Goodbye Lover (1998) Poster


Plot Keywords

female stockinged legs black pantyhose
pantyhose camera
rehab hamburger
steak chinese restaurant
advertising public relations
retirement realtor
reference to johann sebastian bach talking to the camera
reference to joan crawford reference to häagen dazs
tape recording breast cancer
tv commercial homosexual
gay breath spray
hypodermic needle marriage certificate
wedding chapel pinball machine
baseball bat chop shop
assassin hired killer
serial killer funeral
minister cemetery
graveyard coffin
filling station gas station
motorcycle dog
handcuffs following someone
music box falling off a balcony
brother in law sister in law relationship watching tv
underwear black leather face mask
face mask s&m
teddy bear reference to god
insurance policy church
song singing
singer reference to rodgers and hammerstein
reference to the sound of music the stage musical las vegas nevada
drill reference to brigham young
salt lake city utah autopsy
stiletto heels balcony
detective marriage
prostitute hooker
republican party politician
u.s. vice president religion
nudity love
infidelity unfaithfulness
adultery extramarital affair
husband wife relationship murder of brother
death of brother flash forward
austria orgasm
kiss u.s. senator
drunkenness drinking
drink black leather
femme fatale brother brother relationship
death photograph
los angeles california triple cross
double cross breaking the fourth wall
female detective neo noir
female nudity sergeant
syringe mirror
insurance fraud cynicism
betrayal murder
blasphemy social service
sexual fantasy sex
bone saw police corruption
alcoholism surprise ending

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