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What was this supposed to be?
GMeanie22 June 2001
If anyone who has seen this movie has any idea what on earth this was then please post a comment because I am absolutely baffled. 'Glam' is the most incomprehensible trash that I have ever seen.

The only thing that I can think of is that the director wanted to criticize Hollywood for its lack of spirituality. But if you were to make a movie of this theme, would you make it like this?? I hope not. Sex, offensive language, drug use, violence. This would be the Natural Born Killers approach to wallow in the things that you claim to be criticizing. I got the feeling that the strippers scene was added for no other reason than that the director wanted an NC-17.

The movie itself is painful. The direction is terrible. The use of brash colors makes the film hard to look at. Yet the worst is the characters who are mostly a bunch of strange pathetic retards who just wont shut up. All they do is talk talk talk, to themselves mostly, repeating themselves over and over until you just want to throw a brick through your TV just to make them shut up. It did seem to be dreadfully acted, but seeing as I have no idea about what the director wanted to do with this film, perhaps I shouldn't be so quick to judge. Maybe they put in the years best performances as annoying, loud mouth, deliberate bad actors, in movie made to make you think it had a point. See the film, and you'll realize that is a lot more plausible than you might have thought - but then again, for god's sake don't see the film!

Without a doubt, the worst film I have ever seen. Tony Danza - what happened to you sunshine?
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I get it...I think
lobotomyboy6322 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Where's the 0 on this rating? I guess I get it. Yeah it's a look at how evil Hollywood is etc. OK.

It reminds me of those artists who do something bizarre, like put worms in a paint can and let them crawl over the canvas, then call it art. Here, it's having Frank Whalley repeat every line five times or something. OK.

I'm stunned that they could get this many reasonably big names to sign on for such a movie. I can't imagine at whom this was's too soft to be hardcore and too hard to be mainstream. So I guess it's a highfalutin' indie film that you're not supposed to criticize because then you'd be showing your ignorance. OK.

This must have had "direct to video" written all over it. Too bad it wasn't dubbed over in Sanskrit. By the way, I marked this as "may contain spoilers" because I want potential viewers to get a full, unadulterated whiff of this baby.
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badasstronaut11 September 2002
It looked like to compensate for an extremely short script, the director had the actors simply repeat each of their lines a half dozen times each. I can't believe I watched the whole thing, it was such an annoying movie. On top of that, I went to check out the DVDs features, and it ends up they swapped the stills of McNamara and Whaley. I've seen the actors in better work, but it's going to be hard to sit down to something by Josh Evans again.
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Do not under any circumstances buy this movie!
Emwolb14 August 2001
When I found out that this movie was going to be released on DVD I was very attracted to it because Natasha Gregson Wagner is one of my favorite actresses. The trouble starts with the fact that there was no chance to watch it before I bought the DVD since "Glam" isn´t available in Germany.

But nevertheless: I thought that a movie starring nice and underrated actors/actresses like Tony Danza, Valerie Kaprisky and (of course) especially Natasha Gregson Wagner couldn´t be that boring, senseless and simply bad.

Furthermore: don´t be misled by the NC-17 rating. As most American NC-17 ratings (like for example "Showgirls) this is nothing but a bad joke. The only scene which is supposed to be sexy includes two nameless strippers/dancers who fake some more or less harmless sexuality. But the most important thing about this scene is that it´s not even really sexy - so don´t count on the rating!!

Finally I just want to advise you not to make the same mistake I made: don´t buy this movie (even if you suppose yourself to be the biggest Natasha-Fan in the world)!!
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Bizarre and challenging Hollywood satire
p-gonzo23 March 2004
This is a wild, non-linear, challenging and idiosyncratic work. It's totally unique, also frustrating and mind-stopping. Very dark comedy, no-holds barred dig at Hollywood lifestyles and the movie business. Tony Danza does a great cameo-character role -- full marks for the bravery, tho' maybe he didn't know what he was getting into. Director Josh Evans is son of Ali McGraw (who appears in the movie) and Robert Evans, and obviously used his Hollywood connections to make a film that savages the industry. Great super-hyped performance from Frank Whaley. This movie compares more than favorably to the much more widely seen and acclaimed Hurlyburly. Seek it out, and watch more than once.
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Inventive, surreal, welcome-to-L.A. comedy
allengaryk-216 February 2003
Inventive cross between 1960s psychedelic film experiments and David Lynch's presentation of multiple realities, this little gem entertains with its tale of young writer Sonny Daye, whose slow-paced, imagination-based creative life in the backwaters of a small town is overwhelmed when he is shipped off to his cousin in L.A. He is met by a fast-talking Franky Syde, who may or may not be the cousin in question, but who instantly looks for a way to market him, L.A.-style. We see the world through Sonny's eyes as he tries to comprehend the flash and chatter of the city by reinterpreting it as new material and dialog for his book. His brief glimpses of Vanessa, mistress of a shady businessman, do much to make up for the marketing imbroglios he's led into by Franky as he's displayed to producers (Lou Cutell), journalists (Ali MacGraw) and druggies (Donal Logue, Jon Cryer). There are good comic bits for all, including what may be Billye Ree Wallace's bubbly last performance as Bobo in the opening scenes. What could have been an incoherent mess is saved by deft pacing and varied comic approaches to sketching the denizens of L.A.
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Glam is outrageous
sp1k10 June 2002
Glam is an outrageous vision of a town built on filigree dreams and exploited by crass power mongers. The most ruthless of these is Sid, Tony Danza, a vain scoundrel producer who sucks the creative life out of others to maintain his commercial viability. Sid recognizes the talents of Sonny, a mute loner from a small town who has come to Hollywood. Along with his hyper kinetic cousin, Franky, Frank Whaley, who has taken Sonny's writing to some shlockmeister producers who's cynicism melts when they read Sonny's emotionally potent words, and believe that they have an entertainment goldmine to be excavated. But Sid strong-arms them out of the way and campaigns to seduce and control Sonny. Sid is so certain of his ability to charm that he is blind to the fact that his girlfriend is attracted to Sonny's goodness. There is something disturbing about Glam. Though the characters are largely archetypes the cast finds a human dimension for the freaks and gargoyles that populate this world. The movie assails and caresses the audience with images and ideas and seems to use a broad range of influences from the French New Wave to MTV music video styles. Glam is outrageous and that's the sort of style this world it depicts deserves.
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Avoid this "movie" all costs
one_seven_zero_one3 December 2007
Without doubt among the worst excuses of "entertainment" ever put on film, "Glam" is nothing but a mishmash of non sequential scenes without any apparent story or structure; an incoherent jumble of random scenes that may as well have been lifted from a hundred other dreadful Grade Z movies, and edited together with no "story", no "characters," nothing whatsoever apart from constant barrages of foul language for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Two scenes come to mind. Tony Danza (yep, the nice guy from way back when) manages to repeat a particularly offensive four-letter word (beginning with C and ending with T) perhaps thirty times in three minutes, while at one point Frank Whaley repeats, over and over, again for easily three minutes "I'm Dead... I'm dead... I'm DEAD... I'M DEAD..." Over and over and over, like a broken record, with no apparent rhyme or reason.

