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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

Nicholas' lips don't move when he apologizes to Christine after everyone runs away at the fake hospital.
Christine's lips are not moving when she delivers one of her lines as she discusses the possible consequences of the "Game" with Nicholas in the car.

Character error 

While speaking to his ex-wife on the telephone, Michael Douglas makes the mistake of pronouncing the word "nuclear" as the incorrect "noo-kyoo-ler". (A mistake he also makes in The China Syndrome.)
The sign on the gate to Nicholas Van Orton's house says for auction due to "forclosure" - should be spelled "foreclosure".


At the airport, Nicholas gets ink on his shirt. When trying to clean it, it's a different shirt.
When the detective guy follows Nicholas from the hotel, you can sometimes see two people in the car.
Christine spills wine on herself and Nicholas, but it soon disappears from her shirt.
A man appears out of nowhere outside of Nicholas's house, giving him a good scare. In a second shot it is revealed to be Sean Penn's Conrad character, but in the first shot a different actor is used.
When Nicolas is talking with a woman by the phone, she tells him that Nikko Hotel has his credit card. She tells him that the Hotel's phone number is 555-1111, but when he immediately calls the Hotel, he dials another number, totally different than 555-1111.
Nicholas confronts one of CRS's employees at the Zoo trying to find out who is in charge. The employee tells him "This is extremely dangerous." Nicholas replies, "No you don't understand *I'm* extremely dangerous." at which point you can clearly hear his gun being cocked. He then puts the gun to the employee's neck but the gun is not cocked.
When Ilsa enters the study when Orton is talking to his TV, the TV reverts back to the news twice - once in the close-up and again in the wide-shot from the door.
In the elevator scene, Nicholas climbs up and grabs the cables with both hands to pull himself up first. Then after he helps Christine pull her up after him, one of his hand's is clean and no grease is on his shirt.
After the pen spills ink on Nicholas' shirt, he goes in the bathroom to try and clean it up. As he leaves the bathroom, he clearly buttons his coat to cover the ink spot, but in the next scene in the restaurant the coat is unbuttoned again.
When Nicolas is watching the film strip, he gets fed up and stands. He looks back and clearly is standing in the way of the film's projection onto the screen, but when the screen is shown there is no shadow.
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When Nicholas is at work, the secretary walks in to tell him his ex-wife is on the phone. The secretary then wishes him a happy birthday. We can assume she is calling to wish him the same. But later that night when his ex calls again, Nicholas says to her "You almost missed [my birthday] this year!"
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When Nicholas visits his ex wife, he has a band-aid on his nose. In the restaurant the band-aid is gone, only to reappear at the zoo.
A tiger in the background disappears between shots at the zoo.

Factual errors 

In the end credits, rigging grip Michael Santoro's name is spelled "Micheal".

Revealing mistakes 

Nicholas Van Orten's birthday is in October, but in one of the scenes as the car goes by a Hallmark Store it clearly is advertising "FATHER'S DAY" (which is in June).
When Van Orton and 'Christine' leave from his office in separate taxis, Christine's cab stops just off-camera - the reflection of the brake lights from the cab can clearly be seen in the bumper of the remaining taxi.
During the in-car shots in the sequence where Nicolas is being followed by the P.I., the speedometer of the BMW stays at zero.
When Nicholas in on the bus in Mexico an 'emergency exit' sign printed in English is visible on the inside of the bus.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Near the end of the movie, Nicholas, distraught over what he believed to be the death of his brother by his own hand, calmly strolls to the edge of the buildings roof and walks off. The problem with this scenario is that in order for the "game" to play itself out to completion, he had to leap from a very specific point on the rooftop. The camera shot from within the ceiling as he crashes through the glass shows that his downward path led through a very narrow space between the metal I-beams and other structures. A deviation of a mere few feet in any direction more than likely would have resulted in Nicholas' death. Since there were no erected barriers on the roof or gaming personnel guiding him to the exact spot for him to fall from in order for him to safely descend through the glass ceiling, how could the games planners have known precisely where he would choose to leap? However, after the jump, a character says that it was where he was meant to throw Michael Douglas off the roof, hence he would have landed on the airbag safely.

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