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Doc NYC Review: ‘Meth Storm’ is a Heartbreaking Film with No Easy Answers

For some who grow up in rural Arkansas there’s limited options: you can either be a meth dealer or a cop chasing meth dealers. Set in a close-knit community of Faulkner County, near Conway, native sons of the region Craig and Brent Renaud have crafted a harrowing look at a community that has no easy answers with Meth Storm. Following two families impacted by the drug trade, on one side is Johnny, a sympathetic DEA agent who has locked up his fair share of classmates, children of classmates, and friends for their involvement in the meth trade. What was once a network of mom-and-pop operations cooking meth locally had been put to an end thanks to laws that require you to show an ID when purchasing Sudafed. The addicts in the region now present an opportunity for the Mexican cartels to peddle high-grade crystallized meth, called Ice, into these poor communities,
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Round-Up: Updates on Sexual Misconduct In and Out of Hollywood

Rashida Jones in “Angie Tribeca.” Jones spoke out about Pixar’s discrimination against women and Poc in the wake of the John Lasseter revelations.

The avalanche of stories about predatory behavior in Hollywood and beyond continues. In the past few days alone reports have come to light about news anchor Charlie Rose, Disney head and Pixar co-founder John Lasseter, and Congressman John Conyers. They, of course, join the dozens of other celebrities and public figures who have been publicly accused of sexual harassment or misconduct in recent weeks.

As more accounts of harassment and abuse surface, individuals and organizations are fighting back against rape culture, Fox VP Claire Schmidt, The Swedish Film Institute, Women In Animation, and Raising Films among them.

We’ve compiled some of the latest stories on sexual abuse in and out of show business. Keep in mind that this list is far from comprehensive — there are
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Roman J. Israel, Esq. – Review

Okay film fans, back to the bar. No, we’re not going to meet at the local pub after the multiplex (although many may want to run there after the big holiday meal). I’m referring to the setting of many a drama and even a few comedies (My Cousin Vinny for example), the courtroom. In and out of that “hallowed ground” , the role of attorney can be a showcase for actors as they deal literally with matters of life and death (Raymond Burr achieved iconic status for his TV law superstar Perry Mason). The trial based thrillers of John Grisham have given several such roles for many, while several veteran thespians have earned acclaim (Paul Newman in The Verdict) with cross-examinations and closing statements. Now another of today’s most celebrated actors approaches the bench as Roman J. Israel, Esq., a most unusual “legal eagle”.

We meet Mr. Israel
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Watch J.J. Abrams Auction Off Star Wars 9 Plot for $10K

Watch J.J. Abrams Auction Off Star Wars 9 Plot for $10K
Star Wars has been big on charity work during the Disney era. Over the course of making each one of the new movies, Disney and Lucasfilm have found quite a few opportunities to auction off amazing experiences for fans. It gives Star Wars lovers something special and it does some good for those who need it. Last night, J.J. Abrams auctioned off the chance for one lucky fan to have him whisper the plot of Star Wars 9 to them two years in advance. While the winning bid was high, it didn't go down how you'd expect.

The auction of the Star Wars 9 plot was part of HBO's Night of Too Many Stars, which was held to benefit Next for Autism. Jon Stewart was hosting the event and, at one point, he decided to bring J.J. Abrams out on stage to offer up this special opportunity. Then the bidding started. Things
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New Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Details and Dlc Information Revealed

  • Cinelinx
This morning brought about a Nintendo Direct focused entirely on next month's Xenblade Chronicles 2 and gave eager fans new details on the story and gameplay, while outlining future Dlc plans. Come inside to learn more!

If you're looking forward to the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch in just a few weeks, this morning brought some new details on the game, including insight into the new world we'll be exploring and how combat has changed:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is next in the series following the original acclaimed RPG that launched for Wii in 2012. This sequel features new characters and worlds, with an expanded battle system that will still feel familiar to fans of the first game. In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Blades are artificial lifeforms that bond with Drivers to lend them their weapons and powers in battle. Main character Rex is a Driver and Pyra is a Blade.