I could go on for hours, but suffice to say "Glam" is utter garbage. And if you happen enjoy watching women being beaten for no reason, and if you enjoy listening to abrasive language, seek therapy, but avoid this "movie" at all costs.
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i died trying...
justinpierre6 February 2001
i'm with cbenavidez. this movie made me sick. what was i thinking when i rented it? frank whaley was the reason. secretly i'm mad at him, but publicly he's a little cutie. i got through at least a half hour, but i got in trouble from my landlord because i was using obscene language at 2 in the morning at the top of my lungs. end result: i didn't finish the film. who was the mute? he looked familiar.
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Not all, a life glamorous
Glam is one of the most original and warped films I've ever seen. Bizarre is another word to describe it. And those words I've just used to describe it, are all in a good way. This little known film is one you should see just once, and you be the judge. Judging this one, from the preview I saw in the late 90's, it's better than I thought it would be. If you can get beyond or under the trashy facade of this film, you'll see the points and realities it's trying to make, in the cutthroat world of Hollywood. Sonny Day (Mcnamara) who weakly spouts one word in the whole of the movie, goes to L.A. to stay with his cousin (Frank Whaley whose performance is truly hypnotic) after granny carks it. Seeing Sonny is a gifted writer, Whaley introduces him to a few Hollywood execs, financiers, one a mobster guy, boxer, and woman beater (Tony Danza). Mcnamara and Whaley's girlfriend (Natasha Gregson Wagner) make a connection, even before he meets her, it woulds seem, just like it's fate. When Danza, you can imagine what happens, but it's not the bloody ending, you imagine it to be. The film has surprisingly, "better than you expect" performances by all, one you'll recognize, being Cryer as a real gay boy. Even Breathless's Valerie Kaprisky pops up in this as Whaley's new ambiguous found love. Ali Macgraw also makes a brief appearance, near the end of the film. Glam is inventive, funny, a little bloody, with a lot of repeated dialogue, line after line, at breakneck pace. I think people fail to realize, the movie harbors the real truth about Hollywood, and how they operate, and if you can see through this, the film really pays off. People sadly just don't see that, thinking of it as just trash, the same way you'd see Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas. The story to Glam has just been told in an ingeniuc if at times, intriguingly annoying way. See it for yourself, Unforgettably beautiful score.
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I couldn't make it through the first five minutes.
cbenavidez2 February 2001
There was a time when Tony Danza was on top of the world, because he was so popular. After seeing just a few minutes of this movie, I see he has fallen a long way down. This movie started out so stupid, it was annoying. Maybe somewhere through the rest of the movie it would come together, but anyone that could get through the first five minutes would have to put their brain on standby just to get through it.

I seriously could not get through the first five minutes. I had to shut the movie off when Danza was talking about making something with sex and violence but he wanted morality in it. Then you get the cut screen of two women undressing each other and starting a lesbian experience. At this point, I knew that I was done.

I am real disappointed in Tony Danza, especially after how he lectured Alyssa Milano for her risque acting. This rental was a waste of money.
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This flick is "Glam!!!!!"
Seth Nelson24 May 2006
You got that right. "Glam" is so "Glam!!!!!" Why? For one, this movie shows what life as a famous person is like. Yes, these people often have some hard times along the way, but hey, that's life! I don't know whether or not it's one of those "Pop Stars Who Try To Act" kinds of movies, but it sure seems like it! And besides, this movie is not that boring at all! It's a pretty cool, hip, and exciting film that makes the movie-going experience so good! So smooth! So nice! And everything else that makes this film second to none!

So get "Glam" right now and rent this movie! You'll feel like a cool person after watching it! A ten star film for excellence.
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