Home Alone 3 (1997) Poster


Plot Keywords

police burglar
airport trap
booby trap computer
home alone neighbor
spy microchip
shovel business trip
burglary female stuck in sticky substance
subjective camera disbelieving adult
misunderstanding sitting
lifting a male into the air character's point of view camera shot
slow motion scene tied to a chair
child's point of view walking the dog
child protagonist san francisco california
villainess looking at one's self in a mirror
illinois boy hero
airplane slapstick comedy
family relationships bound and gagged
talking animal swimming pool
sibling photograph
mother son relationship lake
food chicago illinois
calamine lotion brother brother relationship
basketball 555 phone number
dollhouse little boy
federal bureau of investigation elementary school
blizzard drug abuse
lifting someone into the air electrocution
weather weatherman
weather report weather map
weather forecasting weather forecaster
weapon watching tv
villain the weather channel
hook grandfather clock
getaway driver gadget
fishing hook fake moustache
factory dog whistle
dirty clothes car screech
bridge black market
wig unsubtitled foreign language
jumping into water wreath
vulture underwear
silencer school bus
rescue hangar
frozen body cooking
broken bone bird
bad smell babysitter
video footage toy gun
taxi driver talking doll
spaghetti shower
security guard rooftop
renovation mouse trap
military recruiting office marriage
lawn mower ladder
knife kidnapping
igloo ice
hidden camera haircut
golf cart friendship
fire fireplace
firecracker falling down stairs
eavesdropping chase
cat car chase
burglar alarm broken toilet
bribe bicycle
apology video camera
switched luggage rat
falling from height disguise
chicken pox basement
attic brother sister relationship
third part hit in the crotch
suburbia paint
parrot dog
telescope sequel
trampoline remote controlled toy car
kid outsmarts adult actor shares first name with character

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