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Teen angst is funny
AlbinoAl5 April 2005
A film that I'd never heard of and chanced upon by accident, Eight Days a Week deserves to be a mainstay of teen cinema in the same way that John Hughes' eighties work is.

Joshua Schaeffer has just the right balance of geek and cool individualism to pull off a character that could very easily fall into stalker territory and R.D. Robb is excellent as his sex-obsessed sidekick; keeping what could very easily become a caricature grounded in reality. The supporting cast of oddballs never overshadow the main story, but equally don't feel like padding as we learn more about their slightly kooky lives.

It's a shame that films like this go unnoticed in a world where much more crass attempts at summing up teenage life (complete with thirty year old actors) can become box office hits.
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A little gem
Nick Dets12 August 2002
Michael Davis hits the nail right on the head when it comes to the complexities of the teen mind, mainly focusing on lust (on the lighter side), sexual frustration and determination.

It takes place during the last free summer of a likable teen (a great Josh Schaffer). Inspired from a tale his grandpa Nono tells him, he sets out to win the affection of his life-long crush Erica (Keri Russell)by spending every minute of his summer on her front lawn. His task is not easy, as he must confront her bully boyfriend Nick (Johnny Green) and earn some respect from his father.

There is rather brilliant writing and direction by Michael Davis with characters who are all complex in their own way and great acting to match them (R.D. Robb steals the show in an ingenious performance).

There are some misfired jokes such as scenes involving an overly religious girl who plays with nun dolls (not offensive, just not very funny).

Nonetheless, 8 DAYS A WEEK is a little gem from Davis who unfortunately didn't match success with 2000's 100 GIRLS.
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an 8 for eight days a week
gilbynziggy27 March 2004
this is a very good movie, i thought it would be so pathetic and stupid though for the longest time, so i never rented it. but peter is an adorable, "real-life" character, and erica is okay too. i love that matt is devoted to his friend, but it would have been better if matt had been gay, with peter as his love intrest. the music is sub-par, and nothing special, but not detestingly bad or anything. a great coming of age movie for anyone. this movie is truly 6 or 7 seven years before its time. i don't know how this movie did in the box office or anything since i was merely 10 when it came into theaters but if it were to come out now it would be an enormous success. sad thing is that that is the last thing, tv or movie that josh schaeffer (peter) ever did, i wonder why? but anyway i whole-hearted suggest and recommend this movie to anyone not sure to rent it or buy or what-not. VERY-VERY GOOD! and i thought that it would be bad because it had keri russell in it, how wrong i was... you won't regret it, watch it!
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Not my type of movie but I loved it
Boyo-219 March 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I wouldn't read the rest of this if you did not see the movie.

I am much closer to the parents' ages in this movie. Not that that in itself means I am the wrong audience for this movie, but let's say I am not the target demographic either.

Nevertheless, the movie was very funny, very touching and I ended up loving it, despite some missteps along the way.

Peter is a self-proclaimed 'spaz' who is pining away for the beauty across the street, Erica. He vows to spend all his time under her bedroom window in order to win her love. The neighborhood is filled with colorful characters, beginning in Peter's house with his Grandfather who gives Peter the inspiration to follow his dream. His best friend lives nearby, too, but he is mostly consumed with his fantasies of sex. One of the neighbors works for the FBI and circles the block several times before parking. There is the stereotyped 'crazy' neighborhood lady, who eats in the car, mows the lawn at night and does gardening in her scuba mask and mouthpiece. There are neighborhood kids and enough to keep Peter occupied until Erica dumps the jerk (he is needlessly disgusting) she is currently dating.

As the movie progresses, there are many hysterically funny scenes (Peter talks at length about Erica's body, down to the smallest detail), some touching ones (when Peter tells the crazy lady what the neighbors say about her, she has a good reason for the things she does - eats in the car because the radio reception is better, mows the lawn at night due to the humidity) and some stupid ones (his Grandfather passes away & Peter is suspicious of another neighbors' habit of dragging heavy bags in and out of his house). It all comes together in the end, Peter grows up and gets the girl.

To say this was better than I was expecting is a huge understatement. I was happy to spend 90 minutes on Peter's block with him & the neighbors.
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One of the greatest Obscure Teen Comedies out there!
kmccance019 August 2002
This is a wonderful yet obscure teen romantic comedy. If you can even call it that. I do not remember how I came across it, but ever since I have looked everywhere to find it. Finally I did, and I have watched it WAY to many times, and I laugh hard every time.
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A hidden gem of a movie
Joel14 December 2007
I saw this movie for the first time on Comedy Central while I awoke from being passed out on my bed one night, and I didn't exactly know what to expect... that's especially good if you haven't seen a movie.

