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An FBI agent meets up with a mysterious hitman during an undercover operation.

Author: FISK-2 from Jersey City, NJ
3 April 1999

Double Tap was a film relegated to HBO's cheesy Friday night premieres and that's a shame because it deserved so much more. It stars Heather Locklear (!), no I did not stutter, as a FBI agent involved in a sting operation who gets caught in the middle of a hitman's grocery list, seemingly he's taking down all the drug dealers in town. Along for the ride is Kevin Gage and Mykelti Williamson from Heat and the great Peter Greene. What distinguishes this effort is its terse dialogue, vivid characterizations, and stylish camera moves (loved the score by Moby). Double Tap should be held as a model for what a B movie low on cash but high on content can do. And Premiere magazine liked Montana, ha! This is the real deal folks.

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Lawnmower man!

Author: adrian-15 from Netherlands
3 November 1998

It doesn't sound like much. A direct-to-video flick with a generic title, starring Heather Locklear. However, Stephen Rea -not the type of actor you would expect in this kind of movie- gives a full-fledged characterization of a hit-man with a conscience and idiosyncratic habits (and I don't mean the double tap to the head of each of his victims; his other skills include gardening...). His relationship with the FBI agent played by Heather Locklear rings true. Add to this a flamboyant directorial style and a good soundtrack, and you get one of the better B movies of the year. Rating: 7.

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Definitely worth watching

Author: warp96 from San Diego
19 June 2001

This film was a pleasant surprise to watch. Heather Locklear was realistic and hot as the tough FBI agent with an introspective demeanor. She shows her range, with performances from this film to the cheesy Melrose Place. However, really, do FBI agents actually look like her and Gillian Anderson? The plot was believable and fast-paced, with Stephen Rea as the methodical/conscientious/efficient thug-killer. Some of his hits were pretty imaginative. The score could have been better, as well as the supporting cast. 7 out of 10.

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My new favorite movie!

Author: Leathur from Silicon Valley, CA
2 February 1999

Great visual production. Heather Locklear should play more roles like this - she's good. Stephen Rhea is one of my fav actors, as well. I love "hit man" movies and this one rates right up there.

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Hit man with heart of gold, teams up with hot FBI agent

Author: maibee from New York, New York
7 December 1998

This movie is a must for all Stephen Rea and Heather Locklear fans. Heather is great as a ultra cool FBI agent and you're rooting for Steve the whole flick. What a pair.

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As we always say, don't try to be "cool", try to be good.

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
17 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

FBI Agents Hanson, Hamilton, Burke, and Rodriguez (Locklear, Williamson, Gage, and LaSardo, respectively) are a tight-knit force that tend to hole up in an abandoned warehouse (where else?) as they fight the baddies. Hanson is a fearless undercover agent who likes jigsaw puzzles. A new wrinkle comes into all their lives in the form of Cypher (Rea), a hit-man who has not one, but two signatures to his killings: he shoots them twice in the head (i.e., he "double taps" them), and he leaves a white rabbit's foot by the body. He's also heavily into lawn care. As the lives of Hanson and Cypher draw inexorably together, other complications arise in the forms of Nash (Greene), Ulysses (Howard), Escobar (Martinez) and Fischer (Edson). Will the team of agents bring down Cypher - and should they? Or will a bunch of people end up dead and stuff? Find out...? There were a lot of movies like this in the later 90's. It seems like practically every other movie on a video store shelf from approximately 1997-2000 was a about hit men, gangsters, or both. In the post-Tarantino landscape, DTV producers figured they could make movies like his on the cheap - and why not, all he was doing was recycling earlier ideas as well. Enter Underworld (1996), Suicide Kings (1997), A Better Way to Die (2000), Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane (1998), Truth or Consequences, N.M. (1997), Double Deception (2001), Killing Time (1998), Sworn Enemies (1996), and on and on, ad nauseam. You know the type of movie we're thinking of - leave a comment if you can think of some more. Well, Double Tap is one of those. Despite the presence of a practically ALL B-movie star cast, this boat is taking on water and sinking quickly. Lone Tiger syndrome strikes yet again.

