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Plot Keywords

terrorist bomb
revenge criminal
fbi agent death
coma terrorist group
face transplant teenage girl
domestic terrorism terrorist plot
shootout in a church 1990s
bullet time bullet ballet
gun gun duel
gun battle slow motion scene
brutality violence
gore blood splatter
foot chase boat chase
gunfight mixed martial arts
disarming someone stylized violence
hand to hand combat tough guy
fistfight brawl
warrior action hero
hero infidelity
impersonating a police officer shot in the stomach
death of brother falling to death
shot in the neck jumping through a window
thrown through a window child in peril
woman punching a man talking to one's self in a mirror
sulfuric acid electrocution
burned alive kicked in the crotch
kicked in the chest punched in the face
deception magnet
voice impersonator bandaged face
scar doppelganger
burned with a cigarette bare chested male
pierced nose mother daughter relationship
shot in the chest shotgun
vendetta shooting a police officer
held at gunpoint man punching a woman
character repeating someone else's dialogue golden gun
counter terrorism impersonating a priest
machine gun pistol
scene during opening credits arch villain
nemesis man with glasses
murder of a police officer pistol whip
tragic event disfigured face
falling through a glass roof role reversal
beach transformation
tech noir sociopath
sexual assault regret
reconstructive surgery private jet
photograph new identity
narcissism mother son relationship
airplane hangar guilt
flashback explosion
drugged drink dove
disguise cult director
carousel brother sister relationship
airport face ripped off
wedding ring undercover agent
sniper rifle self mutilation
maximum security prison kidnapping
interrogation identity theft
identity crisis hospital
drug dealer criminal gang
villain played by lead actor identity swap
brother brother relationship swat team
mass murder husband wife relationship
neo noir good versus evil
funeral black comedy
stabbed in the leg gash in the face
shot to death shot in the leg
shot in the head shot in the forehead
shot in the foot shot in the ear
shot in the back shot in the arm
severed face severed ear
falling from height exploding boat
cigarette smoking body swap
blood plastic surgery
airplane crash blockbuster
cocaine helicopter
female doctor shootout
moral ambiguity spear gun
terrorism escape from prison
balisong father son relationship
looking at one's self in a mirror murder
switchblade psychopath
showdown los angeles california
child murder church
gun fu dysfunctional family
father daughter relationship mexican standoff
martial arts tragedy
death of son death of child
title spoken by character

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