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Chicago Sun-Times
The training sequences are as they have to be: incredible rigors, survived by O'Neil. They are good cinema because Ridley Scott, the director, brings a documentary attention to them, and because Demi Moore, having bitten off a great deal here, proves she can chew it.
Rolling Stone
Down in the mud with the guys, Moore finds the heart of her character and a career beyond vanity and hype. She's never looked better.
With a strongly visual director, Ridley Scott ("Blade Runner," "Alien", the film really shows what's involved at this level of combat training.
Guts-and-green-beret saga.
People who dismiss Moore and G.I. Jane out of hand are wrong, because she makes a memorably tough heroine and the movie is solid fun, even, in places, quite intelligent.
It's the kind of high energy, fast-paced film where you can guiltlessly root for the heroine to persevere -- but that's all it succeeds at.
San Francisco Examiner
The most refreshing performance is by Mortensen.
This hot-button picture isn't especially well thought-out, but it might be crafty and manipulative enough to rile up audiences.
Austin Chronicle
As a vehicle for Moore's acting abilities (and Mortensen's, for that matter), G.I. Jane is terrific. But as the end-of-summer blockbuster it's doubtless intended to be, it's pretty much a washout.
The A.V. Club
If you're looking for a film that addresses a woman's place in a combat unit, keep waiting. If you want a film where a woman can get big muscles and shoot guns and have her husband still love her, here you are.

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