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I agree with most of the others

Author: (jerry758) from California
11 September 2000

The house is great. The movie is sweet, but boring. The characters are 2-dimensional (or less), and it has all been done before, and better (Topper, for example). Spader, who I usually like a lot, seems to have not a clue of what he is doing. Physical comedy by him looks clumsy, character motivation or depth is nonexistent. I did not like his character as a person or as a comedic device. Michael Caine overacted (as usual) but that is OK for the role. A pleasant hour movie that ran 1:40. I'd rent it if you are in the mood for a "chick flick", and it does have its moments when Spader is not on center stage. But it could have been a whole lot better!

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Looking for quote from the movie

Author: Elisabeth Freeman from Los Gatos, CA
14 April 2001

I liked this movie! It's not perfect - James Spader is a little too clumsy, and it's a bit too predictable, but it's fun and Michael Caine is great. Anyway, I'm looking for a quote from the movie when James Spader's character is talking to the new board of his company about books. He describes books as worlds that can completely capture the reader. I'd love to get his whole speech to the board from the scene... if anyone's got it or would be willing to transcribe it for me, email it to me



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Boredom has seldom been so painful

Author: Patrick Andrews ( from New Orleans, LA
5 August 1999

I am a James Spader fan, and based on his being in this film, along with Michael Caine, I went ahead and rented it. Unfortunately, the movie was so lame that I gave up on it half way through.

Spader's acting suggested he had his mind on other things the entire time he was on screen. And the pacing and editing almost seemed random with very little driving the narrative.

As I watched this tripe, I thought of the expression that "nature abhors a vacuum"...well I believe nature would abhor this as well, since a vacuum and this movie both suck.

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It started promisingly enough, but it just became predictable

Author: slater-7 from KC, MO
28 July 1999

James Spader is always fun to watch and he is the only reason I rented this movie. He seemed to spend all his time chasing his girlfriend begging her to listen and she just kept running away. Add in two ghosts that only he can see and you've got the idea behind the movie. The ghosts are played well by Michael Caine & Maggie Smith. If you are a Spader fan, it's worth watching, once, otherwise don't bother.

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This is a would-be remake of "Maxie"

Author: Tim Miles from Australia
12 July 1999

This movie has a good cast although one would think from the way James Spader acts that the Director really wanted Hugh Grant for the part. Indeed the actress playing his girlfriend looks a lot like Elizabeth Hurley. She has an accent that hints of Julie Christie from "Heaven Can Wait." This movie is not in that league either. A previous reviewer emphasized how nice the house was. If anything the house should have had the leading role. Maggie Smith and Michael Caine overacted in the context of their roles as old thespians but with such a lame script even those greats couldn't do much with it. Behind their professionalism was the hint that even the greats have to appear in stinkers sometimes.

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A delightful light comedy in the "Why am I the only seeing these ghosts" genre.

Author: Tampopo from Canberra, Australia
11 October 1999

A delightful light comedy in the "Why am I the only seeing these ghosts" genre. James Spader plays a publisher only remotely in contact with this life, until he moves into the house of two Broadway ghosts (Smith and Caine). With the dubious help of this quarrelsome couple who carried their stage personae into their private lives and then into their deaths, Spader works out not only his own problems, but those of the ghosts as well.

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Spader silly, annoying; plot hackneyed; Walker and house beautiful

Author: Robert A. Munsick from Indiana, USA
7 September 1999

Spader silly and annoying; plot hackneyed; Walker and the house gorgeous, especially the old wood. Boring overall. Not as comedic as it intends Don't bother to see it

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No amount of classy actors could have made this interesting or entertaining

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
19 March 2002

Stevenson is a young publishing executive. He buys a house with his girlfriend despite he non-committal nature of their relationship. His problems are made worst by the discovery of two bickering ghost sharing his house. However when his girlfriend leaves him, they help him win her back and teach him about lasting love.

This wants to be a romantic comedy about eternal love. However it fails in two areas – romance and comedy. The story is very simple – man loses girl, man meets ghosts, ghosts help win back girl. However it feels so heavy you'd think you're watching War & Peace. This effect isn't helped by the total lack of laughs in this `comedy'. Few if any of the lines are funny (mainly because they totally lack any sort of charm or wit) but what makes it worse is that the actors are playing to the laughs! There are plenty of scenes where gaps seem to have been left in dialogue or in routines to allow the audience to finish rolling in the aisles. These may only be a split second long, but in the absence of laughter they feel longer.

I watched this with another Caine comedy – `Without a Clue'. That was average as well but his performance really lifted it. Here he can't do the same – his character is charmless and occasionally resorts to mugging to get by (witness his dancing after returning from Rio). Similarly Maggie Smith has nothing to do and feels too snobbish to be likeable. The relationship between the two is also dry and it's unfortunate that their `eternal' relationship is supposed to be the model for true love. Spader, who can do good given the chance, seems totally out of his depth with his two classy co-stars. He resorts to doing some sort of sub-par Hugh Grant impersonation – full of stuttering and blinking when under pressure, except he can't make it seem charming in the same way that Grant can (when he's on form) and his character quickly becomes shallow and uninteresting.

The film collapses to a happy ending at a new years party – but by then any interest I had in the characters had evaporated. The film is only about 90 minutes long – but it felt like 3 hours, every scene felt dull and dragged out.

Overall, even with Caine, Smith and Sam Shepherd filling out an impressive cast list – this totally fails to impress. It's not that it's the worst film ever made – but it's an average story, with average characters, average performances and comedy that totally misses the mark. The end result? A dull, unfunny film that is impossible to care about or enjoy.

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This movie is a slow paced romantic comedy with a spirit...Actually, two spirits!

Author: Cynthia O'Donnell (joescynamon) from Chadron, Nebraska
6 March 2000

Curtain Call was very well casted. The chemistry of the actors and actresses flowed from the screen into your heart, by reminding you of the time you tried to give an explanation of the unexplainable, such as 'I swear what I saw was a U.F.O.,' and trying to explain, but not being able to find the right words in order to explain. This film was witty, as well as embracingly charming. Curtain Call had that unrealistic nature, yet it was imaginative. That's what gives this movie it's charm!

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what a great movie this COULD have been

Author: Lukas-Albert Gardiner from montreal, canada
17 March 2000

if it weren't for the incredible talent that both MAGGIE SMITH and MICHAEL CAINE possess this movie would not be worth watching. seeing them both together is an ABSOLUTE TREAT. maggie smith is a genius, if she wants to make you laugh she makes you laugh, if she wants to make you think she makes you think and if she wants to make you sad she makes you sad - and often she can do this all in one scene. james spader doesn't seem to know what to do most of the time and that polly walker takes herself much too seriously... she looks good but come on - stop acting like you LOOK GOOD and start acting like a real person. the story itself seems to go in too many directions at once. there are so many elements you WISH were more developped and are not.

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