Anyway, I've heard a lot of reviews about this movie. Some ranging from good reviews saying that this is "The thinking-man's American Pie," to bad reviews stating that this has already been done. Say what you will about this movie. Unlike that other movie, however, there is dialog in the right places, likable characters, and most important of all, an actual plot... Keri Russell as the female lead didn't hurt matters either.

This movie is an underrated classic that I think everyone should see just once.

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For the most part good, but the ending was unrealistic.
Aaron13759 April 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is about a guy that is in love with a gal and decides to impress her by standing outside her house until she decides to give him a chance. This leads to him observing different aspects of the neighborhood and it does lead to him and the girl talking more. His friend, unfortunately, ends up feeling neglected because this is their last summer together and his friend is just standing on a lawn. He even watches kids to pass the time. For the most part this movie was pretty funny and there were some interesting characters to watch. The main problem I had with the movie was the ending. Spoilers ahead***The ending to me just played out a bit to happily. In the end it wasn't very realistic as the girl nine times out of ten usually never goes with the guy that really cares about them, but rather the dumb jerk, especially at that age...so a better ending might be the guy finding a gal that was more in tune with him.
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unique, and funny - see it
joeyboi3 August 2002
i saw Eight Days a Week one night late on HBO, and I thought it was really funny. I liked the way jokes were presented and narrated by the main character Peter who has sort of a dry sense of humor. I recommend this to any teenager, also if you like this movie you must see 100 Girls, which in my opinion is almost a rip off,(although also good) of Eight Days a week with a few more twists in it. See this movie.
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This is the Breakfast Club of my generation
gphunk1723 April 2003
I don't know what to say. I woke up one Sunday morning, and my roommate yelled at me to watch it with him. I'm glad I did. It was fantastic.

Some criticize the director of not knowing what teens think about, and that he's out of touch with the youth. Dubious. In my high school years, my friends and I made Raquel Welch and Julie Newmar as our mascots, and had frequent debates over who was the best James Bond. It reminded me of high school, and more specifically my Senior year.

In conclusion, this movie was fantastic, and reminded me a lot of better days. I highly suggest this movie for anyone. I'd feel comfortable watching this with my parents. It's just a shame that it's so hard to find.
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Toxie2k26 November 2003
This is one of my all time favourite films, not just because its got a great (although not totally original) plot but also because it manages to inspire at the same time.

This is one of the films that made me want to make films...

I can't see me ever going to the effort that Peter did to get Erica, but anyone who's ever loved someone can understand it :)
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Not too bad
stormont15 July 2002
Well, I got out of the shower today and felt like watching a movie. It just happened that this was JUST coming on. I've never heard of it before this and I kinda wish I would cause it is an excellent film. Peter reminds me alot of me in some ways. The sex crazy friend kinda got on my nerves after awhile but I lived. I recommend this movie to anyone who has not seen it yet.
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something a bit surreal here.
Bruno Morphet29 March 2001
There's something quite surreal about Eight Days. The 'burb that Peter lives in seems just a bit too perfectly constructed, the lawns are greener than green, and the personalities just that bit larger than life, however I think that was the intention, and it works. I loved the scenes of Peter musing to himself as he lies on his back outside Erica's window hoping to lure her out on to her balcony. What young man hasn't been through this stage of slavish devotion to an icon of the opposite sex? The casting is also great, with Joshua Schaefer making a perfect choice as Peter. He displays none of the ham-fisted self-consciousness reminiscent of other actors his age or younger, and handles the role with effortless charm, endearing himself to the viewer more and more as the film progresses. I didn't laugh a hell of a lot at the script , but that didn't shake my enjoyment of it, as I think the film is more a light hearted comment on adolescence than an "American Pie" style gag-athon.
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Immature and predictable
Film LA17 October 1998
A pointless excuse for a feature film, "Eight Days A Week" has just about nothing going for it at all. The characters, story, and directorial style seem to be borrowed from a Nickelodeon sitcom - the only difference being the barrage of masturbation and sex jokes that have been awkwardly interjected to make the film "hip". Save your time and money.
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exactly you normal teem sex movie
slverbulet719 December 2006
Simply awful. It's a lot like all the other stupid teen sex movies, except that it doesn't have: A) A really hot chick B) A funny actor C) Shame

