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A difference of opinion.
The_Slider3 November 2003
It seems that with A Life Less Ordinary you either love it or you hate it. Personally I am of the former persuasion, with it being a favourite of mine. I can see were the detractors come from, especially after viewing Boyle & Hodge's previous works. ALLO is in a completely different in style to their previous two films Shallow Grave and Trainspotting. But to say it is the weaker of the three films would be a fallacy. Stylistically the film is excellent - reminding me a lot of a Coen brothers film. The script is spot on and the performances of McGregor and Diaz are both excellent (which surprised me for Diaz) as their does seem to be a real chemistry between the two. A very enjoyable romantic comedy overall, and if an old cynic like me can say that, it must be good.
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If You Get It, Its Amazing, If Not, Its Not
ecwjedi8 June 2005
I remember seeing A Life Less Ordinary back in the late 1990s with high expectations as Trainspotting was one, and still is, one of my all time favorite films. What I got was a different film, but not in a bad way. It was fun and very different from anything else that came out around that time. But the funny thing was that after I saw it I kept thinking about it, little things; lines and camera shots that stuck in my head. By the time I watched it again, a week or so later, it was like the film was an old friend. There is a charm in every scene of A Life Less Ordinary and if you are able to pick up on it the film is a great experience. People I know are split on the film, most think its just OK. Although I enjoy ALLO its not perfect, some parts don't work very well and come across as corny, but the good, my man Ewan is just great as the lovable loser, far outweighs the bad and thats why it has a place in my film collection.

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Nice little Fantasy
jonathandoe_se7en15 July 2001
After the success of Trainspotting (1995), British filmmaking trio, Danny Boyle, John Hodge & Andrew MacDonald made A Life less Ordinary. The film could not be a more different departure from their previous effort. A Life less Ordinary is a wild and sweat natured romantic fantasy, concerning our hero Robert (Ewan McGregor) and spoiled rich girl Celine (Cameron Diaz) and the two angels (Hunter & Lindo) who are given the task of getting them to fall in love. Boyle uses many great cinematic techniques to make the film seem even more fantastic, and Hodges writing is some of the funniest in a long time. Sadly the film does go off the rails somewhat in the last twenty minutes, but it's still an extremely entertaining film, full of bizarre characters and images that makes it one of the most enjoyable two hours you could spend watching a film.

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A Magical Movie
RNHunter13 September 2005
I just love watching movies where I do not expect excellence - and yet there it is. I was very happy with a Life Less Ordinary. It seemed to me to be unique, charming, fun and just a great way to spend some enjoyable time.

When a movie gets this enjoyable, I need to ask why. In my opinion in this movie its "casting" was exceptional. And of course one then has to credit directing that puts the cast at their best. Clearly Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz can both be characters. Well, this is a movie that puts them at their best, funniest and most charming. The director also brings out their unique features as an actor and actress that just makes the movie enjoyable.

The highlight of this kidnapping movie is also unexpected. It for me was the song and dance routine with Ewan and Cameron. They were great - fun and charming.

This is a movie that I will want to watch again and again.
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Another whimsical and wacky comedy!!!
PeachHamBeach27 April 2004
Years ago I didn't really like this film. I couldn't get into it, but I watched it the other night, needing a Ewan fix, and I loved it!!! It does seem a very strange mess of a movie if you browse thru it or happen to miss a scene while going to the bathroom, but I made myself pause it when I needed to and now I seem to get it!!!

Part road trip, part romantic comedy, part wacky comedy, part fantasy, it's all about how the angel Gabriel (Dan Hedaya) is getting pressure from the Big Man Himself to arrange love matches that will actually last.

Down on earth, oblivious to what's going on in heaven, a janitor named Robert (Ewan McGregor) has just been fired and replaced by a robot. His ruthless boss (a hysterical Ian Holm) refuses to even act apologetic about replacing hardworking men with mindless robots he doesn't have to pay. His reason completely gone, Robert kidnaps the spoiled princess daughter of his boss, Celine (Cameron Diaz) and hits the road with her, hoping to get his job, some money, or just an apology!!!

This is the kind of film which is perfect when you need something very fluffy and fun with no heaviness. There is some violence (one very funny scene involves Delroy Lindo forcing Robert to dig his own grave), but it's so funny and comedic that it's not going to fit in with the regular violence in movies, like in Die Hard or something.

