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Everything Eminem Has Ever Rapped About Daughter Hailie

Everything Eminem Has Ever Rapped About Daughter Hailie
Eminem‘s daughter Hailie Jade Scott has served as the rapper’s muse throughout much of his career, lighting the inner fire that elevated him from a dishwasher on the outskirts of Detroit to one of the biggest musical forces of a generation. More than just motivation, his daughter has provided lyrical inspiration, and even a guest verse or two over the years. Though relations have occasionally been strained between Eminem and Hailie’s mother, Kim Scott—as evidenced in a number of his songs—his bond with Hailie has never wavered.

Here are all the times that Em has
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Preview of Puppet Master: Curtain Call #2

Puppet Master: Curtain Call #2 arrives in comic book stores this Wednesday, and you can take a look at a preview of the issue here courtesy of Action Lab: Danger Zone

It’s puppet-on-puppet violence as the cult favorite Puppet Master puppets battle Anapa and his evil horde! As the battle rages, Anthony learns the truth about his destiny… and everything begins to change!

Puppet Master: Curtain Call #2 is out on December 6th, priced $3.99.

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Preview of Puppet Master: Curtain Call #1

Action Lab launches the final chapter of its Puppet Master saga this Wednesday with the release of Puppet Master: Curtain Call #1, and you can take a look at a preview of the issue here…

The final chapter of Action Lab’s epic Puppet Master story starts now! Everything from the past two years comes to a head as the demon god Anapa makes one final play at world domination… with Andre Toulon’s puppets standing by his side!?! With the new, big budget film set to be release in 2018, this is the Perfect jump on point for new and old fans alike!

Puppet Master: Curtain Call #1 is out on October 18th, priced $3.99.
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Preview of Puppet Master: Curtain Call #1

Action Lab: Danger Zone has announced the upcoming launch of Puppet Master: Curtain Call #1, kicking off the publisher’s final Puppet Master comic book series; check out this first look at the endgame here…

Puppet Master: Curtain Call is the finale of our epic Puppet Master comic series! Everything from the first five volumes of the Puppet Master ongoing series comes to a head here! It’s the final showdown between the puppets of Andre Toulon versus the demon god Anapa and his evil puppets… with the guests of the Bodega Bay Inn caught in the middle!

Based on the Full Moon Entertainment movies, Puppet Master is about a band of killer puppets who must bend to their master’s will, even if it goes against the essence of the soul trapped in each of them. Anyone who enjoys killer dolls or slasher movies will be right at
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Mary Poppins Returns: On-set video and first look at Lin-Manuel Miranda

Mary Poppins Returns photos: Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda spotting in cebtral London.

Mary Poppins Returns has been filming in London for a few weeks now, mostly within the tight, highly secured compounds of Shepperton Studios just outside of the city, but at the weekend, cameras started to roll in the city itself, specifically the Bank area of the square mile. Check out the Mary Poppins Returns photos below.

During the week, this is probably one of the busiest areas of town with businessmen and bankers amongst the hustle and bustle, but on Sunday (March 4), Emily Blunt and co. were spotted in the area shooting the sequel to the most beloved of Disney’s live-action movies. It looks like the filmmakers have had some period London buses and automobiles into town for the shoot, which was taking place outside the iconic Bank Of England.

The Mary Poppins Returns photos also
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Here are the first images of Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda in Mary Poppins Returns

Author: Jon Lyus

Over the weekend a small corner of our Twitter feed was briefly panicked by the goings on in the City of London. Smoke was pouring out of a part of Cornhill and worried twitter users in the area quickly spread the word that it was, in fact, location filming for Disney’s latest’s franchise revisitation with Mary Poppins Returns.

The Bank of England and the Royal Exchange were important landmarks in the original stories, and in the 1964 film. This time the production team were actually there. See below for some excellent shots, including our first look at Lin-Manuel Miranda in costume. Consider us hyped to the nines.

New #MaryPoppins movie filming at Bank. @Lin_Manuel, where are you?! #MaryPoppinsReturns #London #Disney #Filmset

— Tobias Gunkel (@TobGunc) March 4, 2017

Here is some more stills of Emily Blunt as #MaryPoppins in 'Mary Poppins Returns,
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Donald Trump Praised Meryl Streep as ‘Excellent’ in 2015, Two Years Before ‘Overrated’ Insult

Donald Trump Praised Meryl Streep as ‘Excellent’ in 2015, Two Years Before ‘Overrated’ Insult
This past Sunday, actress Meryl Streep accepted the honorary Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards. During her acceptance speech, she strongly criticized Donald Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail, including his mockery of disabled New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski. Yesterday morning, President-Elect Donald Trump tweeted out a response, denying that he ever mocked Kovaleski and calling the three-time Oscar winning actress “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood” and a “Hillary flunky who lost big.” Read his Twitter posts below.