In and out of battle,
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The Moment Outlander Fans Have Been Waiting For Finally Happened, and It Was Romantic Af

Major spoilers for Outlander below! Outlander's third season might have started a few weeks ago, but that didn't necessarily mean the "Droughtlander" fans had been suffering through had ended. Claire and Jamie have spent most of season three separated by space and time (200 years, to be exact), but fortunately that all changed during Sunday night's emotional episode, "Freedom & Whisky." After sharing a heartbreaking goodbye with her daughter Brianna, Claire travels back to Scotland to reunite with her long-lost love, Jamie. She successfully travels back in time through the stones and makes her way to A. Malcolm's print shop in Edinburgh (which is a little different from the books, but for good reason). Jamie has his back to her as she walks in, but after announcing that it's really, truly her, he turns around and . . . promptly faints. Coincidentally, that's exactly what plenty of Outlander fans did themselves after witnessing the highly anticipated (and a little funny,
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28 Times Outlander's Claire and Jamie Gave Us Unrealistic Relationship Goals

  • BuzzSugar
As soon as Outlander's first season premiered in 2014, it became abundantly obvious that the show had something special. In addition to a remarkably talented cast, plenty of "we're not afraid to go there" storylines, and scandalously quotable dialogue, the heart of the time-traveling romance is the intense love between its main characters, Claire and Jamie. Their sexy relationship has been a nonstop emotional rollercoaster from the minute Claire arrived in the Scottish Highlands, all the way to their current separation in season three. With their reunion impending, let's reflect on all of their steamy sex scenes, tender kisses, and loving glances, prepare yourself: it's about to get hot. RelatedHow the Ridiculously Beautiful Outlander Cast Looks In and Out of Costume
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What Netflix comedy Atypical gets right and wrong about autism

The series avoids certain cliches yet still falls victim to a certain inauthenticity, following in the footsteps of so many other films and TV shows

Back in the mists of 2009, in the opening scene of the film Bruno, the fashion-obsessed Austrian-accented title character, created and played by Sacha Baron Cohen, and his decorative female colleague posit that autism was “so cool at ze moment” because “it’s funny”. Therefore, it falls into the “in” column on Bruno’s In and Out list (unlike poor chlamydia, which was “out”).

Related: Atypical review – by-numbers autism comedy – with added penguins

Related: David Mitchell: what my son's autism has taught me

Related: Jennifer Jason Leigh: ‘I've been at this precipice so many times'

Continue reading...
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Dick Van Dyke to Receive Britannia Award From BAFTA Los Angeles

Dick Van Dyke to Receive Britannia Award From BAFTA Los Angeles
Dick Van Dyke will receive this year’s Britannia Award for excellence in television from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles.

This year’s event will take place on Oct. 27 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Referring to his role in “Mary Poppins,” Van Dyke said, “I appreciate this opportunity to apologize to the members of BAFTA for inflicting on them the most atrocious Cockney accent in the history of cinema.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to honor the iconic Dick Van Dyke at this year’s British Academy Britannia Awards,” said Chantal Rickards, CEO of BAFTA Los Angeles. “We truly are in a golden age of television and we couldn’t think of a better way to recognize this than by celebrating someone who was at the forefront of making it the global medium that it has become. We look forward to his acceptance speech in whatever accent he chooses
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Train Like a Stark with This 'Game of Cones' Workout as You Watch Game of Thrones

Train Like a Stark with This 'Game of Cones' Workout as You Watch Game of Thrones
You may not encounter any dragons or need to fight off sword-wielding attackers in your daily life, but you can still train for it with this Game of Thrones-themed workout.

The next time you settle in for an hour (or ten hours if you’re binging, no judgment) of feuding families, fit in a little leg burn with this cone-based circuit workout that trainer Luis Badillo Jr. put together for Reebok.

“If you’re sitting on the couch for hours you’re not doing anything to improve yourself,” Badillo tells Reebok. “I’m always active, on my feet, up and about and doing something.
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Other Angle clocks up 'In And Out' deals

Other Angle clocks up 'In And Out' deals
Exclusive: Film starring Louise Bourgoin and Stéphane De Groodt scores deals in multiple territories.

Paris-based Other Angle Pictures is racking up sales on its body-swap comedy In And Out, about lovers who wake up to a surprise after a night of passion.

The film has sold to Switzerland (Jmh), Russia (Capella), Latin America (Alebrija Entertainment), former Yugoslavia (2i Film), Taiwan (Creative Century), and Poland (Monolith Films) with negotiations underway for Italy, Spain and Germany.

Louise Bourgoin (pictured) and Stéphane De Groodt star as the body-swap lovers and Universal Pictures International will open In And Out in France on September 20.