It's a very delightful film for anyone who likes Ewan or Cameron. I think they had great chemistry and the whole movie was just pure fun!!!
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A pair of angels are not to return to heaven before they've accomplished their mission: to make two people on earth fall in love and stick together.
caroline-bjurstedt-117 July 2005
Finally, a romantic comedy that is original, intelligent and truly funny. Not to say unpredictable! Usually I dislike this genre, but i can't help loving this movie.

The cast is great, and the chemistry between Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor is sparkling. (And McGregor even manages to look good in spite of a terrible hair cut. What a performance.) Holly Hunter is great as usual. Please also notice the appearance of Maurey Chakin as the somewhat odd neighbor. If you happen to recognize him, it could be from "My Cousin Vinny", where he plays the grit-eating witness.

This movie has a smart and entertaining dialog and a number of unforgettable scenes and jokes. And it even brings out the romantic in an old cynic like me.
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McGregor and Diaz are real stars here
Mike-DD24 August 2000
I'm a big fan of Cameron Diaz, and Ewan McGregor caught my attention after his riveting performance in Trainspotting. McGregor is the bumbling kidnapper and Diaz is the victim who seems to know more about kidnapping than he does. All this makes for a really funny comic act from the duo as they progress from kidnapper/victim to lovers, with the help of some angels who live in a seemingly hip heaven. The pace of the movie doesn't let up much, and you find yourself immersed totally as you wait for the ending, which, sadly, could have more of a cliffhanger effect than it has now.
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A Life Less Ordinary-Just When I Thought Movies Couldn't Get Any Worse 0*
edwagreen26 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
How many times have I said that so and so is the worst picture I have ever viewed? Well, A Life Less Ordinary certainly qualifies.

Delroy Lindo and Holly Hunter are sent back to earth to help a couple resolve their difficulties. They certainly got more than they bargained for. So did the writers of this inane script as well as the viewers who paid money to see such junk on screen.

A young Ewan McGregor loses his job and his gal in one day. Frustrated beyond belief, he soon gets involved with his ex-boss's daughter who is also disillusioned with her father as he threatens her with going to work. The 2 grope their way into romance while fleeing Lindo and Hunter who die numerous times. Trouble is that they can't really die because they're already dead. Such is the same with this terrible film.

Everything is so amateurish here. The bank robbery is not exactly what Bonnie and Clyde would have pulled either. Place the reel of this film in the green circular file.
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Chris L27 February 2013
If the name of Danny Boyle is often synonym of success, the Englishman is also capable of directing more than mediocre movies such as this A Life Less Ordinary.

It relies on a qualitatively low script. Everything is convenient, cliché, the plot unfolds really too linearly and is in the end little interesting. The fantastic touch, more boring than anything, doesn't help either.

The Diaz-McGregor works difficultly and struggles to extricate itself from this mess where characters and situations are stereotyped.

Even the direction is uninspired, not to mention the soundtrack that is almost ridiculous, which is a shame when speaking of Boyle.

It is maybe the worst feature of the director, along with Millions, both movies sharing as a matter of fact the same mystical tone.
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this one is a pass
salem7914 May 2003
As a recently turned Ewan McGregor fan, I decided to rent ?A Life Less Ordinary? with high hopes of a quality film, especially since it was directed by "Trainspotting"'s Danny Boyle. While the plot of the story is extremely far-fetched, it was good entertainment up until the very end.

Two angels (played by Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo, an odd combo that works and are the highlights of the movie) must make two people (Cameron Diaz and McGregor) fall in love or else they can never go back to heaven again. I know it is a bit hard to swallow but remember that it is only a movie. Celine, a spoiled rich girl who was kidnapped and held for ransom, is very unlikable, enhanced more by the really bad acting done by Diaz. McGregor, as Robert, a janitor turned kidnapper after being fired and replaced by a robot by Celine?s father, does his best with what he has got. A gun fight, chase scenes, and a bank robbery later, Robert and Celine fall in love. A cheesy romance movie at best but it had to be one of the worst endings ever put together.

If you like Ewan McGregor, watch it or rent "Trainspotting" again. It's so much better. If not, pass this one by and move on.
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