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A sweet, entertaining retread of an ancient formula, in which opposites attract despite all the forces arrayed to push them apart.
If you want daring or original, Fools Rush In isn't the movie to see. Like 90% of all romantic comedies, it follows a time-honored formula that allows little room for variation.
Perhaps a bit miscast, and with a penchant for too many double-takes, Perry nonetheless is game.
USA Today
Hurried, harried. [14 February 1997, pg.D4]
Chicago Reader
Though the climax of the story is a little forced and sloppy, with both lovers behaving way out of character, this movie is aware enough of the conventions it's using that it's more moving than cloying.
The film never gets past the unlikelihood that its characters have much chance of living happily ever after. Or of finding real heat or humor along the way.
The A.V. Club
The best that can be said is that neither Matthew Perry nor Salma Hayek embarrass themselves, but they're both appealing enough that the same could probably be said if they were starring in a commercial for a hair-replacement system.
A sour romantic comedy that arrives in theaters just in time to spoil Valentine's Day. Its plot is a catalog of unpleasantness. Its characters are repellent.
Christian Science Monitor
Tennant's featherweight comedy is clearly pitched at the date-movie crowd, and couples may enjoy it if they can get past the picture's simplistic ethnic stereotypes and its willingness to wish away every real-life family problem the characters will surely face after the feel-good finale.
This isn't real life. It isn't even a movie. It's an extended sitcom. And for the first time in your life, you'll actually beg for commercials.

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