Other titles proving popular on Other Angle’s feel-good, comedy-skewed slate include Don’t Tell Her, about a group of girlfriends whose web of little white lies catches up with them.

Other Angle was a producer and the film has gone to Canada (Axia), Spain (Vercine), Poland (Canal+), Switzerland (Jmh), Turkey (Fabula), and Austria (Thym Film).

The company
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Kathie Lee Gifford and Tom Selleck Recreate Their 'Live!' Kiss From 20 Years Ago -- Watch!

Kathie Lee Gifford and Tom Selleck Recreate Their 'Live!' Kiss From 20 Years Ago -- Watch!
Things are really heating up on the Today show!

Tom Selleck joined Kathie Lee Gifford on the NBC morning show Wednesday, where the two reminisced about their lip-locking moment on Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee 20 years ago.

"Regis got into me kissing Kevin Kline," the 72-year-old actor shared, referencing his lip-lock with the actor in the 1997 film, In and Out. "Regis wouldn't quit and you kind of saved me, you said, 'What the hell?' and you planted one on me."

Watch: Kathie Lee Gifford Finally Meets Hoda Kotb's Daughter Haley Joy

"That shut Regis up, which is, as you know, almost impossible," he joked. "Remember, I sent you flowers?"

"It was a good kiss," Gifford agreed, suggesting, "Let's do it again!"

"It was a good," Gifford agreed, suggesting, "Let's do it again!"

Watch the video below to see the funny moment.

Exclusive: Kathie Lee Gifford Wants Regis Philbin to Replace Billy Bush on The
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Frank Oz Slams ABC’s ‘The Muppets’ and Reveals His Favorite Characters in Candid Interview

Frank Oz Slams ABC’s ‘The Muppets’ and Reveals His Favorite Characters in Candid Interview
Frank Oz may not be a household name, but some of his closest friends are. The puppeteer and filmmaker, who brought life to such beloved Muppets as Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear, is at South by Southwest with his documentary “Muppet Guys Talking: Secrets Behind the Show the Whole World Watched.” In a new Variety interview, Oz talks about his love of the Muppets — and why he only watched 15 minutes of the quickly canceled TV show that premiered in the fall of 2015.

Read More: Terrence Malick Makes a Rare Appearance at SXSW 2017 and Digs Deep On His Process

“I felt the show wasn’t true to the characters,” he says of ABC’s sitcom, which ran for 16 episodes. “There was a purity in each character that was vital. I felt that purity was being moved around to areas that didn’t feel right.” Though he feels that everyone involved “did the very best they could,
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Frank Oz on the Legacy of Jim Henson’s Muppets

Frank Oz on the Legacy of Jim Henson’s Muppets
On Sunday morning, Frank Oz — the celebrated puppeteer behind such Jim Henson characters as Miss Piggy, Grover, Fozzie Bear, and Sam the Eagle — premieres his new documentary “Muppet Guys Talking: Secrets Behind the Show the Whole World Watched” at SXSW. The film is a candid, often bitingly funny conversation between Oz and four of his closest colleagues: Dave Goelz (Gonzo), Bill Barretta (Rowlf the Dog), Fran Brill (Little Bird), and Jerry Nelson (Count von Count), who died in 2012.

Oz, 72, started his career as a puppeteer when he met Jim Henson at 19, and he went on to become a successful director of such comedic hits as “What About Bob?,” “In and Out,” and “Bowfinger.” He got the idea for his latest movie from his wife, Victoria, a business consultant, who thought the close camaraderie he shared with his co-workers is rare — proof that business culture can still be fun.

Oz shot the conversation some years ago,
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Other Angle boards Senegalese resistance fighter drama 'Our Patriots'

Other Angle boards Senegalese resistance fighter drama 'Our Patriots'
Exclusive: Marc Zinga stars in war drama.

Paris-based sales agent Other Angle has boarded Gabriel Le Bomin’s Second World War drama Our Patriots about real-life Senegalese resistance fighter Addi Bâ.

Marc Zinga plays Bâ, who was nicknamed “der schwarze terrorist” (the black terrorist) by the Germans for his role in a French resistance division operating in the Vosges in eastern France.

Louane Emera, who shot to fame in the role of the talented musical daughter Paula Belier in box office hit La Famille Belier, and Alexandra Lamy are also in the cast as the women who helped hide Bâ from the Germans. Further cast members include Pierre Deladonchamps.

Other Angle chief Olivier Albou says the film is in a similar vein to Rachid Bouchareb’s Days Of Glory.

