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Chicago Sun-Times
The movie's thriller elements are given an additional gloss by the skill of the technical credits, and the wicked wit of the dialogue.
Entertainment Weekly
An intensely exciting puzzle-gimmick thriller, the kind of movie that lets you know from the start that it's slyly aware of its own absurdity.
At times The Game is frustrating to watch, but that's just a measure of how well Fincher succeeds in putting us in his hero's shoes.
Christian Science Monitor
On the surface, The Game is an unusually imaginative thriller that bends its offbeat plot into so many twists that you actually have to pay attention - something few Hollywood movies demand nowadays - to understand its evolution and enjoy the multiple payoffs at the end.
The disappointing ending aside, there is much to enjoy in The Game, a creation with a sheen so highly burnished that sometimes you feel you must look away.
As it's unspooling on screen, the film is hugely entertaining, but there are several significant plot holes that grow wider the more closely they're investigated.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
This sort of flick can be fun, and there are moments here when it is, when a suddenly shifting perspective tosses us for a dizzying loop. Then again, there's such a thing as too much fun and too many moments -- at over two hours, this particular game meanders on way past its welcome.
It's a cut above the throng of mindless, purported thrillers in which explosions and gun battles replace even rudimentary story telling.
By any fair standard, this lushly produced film is a long, bumpy ride to a major letdown.
It also has wild plot holes and requires an almost inhuman suspension of disbelief, but it's still a fun ride up to a point.

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