Most of these movies carry a bit of shame. They know what they are. This movie had all the signs of poor writers who wrote for poor minds. Unless they sincerely thought they did a good job (which I doubt), the makers of the movie were banking on stupid teens. No, there's not something that's over my head. No, narration does not mean the movie is deep. The media has done enough to make sex meaningless, yet still potent enough in absence to destroy self esteem and reputations. Some of these movies are funny though. For an obvious example, American Pie. Like it or not, the movie had funny people in it. It was fresh (to some extent). It was better.

Why why why would anybody want to watch this? I'd rather sit through A Clockwork Orange torture.

And what's the deal with the characters being like 14 years old?
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Kiki-710 August 2000
This movie tried to be three different films in one, all of them terrible. At least it succeeded in being terrible. Painful to watch, completely unrealistic and incredibly asinine. Forget the fact that the plot is totally ridiculous, the characters have nothing interesting, original or creative about them and the humor is sophomoric at best, why should the audience care about a character who is so stupid, he'd waste an entire summer (three months!!!!!!!) sleeping in someone's yard to gain the attention of a girl as vapid as Keri Russell (who brings absolutely nothing to her role.)

Unfortunately, Keri Russell seems to have made a number of rancid films before torturing us all in Felicity, and like dead bodies, one by one, they're beginning to surface.

And I'm not sure how old the writer/director is, but teenagers in this day and age don't make pop-culture references such as Barbara Feldon in Get Smart, Julie Newmar in Batman (unless they're budding drag queens) and quibble over 60s & 70s Bond Films and which Beatle they'd rather be.
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Even with eight days a week life is still to short...
JohnnyChill10 January 2000
Calling this movie bad is being far too nice to it. It's like calling Jack the Ripper a heart surgeon. I cannot say enough mean things about it. It actually gave me a headache. How Writer/Director Davis (II) managed to get this film classified as a 'comedy' is beyond me. Calling it a 'war film' would have been just as inaccurate. I would criticize it more but it has wasted too much of my time already.
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A boring "love" endurance story
Mihai Toma30 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Peter loves Erica very much. So much that he's willing to do anything to prove it. Advised by his grandfather, he decides to spend all summer, against all odds, in front of her house. That's pretty much it. We follow him day by day, spying on neighbors, listening to his sexually obsessed friend, being bullied by Erica's boyfriend and wasting time in various modes just to impress the girl of his dreams.

It's a simple plot which frankly becomes boring very soon. I liked the idea of camping in a girl's yard but just staying there without almost any result and confronting all kinds of problems makes you think if the boy is truly mentally healthy. Furthermore, the most anticipated ending finally occurs but it comes out of nowhere. I was expecting something progressive, but from the beginning she isn't "bothered" at all by his presence in her yard and enjoys her life with her boyfriend when all of a sudden, in the last day, the "miracle" takes place! Wow! I can't tell you how impressed I am…

I wanted to like this movie but the fact that it was so dull, rarely funny and sometimes boring made me change my mind. It could have been so much better!
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close to being good
SnoopyStyle30 May 2016
Peter is utterly infatuated with his longtime neighbor Erica (Keri Russell). With 3 months left before she goes to an east coast college, his grandfather Nonno urges him to go for it. He decides to stay on her front lawn. She tells him that she wants to be "just friends". His best friend Matt is obsessed with self-pleasure even with a watermelon. She is going out with the bully Nick. Peter waits day after day on her front lawn as he observes the neighborhood.

This reminds me a little of American Pie with masturbating inside food. It also tries to be a sweet coming-of-age movie. The two aspects do clash. On the one hand, Keri Russell has a wet T-shirt scene and Peter pontificates about her breast. On the other hand, it's a sugary sweet puppy love story. The old lady's revelations are really compelling but Michael Davis sometimes goes down a cheesy kiddie movie road. Joshua Schaefer is good as the lead but his narrations should be trim down. Finally, R.D. Robb is not funny enough to be the comedic best friend.
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Cute Keri Russell, before 'Felicity.'
TxMike10 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When the 'Felicity' TV series was playing back in the late 1990s my wife and I were fans, at least for a couple of years. Keri Russell is so cute, and several other good actors have gone on to TV and movie careers. This movie, 'Eight Days a Week', borrowed from the Beatles song of the same name, was apparently filmed right before Russell became a hot item. Lately she has appeared in several movies, in supporting roles.

