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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

In the final battle, Will is swinging the fisherman's hook at Julie but hitting nothing but air. Yet the hook still makes the overused Hollywood "metal on metal" sound despite it not coming in contract with ANYTHING.


Near end of movie, in the final confrontation, Freddy Prinze, Jr. (Ray Bronson) is knocked off the fishing trawler. He manages to snag the net, climb back on board the boat. He is completely dry.
When the body is found in the trunk, its throat is clearly intact, contradicting its gruesome demise.
When Julie and Helen are looking at David Egan's obituary, it mentions that he was 28 when he died. But when they go to see David's sister, she says that he was Class of '92 at the high school. So that would make him 23 when he graduated.
The mirror when Helen is smashing it.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Helen is running from the killer, when she approaches the front door of the store, the cameraman is reflected in the glass.

Errors in geography 

As the body hit the automobile, the kids were driving on mountainous terrain along the coast. There are no mountains anywhere in the North Carolina shore area.
Although the action takes place on the east coast of the USA in North Carolina, at the very beginning of the movie we see the sun setting over the ocean.

Factual errors 

Helen's father's store is called Shiver's. This is grammatically incorrect, as it should either be called Shivers as it is the name of the family, or Shivers' or Shivers's to indicate that it is owned by the family. It being called Shiver's implies that the family's last name is Shiver.


When Helen goes to sleep the bow on her lamp shade is facing the end of the bed but when she wakes up it is facing the wall behind her.

Revealing mistakes 

When Julie is in the room filled with ice, it jiggles when she moves it (it was made of gelatin).
Barry punches different people more than once with his right arm, though it is supposed to be hurt and in a cast, and doesn't express any pain.
David Egan's obituary says he died on Wednesday July 5th 1997, but in 1997, July 5th was a Saturday.
When Helen and Julie are researching David Egan on her computer, the browser shows the URL as "//http:cnty457.lib.org". It should of course be "http://cnty457.lib.org".

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