The Fifth Element (1997) Poster

Plot Keywords

evil stone
future escape
weapon taxi
taxi driver clone
love new york
mission 1910s
water priest
alien fire
spacecraft outrunning explosion
humanoid alien female humanoid alien
broken windows theory terrorist
terrorism escape pod
held at gunpoint ex soldier
genetic engineering exploding ship
rocket tough guy
colonel soldier
gatling gun pistol
french science fiction ancient astronaut
human alien cyborg
futuristic kidnapping
spaceship pyramid
exploding planet hotel
anti hero car chase
military machine gun
rocket launcher extraterrestrial
brooklyn new york city topless female nudity
dystopia bare breasts
futuristic city black u.s. president
satire outer space
fired from the job cyborg redneck
alien invasion gay stereotype
metrosexual orgasm
catholic priest airplane
female nudity black president
race against time pursuit
invasion end of the world
end of mankind cyberpunk
space travel space opera
rescue explosion
epic destiny
1990s timebomb
temple talk show host
street vendor stowaway
special forces spaceport
shower shootout
shapeshifting sex scene
secret passage robot
resort hotel refrigerator
prologue prize
president premarital sex
police raid police chase
poison opera singer
new york city murder
mugging mother son relationship
military veteran ledge
language barrier key
impersonation hostage
good versus evil general
falling from height egypt
double cross cloning
choking blood
bar assault
arms dealer archeologist
androgyny 23rd century
shot to death shot in the foot
wilhelm scream kung fu
cult film futuristic train
train planet
flamethrower concert hall
gene manipulation blockbuster
shot in the forehead mcdonald's restaurant
apocalypse cat
product placement space shuttle
messiah television
desert flying car
egyptology apartment
satellite cockroach
diva wind
martial arts invented language
number in title title spoken by character

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