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2084 takes Orwell into a robotic future

George Orwell's 1984 meets The Terminator? In the spirit of brilliant film ideas, here are my pitches for some cyborg sequels

It's redundant to point out the impact that George Orwell's 1984 has had on popular culture over the years – inspiring everything from cinema to television to journalism to a towering pile of hamfisted concept albums – and yet there's a downside to this. In a world of Big Brother and Room 101 and doublespeak, there's a danger that new generations will just see the book as a bundle of oblique references and not a complete work of literature in itself.

Or at least they would, but for the benevolent geniuses that are Howard Gordon and James Wong, the men behind 24 and the first and third Final Destination movies respectively. Between them, Howard and Wong have devised a film – and an inevitable young-adult fiction franchise – titled 2084. It sounds brilliant. Not only
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