And because it was the late 90's, clearly the movie had to be "edgy". It was a time of Mountain Dew commercials with radically awesome snowboarders jumping out of helicopters as they slammed their 'Dew. (For those who don't know, you slam a Dew, you do not drink a Mountain Dew). In this context, we now have Heather Locklear at a scuzzy porn theater, sitting in front of the screen and smoking crack. Hooray. Load it all up with a bunch of unnecessary and pretentious "stylistic choices" like crazy cuts, freeze frames, breaking up the movie into chapters with titles, etc. Though it was nice to see Locklear in an atypical role like this, she's a classic case of cognitive dissonance - while she certainly does not look like Hillary Clinton, her voice is a dead ringer for Clinton's. It's odd to hear that voice come out of the beautiful Locklear. You think at any moment she's going to flatly, loudly intone something about Bill or "what difference does it make?" But Locklear is just one of many in this ensemble cast, and we believe the show was stolen by someone else. ..

It was also nice to see LaSardo in a good-guy role, which is rare for him. He gets more screen time than usual, and he makes the most of it. This is truly top-notch LaSardo. One of the main draws of the movie is Stephen Rea, also in an unusual role. (does this movie only exist so the filmmakers can brag about some low-grade stunt casting?) Peter Greene plays essentially the same role as he did in the aforementioned Sworn Enemies, and Terrance Howard is a drug dealer or something. While there is no Locklear-Fu or Rea-Fu, there is plenty of shooting and a few blow-ups. The cast does what they can, but its vibe is off-kilter to the point of off-putting, and it has a junky feel to it, and on top of all that, it loses steam a lot. We would say it loses focus, but we're not sure there was ever any focus to lose. But further reinforcing the 90's vibe is the fact that the score is by Moby. Apparently Goldie or Tricky weren't available. They must have been making B.U.S.T.E.D. (1999) and City of Industry (1997), respectively.

We were expecting more - a lot more - from director Yaitanes, who had previously directed Comeuppance favorite Hard Justice (1995). We thought teaming him with Stephen Rea and an all B-Movie star cast would equal gold. Not so much. We didn't think he'd have to trowel over the cracks in the script with a bunch of wacky editing and cinematic trickery. As we always say, don't try to be "cool", try to be good. Double Tap has, to date, never received a U.S. DVD release. We think we know why.

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Excellent movie Stephen Rea is Compelling as Cypher

Author: Lisa Mccall ( from Liberty, SC
20 February 2002

I love this movie.Stephen Rea is wonderful as Cypher.Very Intense. I watched this movie one night and couldn't get it out of my mind. This movies deserves much more credit than it got.Heather also was an asset to this film.

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Unexpected 1:00AM thriller

Author: sine99 from Troy, NY
12 November 1999

So I came back after a fulfilling Thursday night, only to sit down for one of the best movies I've seen (regardless of the budget) in quite some time. Locklear fits the role to a tee...and this is coming from a guy whose mother tortured him by watching General Hospital after baseball practice EVERY SINGLE time! Rae demonstrates a keen role that made me shiver and relate at the same time. Even the cinematography was exceptional. A little over the edge at times with the one-liners, this mind-game of a flick still let's you laugh at the dark-humored, though deeply plotted, script. If you're going to watch this, watch it for the dialogue as much as you watch it for the action...and Heather, that's a really neat tatoo... <3

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Good idea with unrealized potential

Author: George Parker from Orange County, CA USA
23 June 2002

"Double Tap" asks the question: Can a beautiful deep cover FBI agent (Locklear) fall for a shadowy hitman (Rea) with scruples? This, the film's premise, has potential which is mostly lost in a morass of Hollyweird window dressing including jerky jump cuts, unnecessary blends, strange music, over acting, cheap atmospherics, etc. with little attention paid to story coherence and character development. Bottom line: "Double Tap" is little more than an fodder for those in the mood for some noirish crime drama on late night TV.

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Over stylized, self-righteous garbage

Author: J_Sucre
9 October 2002

This movie is horrible. It is over stylized with ridiculous jump cuts and flashbacks. The plot is non existent and the acting is horrible. The only entertaining thing about it is Peter Greene, because he is Peter Greene.

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