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Wolves: Filmmaker Bart Freundlich On His Basketball Drama

Having been 20 years since Bart Freundlich made his feature debut, The Myth of Fingerprints, the filmmaker hasn’t exactly built his reputation based on being prolific or any sort of auteur, although his eighth movie Wolves may be his best one yet, maybe because it’s so different from his earlier ones.

It stars Taylor John-Smith (Cruel Intentions) as Anthony, the hot-shot basketball star of his private New York Catholic school, something his mother (Carla Gugino) hopes will get him into Cornell on a scholarship. The only thing holding Anthony back is his shaky relationship with his English professor father Lee (Michael Shannon), an abusive alcoholic and chronic gambler whose growing gambling debts are starting to cause problems for the whole family.

As things continue to get worse, Anthony finds a new mentor in a street ball player who calls himself Socrates (John Douglas Thompson) who forces the young man to make some tough decisions.
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Michael Shannon Gambles On His Son’s Future In New Trailer For ‘Wolves’

“Whiplash” has become the leading example of cinematic stories about young prodigies straining on the cusp of greatness. And for those looking for a familiar story with a sports twist, “Wolves” would seem to fit the bill.

Directed by Bart Freundlich (“The Myth of Fingerprints“), and starring Taylor John Smith, Michael Shannon, Carla Gugino, Zazie Beetz, Chris Bauer, and John Douglas Thompson, the story revolves around a high school basketball star who faces financial hardship, personal injury, and wavering skills as the attempts to make it to the next level.

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Tribeca Film Review: ‘Wolves’

Tribeca Film Review: ‘Wolves’
Sports dramas’ lack of spontaneous unpredictability has long been their weakest link, especially when compared with real-world athletics, and “Wolves” is no different, nearly undone by rusty cliches. Detailing the travails of a prep-school phenom as he strives to fulfill his own hard-court dreams while coping with his gambling-addict father, it’s a showcase for some fine acting and even finer basketball action, but neither are enough to cover for this story’s enervating formulaic construction. Still, a standout performance by Michael Shannon should help it recruit modest theatrical attention before drafting a bigger fan base on home formats.

A highlight-reel celeb at his Gotham high school, senior Anthony (newcomer Taylor John Smith) has been given the moniker “Saint” for his heavenly sharpshooting prowess. Nonetheless, as a practice scrimmage makes clear, he’s likely to back down from intimidating trash-talking and to shrink in big moments — a reticence that can
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'Wolves': Tribeca Review

'Wolves': Tribeca Review
Excellent performances from Michael Shannon, Carla Gugino and young newcomer Taylor John Smith aren't enough to offset the narrative clichés of Bart Freundlich's (The Myth of Fingerprints) drama about a high school basketball star struggling with family dysfunction. Combining '70s era, gritty urban tropes with plot elements that would have seemed corny in old Warner Brothers melodramas, Wolves, receiving its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, feels familiar every step of the way even while exuding a unearned sense of self-importance. Smith plays 18-year-old Anthony, called "Saint" by his schoolmates at St. Anthony's and "Cornell" by

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Buyer’s Guide to Tribeca Titles With Buzz

Buyer’s Guide to Tribeca Titles With Buzz
Major theatrical acquisitions are rare at Tribeca, but the festival has supplied a steady stream of product (some 400 films in its history) to a host of buyers, including, most recently, A24, Saban Films, IFC and the Orchard. Here are a dozen target titles.

Between Us

Olivia Thirlby stars in this romantic dramedy about an L.A. couple on the rocks. Featuring Adam Goldberg, Peter Bogdanovich and Lesley Ann Warren.

Sales: CAA

Betting on Zero

A doc following hedge fund titan Bill Ackman’s crusade to expose global nutritional giant Herbalife as the largest pyramid scheme in history.

Sales: Cinetic


Starring Viola Davis as a beleaguered judge, this courtroom drama from Tony Award winner James Lapine (“Into the Woods”) focuses on a high-stakes child custody battle.

Sales: CAA

“Keep Quiet”

A doc about an anti-Semitic Hungarian politician who later discovered he was Jewish.

Sales: The Film

Sales Co.

King Cobra
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2016 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Bart Freundlich’s Wolves

This is what we can already confirm. 2016 will be an epic year for Michael Shannon and not because he just received an Indie Spirit nom for Best Supporting Actor in 99 Homes (see pic above). With his services enlisted by Jeff Nichols, Liza Johnson, Tom Ford, Robert Scott Wildes, Werner Herzog and Matthew M. Ross, the versatile actor will be everywhere…including Bart Freundlich‘s sixth feature film. Freundlich got his big start at Sundance back in 1997 for The Myth of Fingerprints and would follow that up by bringing World Traveler (2002) to the fest but he hasn’t been back since. Shot this past June in NYC, Wolves stars Shannon, Carla Gugino and newcomer Taylor John Smith in this tragi-family drama.

