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Since actress Dominique Swain was only 15 at the time of filming, a pillow had to be placed between her and Jeremy Irons' lap during all their scenes together.
As Dominique Swain was a minor at age 15 when the movie was filmed, an adult body double had to be used for most of the sex scenes.
Natalie Portman turned down the role of Lolita.
Dominique Swain beat approximately 2,500 other actresses to land the lead role.
Jeremy Irons originally turned down the role because he knew playing this character would hurt his career. After thinking it over and being convinced by Glenn Close that working with Adrian Lyne was an experience he should not missed, he agreed to play Humbert Humbert, not before securing a good paycheck anticipating a few years of possible unemployment.
Dustin Hoffman was originally signed to play Humbert Humbert before being replaced by Jeremy Irons.
In the novel, Lolita is only 12 when Humbert first meets her. In the film, her age was changed to 14. The same thing happened in Stanley Kubrick's Lolita (1962).
Charles Chaplin's relationship with his second wife Lita Grey was reportedly the inspiration of the novel "Lolita" as she was underage when they first started their relationship.
The film had a hard time in finding a distributor. When filming finally began, New Line Cinema was the distributor, but they dropped the film from distribution when they saw an early cut. It later got a limited cinema run, through a small independent distributor, before finally making a big premiere on the Showtime Entertainment TV channel.
Due to considerable difficulty in securing an American distributor, the film had a very limited theatrical run in order to qualify for award contention. The final domestic gross income was over $1.1 million on a $62 million budget.
In Australia, the film was held back from release, due to concerns about promoting pedophilia. It was granted release in 1999 with an R rating.
Over 2500 girls, including Christina Ricci and Melissa Joan Hart, tried out for the title role.
Melanie Griffith plays the mother of Lolita, but in real life it was a young Melanie who went off with an older man. When she was just fourteen she fell in love with her mother's co-star (Don Johnson) and the two pursued a relationship.
Gérard Depardieu was originally signed to play Quilty before being replaced by Frank Langella.
Ralph Fiennes was considered for the part of Humbert Humbert.
Jennifer Love Hewitt was considered for the role of Lolita Haze.
The house where all the Haze home scenes are shot is located in Wilmington, North Carolina. All the scenes in the house were actually filmed there, rather than using a sound stage for the interiors.
More explicit versions of the comic book and the Lake Point Cottages scenes were submitted to the British Board of Film Classification in 2000 for inclusion as extras on the region 2 DVD. The BBFC refused certificates for the scenes, noting that they would not have been passed if they were included in the film, and were especially problematic out of context.
Hospital scenes filmed in Austin High School in El Paso, Texas.
Interior shots of Clare Quilty's home were filmed in Chinquapin Plantation in Reidsville, NC.
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Thomas Lennon auditioned for the role of Dick.
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Nadia Litz auditioned for the title role.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Frank Langella discovered belatedly that director Adrian Lyne had kept a full-frontal nude-shot of him (during Quilty's death scene), and left it in the movie. Langella was furious with Lyne over what happened; he still gets embarrassed talking about it.

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