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Ed Catto: One Man’s Treasure

  • Comicmix
You know the old saying: One’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That applies to me and my pals so often.

Now, I realize I’m very blessed: I have a great bunch of friends. I share interests and/or a long history with each them. I guess that’s part of the definition of a friend. But we don’t all love the same stuff. And when it comes to Geek Culture, a bunch of my friends just aren’t that into it.

I pity those fools as I flip through the latest PaperGirls.

Freddie P is that type of friend. He’s a long-time pal. We grew up in the same small town, kept in touch through college and lived near another in those wild just-a-few-years-outta-college days. After that, we always stayed in touch. We’ve watched each other’s families grow up. We laughed
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Supergirl: Kevin Sorbo Joins Cast In Mystery Recurring Role

  • LRM Online
Just days after it was reported that Terri Hatcher has joined the cast of Supergirl, we learn that Kevin Sorbo from God's Not Dead and Kull the Conqueror has joined up as well. Oh yeah, he may have had a "minor" role in the TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Andrew Kreisberg, the executive producer of Supergirl, welcomes him to the show.

“Since his days as Hercules, Kevin Sorbo has brought such a strong presence to the screen and we couldn’t be more excited to have him join us on Supergirl."Guilty Pleasure Time

If it were not for Hercules, Xena, and Buffy I may not be here today sitting on my arse writing this piece. Err, umm, ok so that is both good and bad, as I have not actually seen the sun in a few days. In my teenage years, I liked things
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Arnold Schwarzenegger says Conan sequel now titled Conan the Conqueror

For the past few years, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been talking about a potential return as Conan the Barbarian for a follow-up to his breakthrough role with The Legend of Conan.

Well, now that the Terminator franchise is dead and buried for the foreseeable future, it looks like Arnie is finally gearing up for a return to the Hyborian Age, with the action icon revealing a few details to The Arnold Fans, including a new title.

“Conan the Conqueror, where I’m sitting on the throne for years and years – decades, and then all of the sudden, the time comes when they want to overthrow me. So that story Will be told and that movie Will be done. As a matter of fact, it has been written and we are now looking for directors so this is a serious drive.

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The Legend of Conan could launch Robert E. Howard cinematic universe

Marvel is doing it, DC is doing it, Transformers is doing it, Ghostbusters is doing it, so why not Conan the Barbarian and the various characters created by Robert E. Howard?

According to Deadline (via Comic Book), Fredrick Malmberg has aquired the rights to Howard’s various creations, including Conan, Kull the Conqueror and Solomon Kane, and is looking to launch a shared cinematic universe, which will presumably start with the upcoming The Legend of Conan.

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“These days, it comes down to brands and characters and we are looking at long-term possibilities,” states Malmberg. “We look at how Marvel played out with its rich based of characters, and this too is a universe that lends itself to exploitation in TV and film. There aren’t many libraries like this.”

Malmberg also went on to touch upon The Legend of Conan,
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Robert E. Howard’s Conan The Barbarian, Kull And Other Creations Acquired By Fredrik Malmberg

Robert E. Howard’s Conan The Barbarian, Kull And Other Creations Acquired By Fredrik Malmberg
Exclusive: Fredrik Malmberg, who for years was the Hollywood face of Swedish company Paradox Entertainment’s campaign to turn Robert E. Howard properties Conan, Kull The Conqueror, Solomon Kane and others into features, has reconnected with all those properties. Malmberg, who last year left the company after 15 years to hatch the producing shingle Cabinet Entertainment, has acquired Paradox Entertainment Inc in a stock deal. Between the purchase of assets and the…
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[Home Invasion] New Blu-ray Releases For February 3Rd, 2015

Here are your release for February 3rd, 2015:

Dracula Untold. Blu-ray + DVD + UltraViolet Universal Studios. 2014.

To protect his family and people during a time of intense conflict, Vlad III submits to a vampire, sacrificing his humanity in return for monstrous power. (Source)

John Wick. Blu-ray + Digital Copy + UltraViolet Lionsgate Films. 2014.

A former hit man is pursued by an old friend who was contracted to kill him. (Source)

Ouija. Blu-ray + DVD + UltraViolet Universal Studios. 2014.

