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A truncated two hour version has been shown on television and airlines, achieved by chopping out most of Anthony Hopkins's character's business. Martin Brest has disowned this edit so the director's credit is for Alan Smithee.
The part played by Anthony Hopkins was originally slated for Gene Hackman.
When Death is standing behind the glass in Bill's library upon their first meeting, the body is obscured. However, when Death stands closer to the window, the outline in the window forms a skull. This is the first indication of who the mysterious person is.
When "The Guy at the Coffee Shop" first appears, he is obscured in the translucent phone booth talking on the phone. The first time "Death" is seen is in "the Guy's" body also obscured behind glass in Bill's library making a direct connection between the two.
A reunion for Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins after playing father and son four years previously in Legends of the Fall (1994).
As Meet Joe Black (1998) was one of the few films showing the first trailer for Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999), it was reported that droves of Star Wars fans bought tickets for the film, only to leave after the trailer showed.
Loosely based on the film "Death Takes A Holiday."
Anthony Hopkins would frequently come to blows with Martin Brest over the director's insistence on doing multiple takes.
Future director Eli Roth had an early job working as a stand-in during production of this film, but was fired by director Martin Brest due to a misconception. Reportedly, Roth was asked to walk with an awkward "bouncing" motion to appear "taller" (as he was physically shorter than the actor he was doubling) while the crew set up a shot and lighting with him. Director Brest happened to walk by, saw Roth's awkward movement, and declared him to be "one untalented stand-in" before ordering him to be immediately fired, not realizing he had been instructed by the crew to move that way. Roth was later re-hired as a production assistant, but this was kept secret from Brest to avoid trouble.
The place where Susan and Joe Black first meet is Broadway Restaurant, at 2664 Broadway and West 101st Street, Manhattan.
Most of William Parrish's country mansion scenes were shot at the Aldrich Mansion.
When The Young Man (Brad Pitt) and Susan discuss how "nothing lasts" in the coffee shop it's the same sentiment Pitt expresses to Daisy in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'.
The film cast includes three Oscar winners: Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt and Marcia Gay Harden; and one Oscar nominee: June Squibb.
During Bill and Susan Parrish's last scene together, the orchestra plays an arrangement of "What a Wonderful World." First recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1968, the song has become a standard. Armstrong's recording was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999.

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