“There aren’t that many films looking at the role Africans played in fighting the Germans and none, as far as I know, about black resistance
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Entertainment Feature: Top 20 Celebrity Portraits of 2016, By Photographer Joe Arce

Chicago – The year 2016 was a dangerous one to be a famous person. In the past twelve months, one dozen of my former photo subjects passed away, celebrities who at one time or another famously posed for my lens. However, on a positive note, at least photos are forever. Or to quote the immortal words of Pee Wee Herman – “Why don’t you take a picture, it will last longer!”

The ranking of the portraits are based on a combination of the star power wattage of the subjects, the artistic results and the difficulty of landing the quarry…for those budding smart-phone-celebrity-stalkers who may wish to play along at home. So without further adieu, I present my top 20 celebrity portraits of 2016.

20. Peter Bogdanovich

Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich

Photo credit: Joe Arce of Starstruck Foto for

Here’s to Peter Bogdanovich, who apart from Woody Allen is one of my all-time favorite directors.
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David Moreau Talks About ‘Alone,’ Shooting a French Fantasy Thriller (Exclusive)

David Moreau Talks About ‘Alone,’ Shooting a French Fantasy Thriller (Exclusive)
Paris — If one thing comes across in a 20-minute conversation with France’s David Moreau (“Them,” “It Boy”), it is his passion for the U.S. movies he grew up with in the 1980s: “Stand By Me,” “E.T.Joe Dante’s “The Explorers.” Backed by Studiocanal, one of Europe’s biggest film companies and described as a French “Divergence,” “Seuls” (Alone), which screens for the first time ever at the 19th UniFrance Rendez-Vous is a bold attempt to transfer much of the spirit of these movies – the loneliness of young teens, their camaraderie when they meet – to a French movie set in a recognisable French reality and in French. That homegrown fantasy thriller has been pulled off elsewhere in Europe – in Spain, for example, by another self-confessed ‘80s movie fanboy, Alejandro Amenabar in his “Abre los ojos” (“Open Your Eyes”) remade by Tom Cruise as “Vanilla Sky.” In France, attempts
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UniFrance Rendez-Vous: Thomas Kruithof on ‘The Eavesdropper,’ Surveillance, François Cluzet

UniFrance Rendez-Vous: Thomas Kruithof on ‘The Eavesdropper,’ Surveillance, François Cluzet
Hailed by Variety as “a timely political thriller told with edgy flair,” “The Eavesdropper” (aka “Scribe”) begins with Duval (François Cluzet), an accountant, being told by his boss that he needs to present a report the following morning. Duval smiles meekly, says he will get the work done, stays up all night at the office, begins to drink, and has a nervous breakdown. Two years later, he’s out of work, spends his time doing jigsaw puzzles, attends AA.

In the early stretches of “The Eavesdropper,” Cluzet plays a mild-mannered bookkeeper who’s punctual, obsessive-compulsive, and just needs a job to give his life order, as he confesses at AA. Cluzet builds up so much empathy with the spectator that when he’s offered employment transcribing phone conversations for a covert surveillance organization and is trapped in its machinations and murders, the spectator is utterly caught up, too.

With a
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Rappers and Filmmakers Hamé and Ekoué on How ‘Paris Prestige’ Shows People ‘in Their Complexity’

Rappers and Filmmakers Hamé and Ekoué on How ‘Paris Prestige’ Shows People ‘in Their Complexity’
Starring Reda Kateb, whose “Django” opens Berlin, Slimane Dazi (“Only Lovers Left Alive”) and Mélanie Laurent (“Inglourious Basterds”), “Paris Prestige” marks the awaited feature debut of Mohamed Bourokba and Ekoué Labitey, two of France’s best known rappers who as Hamé and Eboué leapt to wider fame when Hamé was (unsuccessfully) sued for libel by Nicolas Sarkozy in a case that ran for eight years from 2002.

Produced by Hamé and Ekoué, “Paris Prestige” packs prestige partners: Haut et Court, which produced Cannes Palme d’Or winner “The Class” and the French original TV series “The Returned,” co-produces and distributes in France, bowing the film on Feb. 22; Memento Films International, which sold “The Class,” Asghar Farhadi’s films and “Winter Sleep,” another Palme d’Or winner, handles international sales.

Hamé and Ekoué are no rookies. Hamé studied cinema at the Tisch School of the arts at New York University, and with
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