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  • Dana Howard is about to marry her long-time partner Alex (Michael Brandon) when she meets Sean Elias (Stephen Dillane). Dana and Sean immediately fall in love and are faced with having to tear their lives apart -- Dana calling off her marriage and Sean breaking up his 10 year marriage -- in order to pursue what may be just a passing fancy. The story becomes even more complicated when Dana meets a woman in a cafe in Tel Aviv who relates the story of her first love and then disappears before Dana can return a special pin that she let Dana try on. When Dana attempts to find the woman in order to return the pin, the pin's origin becomes more and more mysterious.

  • Déjà Vu is based on a screenplay by husband and wife film-makers, Henry Jaglom (who also directed the movie) and Victoria Foyt, who also stars as the main character, Dana Howard.

  • Déjà Vu is a French phrase meaning "already seen." It describes a sensation, experienced by many people, that they have seen or been someplace before even when they are sure that they haven't.

  • The unnamed woman (Aviva Marks) tells Dana how she met an American soldier when she was a young girl in France. To show his love for her, the soldier had two pins specially designed. When he returned to the U.S., promising to send for her, she gave him one of the pins, saying that she would never wear them together until they were reunited. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and he never sent for her. Instead, he married someone else, as did she. However, she still wears the one pin in memory of the love of her life.

  • Dana gets a telephone call from her mother in Los Angeles, telling her that her father has been taken to the hospital with chest pain, so Dana and Alex leave London and rush home to be with her parents. On the day of her wedding, Dana's father (Graydon Gould) gives her a wedding present -- a pin that she immediately recognizes as the matching pin to the one that the French lady left behind. Dana tells him that she knows the story behind the pin and asks him whether he ever regretted not marrying the woman for whom he had the pin made. He replies, "A week hasn't gone by, since I last saw her last, that I haven't thought of her." Knowing that she will suffer the same fate if she does not seize her chance with Sean, Dana returns to London and surprises Sean, who has also ended his marriage, by showing up at his studio. They embrace, then Dana notices that he has finished painting a portrait he was just starting when they first met. Dana recognizes the woman in the portrait as the woman she met in Tel Aviv. Even more astonishingly, she is wearing the pins. "That's my mother," says Sean. "I met your mother?" Dana asks, incredulously. Sean replies, "No. My mother has been dead for 15 years." In the final scene, Dana and Sean are together in Paris, walking across a rainy street towards the Eiffel Tower. Dana is now wearing both pins.


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