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2 in 1 important announcement on 24 director's next film

Director Vikram K Kumar, after impressing everyone with an innovative film like 24, has all the while been working on his next directorial Hello starring Akhil Akkineni, with music by Anup Rubens. Now, there are two interesting announcements about this action love story.

The film's hero Akhil tweeted, "And November 16th it is! The teaser is headed your way and we can’t be more thrilled. No looking back. #HelloTeaserOnNov16 #HelloOnDec22"

It is now official that Hello's teaser would release on November 16, while the film would hit the screens on December 22 for the Christmas weekend.

John Williams Claims He’s Never Watched Any Star Wars Films

At this point, it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t watched Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, let alone the original Star Wars films, let alone never ventured into a galaxy far, far away at least once. It’s doubly rare, however, to find out that someone who worked on the films themselves hasn’t seen them, either. Yet, if we’re to take the word of John Williams, that’s the case with the legendary film composer.

Indeed, even though Williams’ music is as iconic to the franchise as Darth Vader, lightsabers and, well, stars, the man claims he’s never seen any of the films that, in part, made him into a household name. He confesses as much during a recent interview with The Mirror:

I have not looked at the Star Wars films and that’s absolutely true. When I’m finished with a film,
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Breaking Down Ed Burns’ $9,000 Shooting Budget

While procrastinating working yesterday, I was following Ed Burns’ Twitter stream, in which he detailed the no-budget nature of his latest film, Newlyweds. With a shooting budget of $9,000, Burns worked with a three-person crew, shot on the Canon 5D (which he owns), had the actors wear their own clothes and do their own hair and make up, and worked without lights (except an occasional china ball) and sound mixer (the actors wore lavs). Tweeted Burns, “Sound is important but don’t let it slow you down. The Italian Neo-realists didn’t and they made some pretty great films…. No disrespect to soundmen and women, but on these shooting schedules (12 days) you can’t be precious. When I have a budget, I have respect.”

He also revealed the budgets of all his films: “Budgets for past movies: The Groomsmen 3 Million, Purple Violets 4 Million, She’s the One 3 Million, Sidewalks of NY 1 Million,
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Edward Burns On His New $25K Film and the 'Dogsh*t' Movies That Made It Possible

Edward Burns On His New $25K Film and the 'Dogsh*t' Movies That Made It Possible
In the 15 years that have passed since he launched his career as a multi-hyphenate with the Sundance hit The Brothers McMullen, Edward Burns has continued to write, direct, act in and produce his own projects while appearing in other people's films. Some of those acting gigs have been great (Saving Private Ryan) and, let's face it, many have not, but they've all allowed Burns the luxury of making his own personal projects every few years (She's the One, No Looking Back, Sidewalks of New York, Ash Wednesday, Looking for Kitty, The Groomsmen, Purple Violets).
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