L.A. Confidential (1997) Poster

Plot Keywords

police corruption
1950s violence
murder death
detective shotgun
diner police corruption
kissing while having sex police shootout
gunfight police procedural
critically acclaimed may december romance
police protagonist white dress
cartoon on tv killed in an elevator
lapd protective male
f word man on the verge of tears
evil man man with glasses
blood spatter voice over narration
flashback drunkenness
reference to veronica lake trespass
tragedy surveillance
secret mystery woman
mansion impersonation
femme fatale place name in title
acronym in title jewish mobster
comic relief police interrogation
journalist criminal syndicate
smashing a window rogue cop
racial slur prologue
parking garage mirror
marijuana ledge
gun in mouth gay slur
double cross crime scene
crime boss bodyguard
bar bandage
autopsy arrest
city name in title photographer
extramarital affair drug dealing
hidden in a crawl space stabbed in the leg
frame up call girl
shot in the face shot to death
shot in the back shot in the chest
police coverup handcuffs
ensemble cast wetting pants
tv show in film toilet
surprise after end credits scene during end credits
scandal restaurant
redemption rape victim
rainstorm premarital sex
police vigilantism police raid
police officer police officer killed
police detective police chase
plastic surgery pimp
older woman younger man relationship morgue
mob hit loss of daughter
liquor store jail
heroin filmmaking
fight female nudity
famous score face slap
eyeglasses elevator
drug overdose drink thrown into someone's face
district attorney crawl space
corpse closeted homosexual
christmas party celebrity look alike
boxer bisexual
alderman actor
birthmark revenge
two way mirror police brutality
pornographer shootout
throat slitting prostitute
mass murder millionaire
domestic violence cynicism
switchblade russian roulette
blackmail neo noir
tabloid racism
knife in thigh interrogation
motel hollywood sign
crotch grab reporter
organized crime good cop bad cop
los angeles california bad smell
death of friend based on novel

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