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Boom mic visible 

In Zorg's office, when he is interrogating Vito Cornelius, near the end of the scene, a boom mic moves slightly in and out of the top left of the frame.

Character error 

In the penultimate scene in the temple, Ruby, unable to light the fire stone because he has no matches, claims that he would have some if he had not quit smoking. However, he is seen smoking earlier in the film, the cigarette being lit by one of his toadies: Ruby has not so much quit smoking as he has, being a galaxy-class VIP, quit lighting his own cigarettes.
When Corben opens the freezer after stuffing the General and his 'henchman' into it, the general blinks just before the door closes, even though he is suppose to be frozen solid.
Zorg's limp switches from his right leg to his left leg and then back again several times throughout the film.


After Rhuby Rhod's first broadcast in the airport interior, the commercial audio for the Gemini Crocket Contest runs in the background. Since Korben has already won, there is no need to keep running this commercial.
When they arrive at the temple Cornelius holds up a stone with the lines going across the bottom of it, Korben takes it, but in the next shot he is holding a stone with lines running up it.
In the scene, where Corban Dallas is taking out the stones from the Diva's body and placing them into his jacket, sleeves on his shirt are alright, but right in the next scene, with this character, sleeves on his shirt are ripped and ragged, completely messed up. Scene, that is explaining, what happened with his sleeves is missing.
We see three Mangalores advance on Korben and Ruby in the first row right after Korben tells Ruby to guard the stones, then we cut to the President's office. When we cut back to Korben he has now shot three Mangalores at the front entrance to the Opera house and the arms of his shirt are now torn. There is no scene detailing what happened to his shirt or the Mangalores.
Zorg negotiates a deal with the Mangalores for some ZF-1 weapons in exchange for the Stones. One of them presses the red button causing a major explosion that would likely kill many of them. However later in the movie at the Phloston Paradise Cruising ship, the same Mangalores appear unhurt except for perhaps the right ear of the leader.
When Leeloo throws the box of stones to Zorg, the box is rotating to the left (as seen from the screen), but after the clip just after the throw, the box is rotating the other way.
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In the beginning at the Egyptian temple while speaking to the Priest, the Professor has his cup in his right hand then a brush then the cup again all while speaking the same sentence.
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Zorg catches the case containing the four stones, and is seen putting it down on the floor next to the door so he can pursue Leeloo. In the next shot, the case has vanished.
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In the scene, when Vito Cornelius tries to convince the president, the actor playing him has a little blood-spot on the right eye (as seen from the camera - it's his left eye actually). Later on - it disappears.
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In the first scene where Zorg is walking, the sound of metal clinking is heard when his right foot hits the ground. After his face is shown, the metal clinking is heard when his left foot hits the ground for the rest of the movie.
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After his first broadcast, Ruby's assistant lights up a cigarette for him. Ruby smokes while his staff is telling him how "green" the show was. When he glance at Korben, the cigarette is still in his left hand.But the next second, he dismiss his whole staff with his left hand, and the cigarette and the smoke emanating from it are both gone.
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General Munro and associates are pushed into a freezer at Korben's apartment and are clearly frozen however later in the film General Munro is seen again. At no point is his unfreezing mentioned in the movie.
When Leeloo falls through the cab roof and Korben has to pull over and puts the cab on "automatic", the word "automatic" on the button is the wrong way down, but later when he pushes the button again to start running from the cops, the writing on the button is almost perfect.
When the Mangalores first bring the box of stones (which turns out to be empty) to Zorg, it shows him lifting the lid. It's obvious there is a frame cut at this point because the scene 'jumps' a bit to the right before he closes the lid again.

Crew or equipment visible 

Reflected in the security window in Korben's cab as he speeds away from the cops and loses the last point on his license.
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When Korben gets into the cab and he opens the "garage door" you can see a grilled light being held by a crewman's hand.
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When Leeloo is exiting the shuttle on the cruise ship, the camera dollies forward and there is a crew member on the left of the screen with a radio. The camera quickly adjusts to remove him from the shot.
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Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

At the spaceport on their way to Fhloston, Korben takes David's ID, looks at it and calls him David when David is impersonating Korben. However, when David shows the fake ID's to Vito, he checks it and says "Korben David Dallas". When Korben shows up to the spaceport he takes David's ID looks at and since he knows David is not his middle name he just assumes his name is David.
When Leeloo has crash landed in Korben's taxi cab, when she looks up through the glass cab panel she has a strand of red hair across her nose and cheek that could be taken for blood, explaining why it "disappears" later.

Plot holes 

After Leeloo has fallen into the taxi and is pleading with Korben for help, she sees a sign that says "Please help" and instantly understands how those two words are pronounced. For her, the alphabet should appear as gibberish and, even if she were able to realize that she was looking at writing and surmise the meaning, she should have had no idea how to pronounce it.
How do the Mangalores find out the stones were on Fhloston? We know Zorg learned of their location by bugging the President's office, but there is no scene showing how the Mangalores came by the same information.

Revealing mistakes 

When Leeloo is standing on the ledge and is being blinded by the police lights she raises her hands right before she jumps. Her hands are very dirty, almost completely black. After that she jumps down, crashes into Korben's cab, and puts her hands against the glass, here you can see her hands are much cleaner. Also her face seems less dirty.
In the very beginning of the movie, right before Leeloo punches through the glass that is supposed to be "unbreakable", you can see that the glass is already cracked and ready to be broken.
When Right Arm explodes in the terminal and the smoke clears, he is still standing in the same place in the same position completely unaffected.
During Plavalaguna's performance, the seams on her prosthetic headpiece are clearly visible in profile shots.
In the first scene, when the Mondoshawans arrive to take the "fifth element" statue in the hidden room, the camera pans up and over the statue to an overhead shot. This statue has apparently been untouched for several hundred years, and would naturally be uniformly dusty. Unfortunately there is an obvious clean human hand print on the top of the statue, presumably from whoever put the statue in place for the shot.
In all shots of Leeloo up to the scene with Cornelius and David where she points out the planet to Cornelius on the monitor, there is a visible mark on her forehead (just above her left eyebrow) - not a dirt mark but an actual physical blemish on Milla Jovovich's head. However, just before the scene changes, it magically vanishes, and never reappears in the remainder of the movie.
Reversed shot of buttons (numbers reversed) in airplane cockpit prior to departure for Fhloston Paradise.
Leeloo's "tattoo" appears in several places throughout the film. When she is standing on the ledge, it is on her left forearm. Later, it switches between her left wrist and her right wrist.
In the final exterior shot of the temple as Mr. Shadow is approaching, the sun is in the background and a shadow falls across the foreground; however there is nothing in between to create the shadow.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

In the beginning of the movie when they are at the temple, the Mondoshawan gets stuck in the door of the secret chamber, however at the end of the movie when they re-enter the temple supposedly 300 years later, the Mondoshawan is completely gone with no trace. But you don't see the entrance to the temple so it is possible it is still there or since it has been about 300 years since the beginning it is possible that the Mondoshawans went back and retrieved their lost friend. Or that David found a way to move the Mondoshawan body when preparing the temple; obviously, he opened the door that originally crushed the Mondoshawan.

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