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Whether or not The River is, as some critics have claimed, Mr. Tsai's masterpiece, it is an excellent introduction to his oblique narrative style, his favored themes and his careful, lyrical visual sensibility.
Uses loneliness and alienation as the primary emotional colors on a surprisingly expressive canvas.
Christian Science Monitor
This atmospheric story unfolds through leisurely shots that invite us not just to watch the characters, but to live and breathe along with them.
The three principal actors fit their roles like gloves, and the handsome camerawork (by Liao Peng-jung) is a major asset. There's no music, just natural sounds on the track. Except for a shot in which the microphone boom is clearly visible, the film is highly professional in every aspect.
Despite the inaction, the film culminates in a scene some viewers will no doubt find shocking.
New York Post
So s-l-o-w-l-y paced it seems twice as long as its two-hour running time.
New York Daily News
A perfect example of an "art" movie that is so lugubrious and soul-sucking that it's hell to sit through.
Village Voice
The absurdity floods the banks of the filmmaker's intentions.

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