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Chicago Tribune
A brash romantic comedy that has a serious purpose at its core.
Baltimore Sun
Smart, funny and often viciously cruel, this is a romantic comedy for people who are too old to believe in fairyales but wise enough to accept a happy ending when that's what life gives them.
USA Today
It's a case of actors and strong writing coming together, and it's uncommon in contemporary movies.
Boston Globe
Nicholson, Hunt, and Kinnear will win you over as they turn the film into a valentine to New York's walking wounded.
Chicago Sun-Times
There's so much good here, in the dialogue, the performances and the observation, that the movie succeeds at many moments even while pursuing its doomed grand design.
San Francisco Chronicle
The movie often verges on being too much; Brooks' supreme balancing act is to keep it all under control.
Not a positive triumph, but it does bring a smile to the face and, perhaps in some cases, a tear to the eye.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The result takes the audience on a screwball odyssey that mixes engaging twists with off-putting turns -- often fun, always watchable, but never quite as good as it could be.
Entertainment Weekly
A cute premise that, upon closer inspection, rings falser rather than truer. It's pretty good, but not nearly as good as Brooks gets.
New York Daily News
The material has no dramatic center, a problem pointed up by Brooks' failed solution to it -- his use of an ugly-cute little dog, Simon's pet.
Christian Science Monitor
Nicholson's over-the-top acting gives an entertaining edge to the plot's feel-good manipulations.

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