Read More: Golden Globes: Meryl Streep Calls Out Donald Trump in Cecile B. DeMille Award Acceptance Speech

Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes. She is a…..

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 9, 2017

Hillary flunky who lost big. For the 100th time, I never “mocked” a disabled reporter
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'Hairspray Live!': The Best, Worst and Weirdest Moments of NBC's Live Musical

'Hairspray Live!': The Best, Worst and Weirdest Moments of NBC's Live Musical
And with that, Hairspray Live! is officially over!

After months of preparation, the three-hour live event hit television sets, dazzling audiences with its impressive sets and star-studded cast -- but not every moment shined so brightly.

Here are the best, worst, and weirdest moments of NBC’s live show.

The Best

Garrett Clayton’s Solo Mannequin Challenge:

Garrett Clayton makes just as good of a mannequin as he does a Link Larkin. The former Disney star shined throughout the show, but we just can’t forget his amazing poses during “I Can Hear the Bells.” Why wasn’t he better utilized during the cast’s amazing mannequin challenge?!!

Watch: The 'Hairspray Live!' Cast Just Did the Most Epic Mannequin Challenge Ever

Seaweed and Little Sis:

We could not get enough of Ephraim Sykes and Shahadi Wright Joseph, who graciously volunteered their Broadway talents (Sykes starred in Hamilton, while Joseph’s already racked up an impressive
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Fuller House's Candace Cameron Bure and NKotB's Joey McIntyre Reunite on Set: 'Dreams Really Do Come True' - See the Adorable Photo!

Fuller House's Candace Cameron Bure and NKotB's Joey McIntyre Reunite on Set: 'Dreams Really Do Come True' - See the Adorable Photo!
Candace Cameron Bure's dreams are coming true! The Fuller House star shared her mounting excitement for New Kids on the Block's cameo appearance on the Netflix revival series with a throwback photo posted Wednesday. For Full House fans who are also looking forward to watching NKotB's Joey McIntyre make a return to the family friendly program, Cameron Bure gave a sneak peek from behind-the-scenes on set. "Dreams really do come true. Joey and Candace. #NKotB #FullHouse #FullerHouse," the 40-year-old actress penned of a side-by-side photo of her and 43-year-old McIntyre, reenacting their pose from the '90s. Dreams really do come true.
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The Jeonju International Film Festival announced the Korean Competition

The organizers of the festival have announced the films that will be screen at the Korean Competition.

This year more than 120 entries were sent to the festival and programmers have selected only 10 films to be part of the Korean Competition. Fictions films predominated as 7 are fiction and 3 are documentaries. The 17th Jeonju International Film Festival is going to take place from April 28th to May 7th in Jeonju (South Korea). We will keep you updated as soon as more information about the films is available.

Korean Competition

No Preparation for Old Age by Lee Dongwoo

Delta Boys by Ko Bongsoo

Mrs. B. A North Korean Woman by Yoon Jaeho (*)

Breathing Underwater by Ko Heeyoung

Our Love Story by Lee Hyunju

With or Without You by Cho Sungeun

A Field Day by Kim Jintae

Worst Woman by Kim Jongkwan

Curtain Call by Ryu Hoon (*)

Press by Choi Jungmin

(*) – Part of the
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Ranking Triple H’s 19 WrestleMania Matches – From Worst To Best

Triple H will headline yet another WrestleMania extravaganza on April 3 when he defends the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns in the main event of the company’s spring classic. It is not the first time he has set foot in the squared circle in such a high-profile situation. In fact, over the course of his celebrated career he has competed in the last match on the ‘Mania card six times, has been involved in championship bouts nine times, and battled at the Showcase of the Immortals a whopping nineteen times, including eight straight.

There is a sense of importance that comes with all of his championship defenses, his heated grudge matches are often the most anticipated on the card and his victories and defeats are some of the most buzzed about of the year. One of the final remnants of the celebrated Attitude Era, he has
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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Wrestling In 1996

1996 was an interesting and notable year for wrestling. It was the first full year of the Monday Night Wars, it witnessed the birth of Austin 3:16, Hulk Hogan turning heel, the formation of the nWo, the infamous Brian Pillman gun angle, the Curtain Call, the defection of top stars between WCW and the WWF, Vince McMahon offering guaranteed contracts to his roster for the first time, and monthly pay-per-view events from both of the big two.

So much happened in such a short space of time, but what was the real story behind some of those events? What are the misconceptions that are commonly parroted and what are the real facts? And what are those bits and pieces of information that have not been widely reported?

From grandstand matches that never happened, defections that didn’t pan out, significant changes to booking, and originally proposed gimmick ideas, we have it all covered.
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Outlander Ep Talks 'Shot in the Arm' Globes Nods, Sam Snub, Lord John

Outlander Ep Talks 'Shot in the Arm' Globes Nods, Sam Snub, Lord John
Starz’s Outlander didn’t just make a respectable showing at Thursday’s Golden Globe nominations, it damn near kilt ’em.