A girl is mysteriously killed after recording herself playing with an ancient Ouija Board, which leads to a close group of friends to investigate this board. They later find out that some things aren’t meant to be played with, especially the ‘other side’. (Source)

Kull the Conqueror. Universal Studios. 1997.

A barbarian named Kull unexpectedly becomes a king after an old king (whom Kull has just killed in a battle) gives his crown to him. But direct heirs of a killed king,
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February 3rd Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Starry Eyes, Ouija, The Demon’s Rook

  • DailyDead
For the first week of February, horror fans should get those wallets ready as there’s a ton of great titles making their home entertainment debuts this Tuesday. We’ve got two stellar indie films to look forward to- The Demon’s Rook and Starry Eyes- and Universal is releasing two of their recent theatrical titles, Dracula Untold and Ouija, on Blu-ray and DVD as well.

As if that’s not enough, other notable titles you can add to your personal collection on the 3rd include Exists, The ABC’s of Death 2, Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard, John Wick and the cult classic Kull the Conqueror is making its way onto Blu for the first time ever too.

The Demon’s Rook (Cinedigm, DVD)

Chaos descends upon a quiet town when Roscoe, the pupil of a wizard monk from an ancient race of demons, unknowingly opens a portal that
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Dallas Comic Con's Fan Days Invades Irving Convention Center This Weekend

  • Cinelinx
Pop culture junkies are in for a treat this weekend as Fan Expo Dallas rolls out the red carpet for Dallas Comic Con's annual Fan Days. Dozens of actors and artists from several different iconic television shows, movies, and comic books will be in attendance meeting and greeting their enthusiastic fans. Let's not forget the multitudes of vendors providing the masses with the opportunity to get their hands on hard-to-find items and merchandise. At the risk of sounding cliche, there really is something for everyone at Dallas Comic Con's Fan Days. 

Actors participating in Dallas Comic Con's Fan Days for 2014 include familiar faces from across the geek spectrum. Lord of the Rings fans can participate in a mini-reunion between Hobbits with Sean Astin and Elijah Wood. The Goonies prove they never say die as Astin is joined by his comrades and Lost Boys hunter Corey Feldman and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
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Djimon Hounsou Still Planning 'Thulsa Doom,' Sees It As 'Gladiator' Meets 'Braveheart'

by Ryan Rigley

It's been several years now since we've heard any updates about the rumored "Thulsa Doom" movie, of which Djimon Hounsou was said to star in and produce. Thulsa Doom, of course, being the sinister sorcerer played by James Earl Jones in the original "Conan the Barbarian." In a recent interview with Hounsou, we found out what the deal is with the "Thulsa Doom" movie.

"I’m still trying to get somebody interested in it," Hounsou told MTV News regarding the project. "I certainly have been working on it for some time. It’s written and I’ve just been trying to put it together."

"It’s sort of like one of my projects; I put my own money on it and it’s sitting there for now," he added. "There are other projects that I’m also trying to get going as well and, like those projects,
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Marie Severin Gets What She Deserves – At Last!

  • Comicmix
It was 1978, and the electric current going through DC Comics’ offices could have lit Times Square. Vice-President and Production Director Jack Adler was strutting around like a proud papa. For the first time in what seemed like a millennium, Marie Severin was paying a visit.

If you were from outside the donut shop, you’d think the President was in the house. Work came to a complete stop. Everybody swarmed to the production department to meet, or to see once again, the famed artist and gifted humorist. That she toiled for the company’s competition and yet received this reception is an acknowledgement of her talent and abilities.

The masterful colorist of the legendary EC Comics line, Marie worked at Marvel Comics for decades as an art director, a penciler and an inker. Her credits read like a Who’s Who at the House of Ideas: Doctor Strange, the Incredible Hulk,
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R.I.P. Joel Goldsmith

  • Deadline TV
Stargate and Star Trek composer Joel Goldsmith died on April 29 from cancer. Goldsmith was 54. A three-time Emmy nominee, Goldsmith composed music for over 330 episodes of the long running Stargate sci-fi franchise, created by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin. Goldsmith’s music appears in Stargate Sg-1, Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate Universe, as well as two direct-to-dvd 2009 films, Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Continuum.The son of composer Jerry Goldsmith, who won an Academy Award in 1977 for his score of The Omen, Joel Goldsmith was nominated for Emmys for an episode of Stargate Sg-1, as well as for the Stargate Atlantis theme and for an episode of that series. Goldsmith worked on several other TV series including the 1990’s The Outer Limits reboot. He also did the music for films such as Kull the Conqueror and 2006’s hugely successful Call of Duty 3 videogame. The younger Goldsmith and his father, who died
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Resident Evil's Sienna Guillory joins Matthew Perry, Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo in The Whole Banana

Resident Evil star Sienna Guillory, John Savage and Clint Howard have been announced as joining the cast of romantic comedy The Whole Banana.