Here Russell is Erica, just out of high school, and planning to go off to college in the fall. Her neighbor is Peter (Josh Schaefer, who has dropped out of sight) who has always had a romantic crush on Erica since they were kids, but skinny and geeky looking, was no match for her jock boyfriend. But gramps convinces Peter that if you really want something, especially in love, you have to go out ad get it. Inspired by a story of his ancestor, Peter decides to live in Erica's front yard 24/7 until she realizes that she loves him also.

R.D. Robb as the over-sexed Matt provides comic relief, but also makes this movie unsuitable for most teenagers. There is graphic discussion of anatomy and sex acts. The movie deserves its 'R' rating. However, it is a cute story of a boy trying to get the girl of his dreams.
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Smart and Funny
LRoibal27 June 2002
I'm not sure I would trust Michael Davis alone with my wife or daughter, but I'm really starting to trust him to write a smart funny script, and direct a quality film on a shoe string. I like the Rear Window type concept to concentrate on the neighborhood charaters. Also, I want to mention that for an independent film, the quality of the lighting was very good. In fact, there is so much in this film that is good that it makes me wonder what Michael Davis could do with a larger budget. Here's hoping we all get to find out. (and I was just kidding about the wife and daughter thing)
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LarryCWilson22 August 1999
This film is funny, poignant, and most important, witty. It is that element of wit that distinguishes it from its multitude of cousins in the "coming-of-age" genre. I have not seen Ms. Russell's TV show, but I would not be surprised to learn that it is her present popularity in that medium which is driving this film's release. Why? Because this sort of slightly off-kilter film (cf. Lawn Dogs) often doesn't do too well in theatrical release. Hope that doesn't sound/read elitist, because it is definitely not meant to be read that way.
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Very Funny Film
Watcher-3721 August 1999
I watched this film last night and I was roaring my head off as the adventures of the lead character got more and more out there in his pursuit of his life long love, played by the very scrumptious Keri Russell. The exploits of the guy's best friend in his search for self satisfaction were unbelievably funny, and this movie turned in to quite a nice viewing surprise.
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Surprise!! we have a hit!
Dave19 August 1999
I have to tell you, when I picked up this tittle at the local blockbuster I was really starting to wonder if i should put it back, but because i had nothing else to watch i rented it anyway. Im glad i did, this movie is marvelous, and quite funny. its suprising this came from a writer who also wrote the stinker Double Dragon. Trust me at the end of this movie you start to believe that anything can be achieved :)
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Quirky but Good!
IcyBlue17 August 1999
When I first started watching this movie, I was a bit disappointed. But as I got into it, I started to like it more and more. It was definitely not a formula comedy. The comedy compares to the New Jersey Trilogy (Mallrats, Chasing Amy & Clerks). And it's funny!! Who would NOT melt to have a guy stick out the summer under your window? I strongly recommend this movie!!
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A wonderful surprise
jmljd30 January 2002
By complete accident, I stumbled across this very funny film. I had never heard of it, nor have I seen any of the other works by the director (who was also given writing credit). However, I recommend this movie to anyone like me! Let me begin by saying that I am a 30ish professional with the unenviable ability to remember most all of the movie lines from every movie I've ever enjoyed (and a few that are too painful to forget). True to form, after seeing this only once, I have been remembering quips and comments from this movie all day, and I can't help but laugh. Just as the movie A Christmas Story helped me remember my boyish state-of-mind and my first B-B gun, this movie helped me remember my awkward teens and joys of trying to unravel the mystery of girls. Also, I remember this notion of contemplating these overt and extravagant romantic gestures that were reminiscent of Shakespeare that were supposed to make the ladies swoon. Of course by today's standards the film's hero would be called a stalker! Even still, this was a wonderful surprise. It starts unpersumptively and grows on you until you are so interested (in this movie that didn't look interesting or may have looked out of your age group) that you can't stop watching or laughing. The best friend, the a**hole boyfriend, the crazy lady, the charming grandfather, and, lest we forget, the spirit of some Italian forefather add to the cast to remind you of people you know or people you would like to know. I'm sure I'll be talking about this for weeks to come, but all I can think is that I can't wait to see it again!
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