“It’s a good morning. It’s a surprising morning,” series creator and executive producer Ronald D. Moore tells TVLine after learning of the freshman drama’s three nods: Drama Series, Drama Actress (Caitriona Balfe) and Supporting Actor (Tobias Menzies). “It’s really great for the entire team.”

We took advantage of Moore’s good mood by asking a few questions about Outlander‘s upcoming second season, too. Read on for the details (hint: Lord John’s name comes
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Outlander: Season 2 Trailer Teases Pregnant Claire, French Court Intrigue, a Verra Bloody Battle Ahead

Outlander: Season 2 Trailer Teases Pregnant Claire, French Court Intrigue, a Verra Bloody Battle Ahead
Here’s some welcome news for all of you Sassenachs: The Outlander Season 2 trailer has arrived.

The long-awaited promo gives fans of the Starz series a taste of what’s ahead, including (but not limited to): life in France, the Frasers discussing how to thwart the Jacobite uprising, fancy clothes, a swordfight, sky-high powdered wigs, a battle and — of utmost importance — Jamie caressing an expectant Claire’s baby bump in bed.

PhotosCancellation Jitters: 8 Shows in Danger

Season 2 of the time-travel/historical drama will premiere sometime in 2016.

Press Play on the video above to watch it unfold, scroll through the
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Outlander (Kinda) Casts Lord John

Outlander (Kinda) Casts Lord John
Claire, prepare to have your honor defended.

Outlander has cast Oscar Kennedy as John William Grey, someone who will play an incredibly important role in both Jamie and Claire’s lives for decades to come, TVLine has confirmed. (The series first announced the casting via Twitter.)

RelatedOutlander Video: Diana Gabaldon Gets a Boar-ing Behind-the-Scenes Tour

But if you’re a fan of the books who’s dying to meet the smooth, blonde British officer… you’ll have to wait a while. The Starz series is introducing Grey as a boy, the same way readers meet him in Dragonfly in
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Bruce Willis, Laurie Metcalf & Leon Addison Brown Take Bow At ‘Misery’ Curtain Call

Bruce Willis, making his broadway debut in Misery, took a bow with costars Laurie Metcalf and Leon Addison Brown at the play’s opening night Sunday. ‘MiseryOpening Night In the Broadway play adaptation of Stephen King‘s Misery, Willis stars as the wealthy writer Paul Sheldon, who ends up severely injured following a car accident. The […]

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Flesh and Bone's Sascha Radetsky Previews 'Gritty' Ballet Drama, Talks 'Astonishing' Center Stage Following

Flesh and Bone's Sascha Radetsky Previews 'Gritty' Ballet Drama, Talks 'Astonishing' Center Stage Following
Blood, sex, manipulation. It’s all in a day’s work for the ballet company at the center of Starz’s Flesh and Bone (premiering Sunday).

VideosFlesh and Bone Ep, Cast Preview Starz’s ‘Raw, Authentic’ Dance Drama

The limited series follows ingenue Claire (played by real-life dancer Sarah Hay) as she runs away from her troubled past and falls into a “dark and gritty” situation that is a far cry from co-star Sascha Radetsky‘s circa-2000 dance-themed movie Center Stage, the actor says.

The Starz project “really takes risks,” Radetsky continues. “It explores all the shadier elements of not just the dance world,
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American Horror Story Hotel episode 1 review: Checking In

The wilfully disturbing American Horror Story: Hotel may not make much sense this early on, but boy, does it look stunning...

This review contains spoilers.

5.1 Checking In

With American Horror Story entering its fifth season, it's more than fair to say that the show's been wobbly for the last couple of seasons. After the kooky fun of Murder House and the insanity of Asylum, subsequent runs Coven and Freak Show were examples of the show trying to do too much, going too far, pushing too many boundaries in the name of shock rather in the name of some sort of central story. Yes, American Horror Story has always taken on a lot, usually more than it can chew, and discarded bits here and there along the way like a child bored with his toys, but at least there was some kind of core holding it all together.

That core isn't
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Review: WWE The Kliq Rules (Blu-ray)

Hot on the heels of the superb Monday Night War release (reviewed here) comes yet another trip down memory lane into the Attitude Era in the form of The Kliq Rules. For WWE fans, The Kliq needs no introduction, a fact that the hour long documentary that kicks off this release acknowledges by taking barely five minutes to introduce and establish the group.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although with an overall running time of around an hour it would perhaps have been beneficial to take longer to introduce all five main players to those newer WWE fans who will be viewing this release as the definitive historical document on this important chapter in Sports Entertainment history.

This approach does work, however, if the documentary is taken in the same vein as the aforementioned Monday Night War episodes, in that it seeks more to explore the impact that
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