Gist: Taylor John Smith will star as an 18-year-old basketball star who is being recruited by Cornell University. He seems to have it all figured out: captain of his team,
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'Still Alice' Starring Julianne Moore Goes to Sony

  • MovieWeb
Sony Pictures Classics announced today that they acquired North American rights to Still Alice, starring Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Kate Bosworth and Hunter Parrish. The film reunites Co-Directors and Co-Writers Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland (The Last of Robin Hood) with Sony Pictures Classics, who worked together on Quincea&#241era. Still Alice, a Bsm Studio Presentation, is produced by Lex Lutzus, James Brown and Pamela Koffler and executive produced by Marie Savare, Christine Vachon of Killer Films, Maria Shriver, Emilie Georges, Nicholas Shumaker, Celine Rattray and Trudie Styler. This also marks a homecoming for Julianne Moore, who worked with the company on Vanya on 42nd Street, Safe and The Myth of Fingerprints.

The film has received much acclaim while debuting at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. It had its world premiere on Thursday.

Alice Howland, happily married with three grown children, is a renowned linguistics professor who starts to forget words.
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Toronto Update: Sony Pictures Classics Confirms ‘Still Alice’ Buy For Awards-Season Run

  • Deadline
Update, 11:35 Am: Sony Classics just confirmed the North American rights deal for Still Alice, which officially makes star Julianne Moore an Oscar contender for her performance as a cognitive psychologist who faces the early onset of Alzheimer’s. Check out Spc’s release after my original break.

Previous Exclusive, 6:14 Pm: Capping yet another busy day of Toronto deals, Sony Pictures Classics is closing a low-seven-figure deal for Still Alice, the pic written and directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland. The label plans to release the film for Oscar season. It has gotten strong notices for Julianne Moore, who stars with Alec Baldwin, Kristen Stewart, and Kate Bosworth. She plays a cognitive psychologist who faces the early onset of Alzheimer’s.

This is the first deal that calls for a berth in this year’s Oscar race, though many said that the Michael Shannon-Andrew Garfield pic
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Toni Collette, Gary Ross, Whoopi Goldberg named to Tribeca festival juries

Toni Collette, Gary Ross, Whoopi Goldberg named to Tribeca festival juries
The Tribeca Film Festival announced its jurors for this year’s event, which runs from April 16-27. The list includes Toni Collette, Lake Bell, Whoopi Goldberg, Catherine Hardwicke, Heather Graham, Anton Yelchin, Paul Wesley and 26 other leaders of the filmmaking community.

In addition to the Festival’s main competition juries in seven categories, Tribeca named Delia Ephron, Natasha Lyonne, and Gary Ross to select the second annual Nora Ephron Prize, which awards $25,000 to a female writer or director.

Click below for the entire list of jurors, with biographical information courtesy of the Tribeca festival:

World Competition Categories

The jurors for
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The songs our parents gave us

  • The Guardian - Film News
The music we grow up with shapes our tastes in later life, according to a study by Cornell University. We asked Guardian writers to tell us about the songs that take them back to their childhood homes

'My mother would listen to the Carpenters while ironing'

Of the handful of albums my parents owned, it was The Carpenters' Singles 1969-1973 that struck me the most. I remember being particularly fascinated by Rainy Days and Mondays. With the benefit of hindsight, I suspect it was because it was the first piece of music I had ever heard that appeared to perfectly suit the circumstances in which I heard it. My mother would listen to the Carpenters in the afternoon, while doing the ironing in the front room, and I remember thinking that was what the woman in the song was probably doing too. In my head she was singing it
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Julianne recalls embarrassing start of relationship

Julianne recalls embarrassing start of relationship
Los Angeles, June 17: British-American actress Julianne Moore is embarrassed on how her relationship with director Bart Freundlich started.

The 52-year-old actress met the 43-year-old director in 1996 when they worked on "The Myth of Fingerprints" together, reports

When asked how they got together, she said: "On a film shoot. It was a bit embarrassing, he didn't want to start a relationship. It was his very first film, but I really liked him. And it continued from there."

"Bart lived in New York, I lived in Los Angeles. We both went back and forth as much as possible. Soon after, we had a baby...We.
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Early days of relationship with Bart were a bit embarrassing, says Julianne Moore

Early days of relationship with Bart were a bit embarrassing, says Julianne Moore
London, Jun 17(Ani): Julianne Moore has admitted that she is embarrassed about the early days of her relationship with husband Bart Freundlich, because in the beginning the director and writer didn't want to get involved with her.