Sienna's known for playing Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil adaptations Apocalypse and Afterlife as well as the upcoming fifth film Resident Evil: Retribution. She's also had roles in Love Actually and The Time Machine remake.

Savage was in The Deer Hunter and The Godfather: Part III and has also appeared in TV shows including Fringe, Carnivale, Dark Angel, Star Trek: Voyager and The X Files.

Howard's credits include Grand Theft Auto, Cocoon, The Rocketeer, Apollo 13, Austin Powers and The Dilemma.

Kristy Swanson, Kevin Sorbo (Kull The Conqueror, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Andromeda), Dominique Swain, Stelio Savante and Jeffrey Vincent Parise are also in the cast. Matthew Perry (Friends, The Whole Nine Yards) and Dean Cain (Lois & Clarke: The New Adventures of Superman, Five Days Of
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John Severin: 1921-2012

  • Comicmix
John Severin, Eisner Hall of Fame winner and one of the last of the legendary EC artists, died Sunday in Denver, Colorado. He was 90.

Severin was among the greatest draftsmen of the EC crew. He was especially well known for his western comics and war comics, but worked across many genres, including a 45 year stint drawing for Cracked magazine, doing numerous parodies and creating the definitive version of the company mascot, janitor Sylvester P. Smythe.

In recent years he had continued to work, with his last new material coming from Dark Horse last year on Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder.

His family has released a statement:

Internationally acclaimed illustrator-­cartoonist, John Powers Severin (1921-­2012), passed away Sunday, February 12, 2012 at his home in Denver, Colorado with his family by his side.

He was 90 years old.

Throughout his sixty plus year career in comic illustration and cartooning, Severin gained world-­wide notoriety
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Sorbo Suffered Secret Strokes

  • WENN
Sorbo Suffered Secret Strokes
TV hunk Kevin Sorbo has opened up about a secret health battle he faced while shooting hit show Hercules - the actor suffered a series of strokes.

Sorbo suffered severe aches and pains during and immediately after intense work-outs as he was fighting to maintain his impressive physique for the show in the late 1990s, but doctors he visited on a press tour insisted his ailments were nothing to worry about.

Sorbo tells Neurology Now magazine, "At the time, I was promoting the feature film Kull the Conqueror. I had several doctors on my publicity tour check me out, but they didn't believe it was anything serious. I even had what seemed like a rational explanation, having recently injured my ulnar nerve - the funny bone."

But then one day, he began to suffer blurry vision and dizziness as he drove home from a visit to his chiropractor after suffering a spinal pain during a weightlifting session. He woke up the following morning with slurred speech and headed for a nearby hospital, where doctors discovered he had suffered an aneurysm in an artery near his shoulder.

Sorbo recalls, "Apparently, the aneurysm had been producing blood clots for some time. I had blockages all down my arm that were making my fingers cold, tingly, and numb."

Opening up about the health crisis in his new book True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life, Sorbo reveals TV network bosses covered for him and writers were commissioned to rewrite scripts to allow the star time to recover as he underwent treatment, during which the actor discovered he had suffered three strokes.

He admits the scare made him take a long, hard look at his life: "I felt like I had been transformed overnight from a youthful, carefree jock into someone who needed to grasp the backs of chairs and counters for an arduous five-yard trip to the bathroom.

"I went through two years of hell before I began to feel like myself again. I was depressed and frustrated and had a bad attitude."

Kevin Sorbo Reveals He's Had Several Strokes

  • PEOPLE.com
Kevin Sorbo Reveals He's Had Several Strokes
Even Hercules has problems faced by mere mortals - only Kevin Sorbo, who played the demi-God on the '90s TV hit Hercules, didn't want his audiences to know it. As he is only now divulging, during filming of his series he suffered a series of strokes that he kept secret at the time. Flashback to the summer of 1997, when Hercules was going strong. Sorbo, then 38, was working out fiendishly so he could perform his own stunts and fighting on-set. But then began feeling pain, aching, tingling and cold sensations in his left arm and hand. "At the time, I
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Literary adventure heroes the movies mangled

Conan. James Bond. Tarzan. Terence looks at these, and other literary characters who were changed by movie-makers on their way to the big screen...

