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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Wesson and Smith are in Brainard's basement trying to steal the Flubber, Smith says something to Wesson and Wesson replies, "What?" But Wesson's lips aren't moving when he says this.

Character error 

The chess board in the kitchen is set up "sideways" - the white corner square should be on the right side.


When the flubber breaks out of Prof Brainard's back pocket it makes a hole. As he is falling out of the window there is no hole in his back pocket
Towards the end of the movie, the pressure gauge on the container holding Flubber reads zero right before the Professor opens it, but the shot before that shows a positive reading.

Crew or equipment visible 

Air bag for catching stuntman is visible when Prof. Brainard falls out a window backwards.

Plot holes 

In movie Prof. Philip is a chemistry teacher but in the starting of the movie when he enters in a wrong class (actually an art class) and starts his lecture, he describes a formula of physics.

Revealing mistakes 

Midway through the film, the scene after Philip comes back home in his flying car and is talking to weebo in his kitchen and telling her how much he loves Sara and weebo is recording it. At some point while Philip is standing up in that scene you can see it's daylight out the window but he has just got back in from the outside being night time, further more to prove it should have been night time outside, he turns off the light to go to sleep and weebo flies outside to go to Sara's home.
At several points when Brainard is talking to Weebo, you can see the bluescreen reflected in his glasses that was used to composite in Weebo's video screen.

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