The couple first met in 1996 while working on the film 'The Myth Of Fingerprints'.

The 52-year-old actress told the Daily Express that at first Freundlich didn't want to start a relationship with her.

She said that though it was his very first film, she really liked him.

Moore said that Freundlich lived in New York and she lived in Los Angeles, but after they had a baby their relationship.
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Paradigm Lands Another Quality Filmmaker In Bart Freundlich

  • Deadline
Exclusive: Paradigm, which has significantly bettered its feature lit list recently, has added another talented writer/director/producer to its roster in Bart Freundlich. The filmmaker, who was signed by Ken Stovitz, has credits that include The Rebound, Trust The Man, Catch That Kid, and the Sundance hit The Myth Of Fingerprints, which launched his career. After directing numerous episodes of Californication and Prime Suspect, Freundlich is currently writing with Tom Hanks the pilot Halcyon for Playtone and HBO. Married to actress Julianne Moore, Freundlich is based in New York and remains repped by lawyer Ira Schreck.
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Barkin Tried To Talk Moore Out Of Freundlich Romance

  • WENN
Barkin Tried To Talk Moore Out Of Freundlich Romance
Actress Ellen Barkin attempted to talk pal Julianne Moore out of falling for her The Myth Of Fingerprints director, who is now her husband of almost nine years.

Barkin thought the "affair" with Bart Freundlich was a terrible idea and told Moore it wouldn't last.

The Kids Are All Right star says, "I was hugely embarrassed about it, so I tried to keep it a secret. Barkin knew. I was on the phone with her and I wouldn’t admit it, but she knew and she was going, 'Don’t do it'. But I always say, it all worked out. We stayed together, and we have these kids together."

She tells More magazine, "(Now, we're like) 'Wow, we did it!’ Marriage is commitment; it’s the ultimate challenge... Family is the ultimate narrative... It gives a story to your life in a remarkable way."

Once Again CGI Ruins Everything: The First Five Minutes Of Spielberg's "Falling Skies"

  • Pajiba
In their previous articles about the upcoming TNT series "Falling Skies," Pajiba writers and geek lords Tk and Steven Lloyd Wilson registered their skepticism about leading man Noah Wyle. I believe the term "Librarian-shaped handicap" was bandied about. Judging by the just-released first five minutes of the show, old Doc Carter there isn't the problem. Listen (not having scene those Librarian TV movies), I like Noah Wyle. He was great in The Myth of Fingerprints and the first eleven hundred seasons of "ER." The problem, as far as I can see it, are the stupid CGI aliens. You let me know what you think.

[via /Film]

Oh sure, they dodge a bit of scrutiny by scuttling around in a dust cloud, but, ultimately, I think they look like stupid spider crabs. Possibly tasty in my sushi, but not at all terror-inducing. But, then again, I will concede my bias. I hate CGI.
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Kristen Stewart Joins Julianne Moore For End Of World In ‘Backwoods’

Kristen Stewart Joins Julianne Moore For End Of World In ‘Backwoods’
Julianne Moore, who appears with Amanda Seyfried in the new film "Chloe" (opening in limited release next week), will act opposite another hot young starlet in a film titled "Backwoods." According to Roger Friedman at Showbiz411, the four-time Oscar-nominated actress will be joined by "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart in the film, which Moore's husband, Bart Freundlich, is directing.

All that is revealed about the plot of "Backwoods" is that it involves the end of the world, a concept Moore has dealt with previously in "Children of Men" and "Blindness," two very different stories. I immediately presumed the actresses would play mother and daughter, but there's no actual reasoning for this. I just think it'd be neat to have Stewart, who played daughter to Jodie Foster in "Panic Room," now have the same role opposite the actress who replaced Foster in the "Silence of the Lambs"/"Hannibal" franchise.

