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Why isn't this on DVD?
llamagirl5911 May 2003
I was one of the few who saw this movie in the theater back in '97. It really made me a fan of Vincent Kartheiser.

This movie is largely recommended for fans of either Kartheiser or Patrick Stewart, and it's surprising that there hasn't been a DVD release (that I've found). Both actors have a huge amount of screen time, and the movie itself looks great visually.

Stewart really camps it up, and appears to have had fun playing "Rafe" as an over-the-top villain. Sometimes the performance goes a little too over, though. Kartheiser did the best he could with the stereotyped "bad boy" image. I thought at first he seemed a little old for the role, but as the movie progressed I couldn't see anyone else in the part.

The movie has been compared to "Toy Soldiers", and also dubbed "Die Hard, Jr." While these elements do seem strong in the movie (plus the need for things to go KABOOM!), it doesn't seem to ruin the fun. Just check reality at the door and not worry about the details.

Could it have been better? Yes. Is it unwatchable? No. Will the adults like it? Maybe (fans of anyone in it especially).

Did I mention I really want this on DVD? Please!
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Seen the movie several times and love it
xoxma_alex13 May 2002
I first saw this movie on cable, and loved it. After that i saw it a few more times, and each time noticed a little someting more new. Adults (over 25) may think of this as a foolish or dull movie, but it was not targeted towards them. It was targeted towards the high schooler who wishes something like this could happen so that he could feel better about himself. Each individual part is very well acted, and adjusted to work with the acting styles of the other actors. The harmony among the actors is impresive to say the least. V. Kartheizer is an actor that very few have heard of, but the work he does is outstanding. If you are looking for a movie to see on a friday night, this is it.
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Technologically literate teen comedy
DFC-230 March 1999
All right, the plot IS stupid. There are, however, very few films that treat computer work and technology at all well, even fewer show a realistic malcontent teen as a hero, and both Stewart and Kartheiser do an excellent job within the limits of the material.
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Die Hard for Kids
Stefan Tetelepta26 February 1999
Like Ozzie says when it's getting wrong: 'We have a Die Hard situation'. But its Die Hard for kids, a thousand bullets, without anyone getting hurt, no swearing and no sex. See it on video, it's for anyone above 10 and PG? I think not, parents could be very bored watching this. I myself (28) enjoyed it.
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simply fun
LiZard1531 July 2004
I must say after sneaking several clips of die hard behind my parents back, i actually found this movie quite entertaining.

I first heard of this movie from the friend of a friends sawing they didn't like it at all and that it was a sucky movie. Not really the best reason to rent a movie but then again I was getting real tired real quick out of all the romance comedies that my mother and sister had been renting, (Twenty is enough to kill someone) this action flick is very good.

The director brought action and comedy into the movie. The script was very well written except for in one or two spots but other than that if you like a teenage hacker kicking bad guys @$$ you'll enjoy this flick staring Vincent Kartheiser and Patrick Stewart. Both actors give a fine performance. I'm not use to seeing Patrick Stewart in a bad guy role (parents star trek fans) but he pulled it off well. Kartheiser was a face i hadn't seen before but he is a very talented actor and also was believable in the film as the hacker teen.

The movie carries itself fine though i thought the ending could be a little better but i still liked the film. 9/10 is how i rate it.
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completely silly, but kinda cool
Lee Eisenberg17 March 2006
We've seen movies about crafty teenagers playing a cat-and-mouse game with thieves so many times that it all gets blurred. But "Masterminds" is pretty entertaining. When shyster Rafe Bentley (a mustachioed Patrick Stewart) takes a school hostage, troublemaker Oswald Paxton (Vincent Kartheiser) decides to make Rafe's life a living hell. In a way, the movie is mostly a series of gags, but well done gags. This movie probably won't have any major effect on the cinematic landscape, but it doesn't pretend to be anything that it isn't. It's pure, unadulterated fun.

Maybe if thieves ever take over a place, I'll just use some of the gags that I learned from "Masterminds".
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Flawed but enjoyable Die Hard clone
TheOtherFool5 April 2004
'No good kid' Ozzie takes his young stepsister to school, and winds up in a hostage of the school by head of security Rafe Bentley (Patrick Stewart from Startrek / X-men). As Ozzie says himself: We got a die hard situation here people!

Thank goodness Ozzie is some sort of (computer)whizkid (apparently learned it from his dad) and sabotages the bad guys in many ways. Now, this computer thing is going way out of hand, with him infiltrating in the Pentagon (or something) in the beginning of the movie and his dad touching 2 keys and immediately infiltrates in the bad guys files... You also see the obligatory flickering 'NO ACCESS' and stuff like that... but who cares!

Near the end the movie loses it's touch a bit with a chase in the sewers (or something) and Patrick Stewart claiming to be a Manchester United fan... one of the worst scenes in movie history, I must admit.

But for 'one of the worst movies ever' (as it's sometimes called), I thought the movie was highly enjoyable. Flawed yes, far-fetched sure, but still...

Final score: 5/10.
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very crafty
izz99925 September 2003
i loved this movie, not only because i love Vincent Kartheiser, but because I liked the movie in a whole the script was entertaining and the things the character did were just so crafty, so well thought out it was kind of like home alone in a sense. A kid taking on an adult, outsmarting him. i enjoyed watching it. i would recommend it.
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A very fun movie
vinna19 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Masterminds may not be deep, but it's lots of fun. Action-packed, but as nobody actually gets killed, it's also good for kids. I'd say 10 and up would enjoy it. It was nice to see Patrick Stewart play a bad guy, and I think Vincent Kartheiser was great. This is the first thing I ever saw him in and it inspired me to hunt down some of his other films. I really wish this would come out on DVD. Also, it had a nice little twist at the end that I didn't see coming. Maybe it was because I was distracted by all the action. (And a sweaty Callum Keith Rennie in a small but scenic role) All in all I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun, entertaining way to spend two hours.
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Action and violence w/o any deaths
DrEbert21 May 2001
One of the things I liked about MASTERMINDS, and parents will probably like this too, is that there is lots of shooting and explosions and all kinds of action. But the body count continuously remains at zero! Like someone said before, this is DIE HARD for kids. (It follows almost the exact plotline)

Overall, great movie, especially for kids 10-15.

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