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The New York Times
Mr. Redford has found his own visually eloquent way to turn the potboiler into a panorama, with a deep-seated love for the Montana landscape against which his rapturously beautiful film unfolds.
With solid, stately acting, and landscapes that could convert atheists, The Horse Whisperer tugs heartstrings without seeming self-conscious.
A film as rich in its visual presentation as it is in its emotional resonance.
A countrified, monolithic thing of beauty -- gorgeous to behold despite the fact that its overlong two-hour-and-45-minute running time plays off Redford's weather-beaten golden boy good looks far too often for its own good.
Chicago Sun-Times
Robert Redford has shown that he has a real feeling for the West--he's not a movie tourist--and there is a magnificence in his treatment here that dignifies what is essentially a soap opera.
Entertainment Weekly
All the nuggets of spoken wisdom rattle around with a tad too much space and (at 2 1/2 hours plus) too much length.
Curl your cynical lip if you want, but there's a place for heartwarming, life-affirming, even weepy dramas, and Robert Redford brings the best-selling novel about a traumatized teen and her wounded horse to the screen with dignity and restraint.
It says something about this movie that Redford is at his most compelling playing opposite a nag.
Christian Science Monitor
Redford's storytelling skills aren't strong enough to make the tale appear as seamless as it should.
The film finally seems to stagger under the weight of its own significance.

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