Both Moore and
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Noah Wyle's Marriage in the ER

Noah Wyle's Marriage in the ER
Noah Wyle is minus his missus. The actor has been separated from his wife of nine years, Tracy, since October. And while no divorce petition has been filed, the Wyles announced in a joint statement that they are currently in mediation, presumably to divvy up assets and figure out custody of their two kids. "Tracy and Noah live in separate residences, however their two children...see both parents daily," Wyle's publicist said. The 38-year-old thesp met his makeup artist missus (née Tracy Warbin) in 1996 on the set of his film The Myth of Fingerprints. The pair tied the knot in 2000 and two years later welcomed now-7-year-old son Owen. In 2005, Wyle announced the impending birth of their...
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Julianne Moore

Though she won a Daytime Emmy in 1988 for her dual role as a pair of half-sisters on As The World Turns, Julianne Moore didn't gain a foothold in cinema until she was well into her 30s, but she quickly made up for lost time. In rapid succession, she established herself as a screen actor with formidable range and daring, giving memorable turns in Robert Altman's Short Cuts, Louis Malle's Vanya On 42nd Street, and Todd Haynes' Safe, which revealed a penchant for playing stifled upper-class housewives. Moore worked with Altman again on Cookie's Fortune, and took on more roles with Haynes (Far From Heaven, I'm Not There), Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, Magnolia), and her husband, Bart Freundlich (The Myth Of Fingerprints, Trust The Man). Though dramatic turns have earned her four Oscar nominations—for Boogie Nights and The End Of The Affair, and, in the same year,
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Catch That Kid

Catch That Kid

Friday, Feb. 6

With its athletic 12-year-old female lead, Catch That Kid is an action romp with heart. If that heart is somewhat misguided, it's hard to deny the family-friendly thrills and spills along the way.

A low-wattage cast helps conjure resemblance to a video game masquerading as a theatrical release (the character names of the three young leads even flash onscreen when each is introduced). The film, from prolific producer Andrew Lazar (Space Cowboys, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind), looks to have more of a future as a home rental than catch fire at the boxoffice.

The movie is a remake of the 2002 popular Danish film Klatretosen. In view of the success of the Spy Kids franchise, American youngsters may enjoy this heist story in which the three preteen leads are rarely offscreen. Most intriguing of all is fact that the director of this broadly comedic CGI caper is indie filmmaker Bart Freundlich (The Myth of Fingerprints, World Traveler).

Maddy (Kristen Stewart) and her 2-year-old brother, Max, have a busy security-consultant mom (Jennifer Beals) and a loving dad (Sam Robards), the owner of a popular go-kart track. Dad once climbed Mount Everest, but he discourages his own daughter's dangerous zeal for rock climbing. When he suffers a medical trauma that necessitates coming up with $250,000 for an operation in Copenhagen, Maddy opts to rob the high-security vault in the monolithic Harderbach Bank headquarters -- her mother's current client. Maddy and her two best friends -- and prepubescent romantic rivals -- Austin (Corbin Bleu) and Gus (Max Thieriot) do their homework and case the joint.

Thanks to Maddy's agility, reaching the 100-foot-high (!) state-of-the-art tower vault is a no-brainer. Austin is a videographer and, apparently, a Silicon Valley-caliber computer genius, while Gus knows his way around mechanical engineering from the hours spent in the pit at the go-kart track. The combined high-tech skills of our young heroes and the bank's security measures provide some sharp visual effects during the elaborate heist.

The less said about the acting the better, though Stewart (Panic Room) is earnest in the lead. (Between the confined set of the Jodie Foster thriller and the vault here, Stewart must be Hollywood's go-to teen actress for scripts featuring "safe rooms.")

Also in support are an over-the-top Michael Des Barres (channeling Terence Stamp) as the dastardly bank president and John Carroll Lynch (channeling Robert De Niro), as a sympathetic executive whose lifelong dream is to be a method actor. Stark Sands is Chad, a bank security intern -- and Gus' obnoxious older brother -- who helps keep an eye on the video monitors and the attack dogs. Chad's boss is played by Freundlich regular James Le Gros, who seems to be giddily overacting in his own personal movie.

Catch That Kid may captivate very young audiences but more for its cartoonish storytelling than any high quality of production.


20th Century Fox

Fox 2000 Pictures

Mediastream III presents a Mad Chance/Nimbus Film production


Director: Bart Freundlich

Screenwriters: Michael Brandt, Derek Haas

Based on the film Klatretosen written by: Nikolaj Arcel, Hans Fabian Wullenwebe, Erlend Loe

Producer: Andrew Lazar

Executive producers: Damien Saccani, James Dodson, Mikkel Bondesen

Director of photography: Julio Macat

Production designer: Tom Meyer

Costume Designer: Salvador Perez

Co-producers: Gym Hinderer, Jeff Graup

Music by: George S. Clinton

Editor: Stuart Levy


Maddy: Kristen Stewart

Austin: Corbin Bleu

Gus: Max Thieriot

Molly: Jennifer Beals

Tom: Sam Robards

Mr. Hartmann: John Carroll Lynch

Ferrell: James Le Gros

Brisbane: Michael Des Barres

Chad: Stark Sands

Running time -- 91 minutes

MPAA rating: PG
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