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Expect more of the same.
emm28 April 1999
Here we go again with another low-rent action flick I despise greatly of. The story concerns of a new maximum security prison, the perfect setting for terrorists to start another hostage crisis. This is typical Fred Olen Ray garbage, but hey, this isn't an adult comedy! Two long sex scenes need to go somewhere else to play, but Michelle Bauer can stick around (she is one of Ray's original stars!). An action film can be violent all that it wants to, and nothing short. Expect campiness to degrade this kind of effect, as gunshot wounds aren't at all realistic (notice the small amount of blood). The climax is ridiculous and has no potential, with amateurish martial arts techniques that show itself. It also has to do with diffusing a time bomb. Come on, producers! We've seen this before! This is very good as a modern suspense tale, carrying this one up to below average status that's far from terrible. Your cravings for a B-grade actioner are an all-time high when you just can't get enough of them. What more can I say? I've had enough!
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Piper Halliwell25 October 2000
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER ALERT Horrible movie!! Boring even in the action scenes!! Worth while just because the protagonist is very cute and that's all! A lot of movie's cliches like the fights that is ridiculous and very easy to win; The bad guy always get the 'not-so-poor' lady in danger to jeopardize the good guy's plan; One of the hero's helpers who was a high security prisoner gets shot and dies and the other one suddenly becomes good and goes to the hospital; The bad guy dies after a few couple minutes of fight with the good guy who threw him down the platform; The 'not-so-poor' lady fights with the only woman in the gang and after get beaten a lot she finally wins and leaves the building with the good guy who is about to be decorated and/or about to be forgiven; The final kiss who, by the way, was the best thing of all the movie!And finally the most ridiculous cliche of all time: The very dangerous bomb who was about to blow doesn't blow because the hero cut the red wire and saves the day!! Oh give me a break!! Even me could do better than this!!! I don't recommend this movie to anyone, at least to anyone who wants to have fun!!
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Die Hard rip-off prison cheese fest
Leofwine_draca10 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
MAXIMUM REVENGE is a Z-grade action flick set within the cheap confines of a prison, where there are never more than half a dozen characters on screen at the same time. The hero is an undercover cop who must go up against some terrorists who have planted a bomb in the prison. He must recruit some fellow convicts to help stop them. Yep, it's DIE HARD time again, this time played out in the cheapest way imaginable thanks to the efforts of director Fred Olen Ray.

Even fans of this overworked genre will find little to get worked up about here. The dialogue is exceptionally cheesy and the plotting drawn out in the extreme. The acting is as wooden as it gets and the fight scenes are slow and clumsy. Ray can't resist including the likes of Michelle Bauer and Monique Parent in bit parts but the most fun thing about this are some of the spoof credits at the end.
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