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Chicago Sun-Times
The movie's thriller elements are given an additional gloss by the skill of the technical credits, and the wicked wit of the dialogue.
Entertainment Weekly
An intensely exciting puzzle-gimmick thriller, the kind of movie that lets you know from the start that it's slyly aware of its own absurdity.
It's formulaic, yet edgy. It's predictable, yet full of surprises. How far you get through this tall tale of a thriller before you give up and howl is a matter of personal taste.
This is not a movie that can bear much postgame scrutiny. The minute you begin to question one element of the plot, gaping holes of logic appear throughout.
The film itself is limited by the material's nature as a brainy exercise and by its narrow focus; individual response will depend upon how tantalized one is by puzzles and games, as well as upon how off-putting one finds the central character, who is center-stage throughout.
The A.V. Club
It's a stylish, cleverly plotted, perpetually unpredictable film with another electric (albeit brief) performance from Penn. So why is it so unaffecting?
It's a cut above the throng of mindless, purported thrillers in which explosions and gun battles replace even rudimentary story telling.
Dallas Observer
In The Game, Fincher pulls back from the total gross-out but sustains a tone of aggravated anxiety. Hitchcock could have done this material and still made its perversities pleasurable.
It also has wild plot holes and requires an almost inhuman suspension of disbelief, but it's still a fun ride up to a point.
Certainly handsome, well made and for most of its running time gripping, the film ultimately turns into a $60-odd-million piffle.

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