Adapting literary heroes to the screen is a tough dilemma for filmmakers. With the possible exception of the Harry Potter phenomenon, the vast majority of a potential movie audience often has little or no familiarity with any given character's literary exploits. The end result can often be frustrating for fans of the original stories, especially when movies make too many arbitrary changes, or even do away with the spirit and intentions of the books entirely.

Conan The Barbarian, the latest rendering of Robert E Howard's pulp fantasy hero, swung its way into cinemas last week. While critics and fans are divided over its merits, most agree that it's at least more faithful and better made than such Howard adaptations as Conan The Destroyer or Kull The Conqueror.
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Weekend Report: 'The Help' Reigns Over Gutless 'Conan,' 'Fright Night'...

Weekend Report: 'The Help' Reigns Over Gutless 'Conan,' 'Fright Night'...
It was a box-office bloodbath for Conan the Barbarian and Fright Night among others over the weekend. On the bright side, The Help climbed to the top spot, due to a combination of a strong hold and those weak new releases, while Rise of the Planet of the Apes took second. The Help eased 21 percent to an estimated $20.5 million, lifting its total to $71.8 million in 12 days. It marked the first time since early January that a movie has risen to No. 1 after previously debuting lower. The last instance was True Grit, but the more thematically comparable The Blind Side also did it.

The Help has dusted Julie & Julia and Eat Pray Love, the past female-driven August book adaptations that inspired its release, by a wide margin. Rise of the Planet of the Apes extended its lead over most past comparable titles, including X-Men: First Class and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra,
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Friday Report: 'Help' Rules as New Movies Flop

Friday Report: 'Help' Rules as New Movies Flop
On Friday, it was a box-office bloodbath for Conan the Barbarian and Fright Night among others. Between the weak new releases and a strong hold, The Help climbed to the top spot, while Rise of the Planet of the Apes took second. The Help eased 24 percent Friday-to-Friday to an estimated $5.8 million, lifting its total to $57.1 million in ten days. It marked the first time since early January that a movie has risen to No. 1 after previously debuting lower. The last instance was True Grit, but the more thematically comparable The Blind Side also did it. The Help has dusted Julie & Julia and Eat Pray Love, the past female-driven August book adaptations that inspired its release, by a wide margin. It was business as usual for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which extended its lead over most past comparable titles, including X-Men: First Class and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra,
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Weinberg Reviews Conan The Barbarian

The character of Conan was created by Robert E. Howard in the 1920s, but he didn't make it to the silver screen until 1982. It was John Milius' Conan the Barbarian that re-introduced the character into pop culture, and the film inspired countless knock-offs and copycats in the process. Some of them, namely Red Sonja, Kull the Conqueror, and the recent Solomon Kane, were also based on Howard's creations. And while there was a forgettable sequel in 1984 (Conan the Destroyer), this flick-friendly action hero has been kept in hibernation for way too long. It's a good thing that director Marcus Nispel and his screenwriters seem to have their heads on straight where this bloody pulp fiction character is concerned. Their new rendition of Conan...
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Forecast: 'Conan' & Co. Not Likely to Slay Audiences

Forecast: 'Conan' & Co. Not Likely to Slay Audiences
Between the openings of three 3D movies trying to recapture a bygone era, Conan the Barbarian, Fright Night and Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, and holdovers The Help and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, this weekend is a free-for-all for the top spot. That speaks to the relative weakness of the new movies and the strength of the holdovers. The Help, in particular, is on track for a second weekend in the high teen millions at least, which will likely be all it takes to emerge victorious. Spy Kids 4 attacks the most locations: 3,295 (including around 1,300 showing it in 3D, and all of them will have "smell-o-vision"-type cards dubbed "Aroma-scope" handed out). Fright Night lashes out at 3,114 locations (3D count unavailable at this time), and Conan hits 3,015 locations (including roughly 2,100 showing it in 3D). All three movies are estimated to have screen counts in the 4,000 range.
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