movie now and it has really affected my life and the way I see things. It is not to be over-looked or unseen. You won't regret it. You'll fall in love with the characters just like I did. And you'll feel for them every step of the way. *****/*****
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Charming love chronicle
MarioB9 August 1999
This is a cute movie about a simple love story gone bad, when the man can't say I love you. For me, this kind of movie had the true spirit of American cinema. Not those stupid million dollars budget, special effects blockbusters with stars, violence, and no plot. The warm simplicity of this film shows me that USA can still do good movies without being stupid. Aging Diane Keaton is still charming and should be considered one of the best American actress of all time. I hope she will be with us for a long time.
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A sad, odd love story....could be called The Only Nil
Amy Adler18 October 2006
Reece (Sam Shepard) is a used clothing store owner who meets up with Carol (Diane Keaton) when she asks for his help. She would like his referrals for potential sewing jobs, as she is a widow supporting her young daughter. Reece's wife is in a vegetative state, with no chance for improvement. Yet, despite the attraction between Carol and himself, Reece keeps Carol at arm's length and does not acknowledge his feelings. This goes on for years and years. Meanwhile, Carol's daughter falls for Reece's son but they, too, play a cat and mouse game for more than a decade. Seems Catherine, the daughter, wants her freedom and moves about the country, returning to connect with the son from time to time. Will anyone of these people wake up and smell the roses? This love story, with an only an undercurrent of emotion, might leave the viewer cold. The principal actors are all very fine but the story is a total downer, despite a bit of hope at the finish. The Texas setting is nicely realized and the costumes quite lovely, if that counts for much. If you love Keaton or Shepard, you might want to take a chance with this film. But, anyone who sits down to view the movie, beware. You will not be watching a typical love story, only a long drawn out look at the possibilities of romance.
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A Quiet Little Gem
mmitsos-12 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I love this film. It's quiet, it's moving, and it boasts great acting all the way around, with special kudos to Diane Keaton (one of my absolute favorites) and Sam Shepard (another one of my favorites)...they should make more films together, because they have great chemistry. I feel so bad for their characters....basically good, honest souls who found each other under bad circumstances. I don't want to give much more away. I only wish that this film were available on DVD. I did manage to find a copy on Amazon in VHS format. However, it's a shame that it never made it to the theatre...I don't even know if it was made for television, or, was originally made for theatres, but only went straight to video. It's a charming little gem.
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Toooo slooowww
Judeky7 June 2011
Diane Keaton plays herself, hitch script where she speaks the same way she does in movies over most recent years, except not funny! The story shows a love that can't get going - one can feel why. No sparks even when they are seemingly clicking along. Set in a time when an unusual relationship coiled flourish, these two bore each other and the viewer. Diane Lane looks beautiful, but is equally unable to get going. Disappointing flick with terrific actors wasting their time and mine! No wonder film never took off - the story doesn't. I love Sam Shepard but he too asks little of himself here, no fire until the very end, but he'd already lost me!
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Nice charming love story with a lot of tears.
hans-313 October 1999
Don't save love for a rainy day is a true thing to say. In this film love has been saved and in the end the lives of two people have been wasted to bitter tears. A true mistake of these people. But they had a mission. They had to protect the lives of their children. A nice film which deserve more viewers.
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Brilliant movie about a complicated love
lockwood-109 August 2006
I watched this with a very good female friend of mine and we saw many similar points with our relationship to the relationship in this movie. The film traces an almost 30 year love between a man and woman who should be able to marry and connect but because of certain circumstances cannot go the distance. I find this a very, very, believable movie and does not try to place blame or either the man nor woman. This film rather try to teach us about the consequences to reaching out and falling in love and how consequences can arise. Both Diane Keaton and Sam Sheppard deserve Oscars with Robert Patrick bringing in an excellent performance of the son. This movie really moves me when I watch it and I want to use this as a learning tool to not repeat my own mistakes. Actually, I feel the lesson here is to take a risk with ones life and go the distance. Please watch this movie and don't be too judgemental. This is a winner!!!! Mark Lockwood Lubbock, Texas
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