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Season 2

2 Nov. 1999
The Gift
Searching for a gift for his mother, Dilbert is desperate enough to go to the mall, which holds bad memories for him: when he was a child his father abandoned him there.
9 Nov. 1999
The Shroud of Wally
After having a near-death experience, Dilbert has trouble getting his benefits reinstated. He also begins to question the meaning of life. Meanwhile, Wally is worshiped as a god by a group of marketing students.
16 Nov. 1999
Dilbert is assigned the task of creating art in order to make money for the company. His market testing indicates that people like blue ducks, so he makes one with his computer.
23 Nov. 1999
The Trial
Because his life is so boring, Dilbert's blood is safe for donation. He donates a few pints, but one of them falls out a window and is used to him to jail for murder.
7 Dec. 1999
The Dupey
The company creates marketing buzz about something called a "Dupey". Dilbert is put in charge of creating the new sensation. Unfortunately, his creation takes a life of its own.
18 Jan. 2000
The Security Guard
Dilbert and a security guard bet that they can do each other's job for the day. Each one of them does fine in the other's position, but Dilbert runs into trouble when he discovers an underground casino being run in the building.
25 Jan. 2000
The Merger
In order to help spend excess money, the boss concocts a scheme to merge the company with another. Dogbert is called in as a consultant.
1 Feb. 2000
Dilbert genetically engineers the "tomeato" to end world hunger. The company hates the idea, but Dilbert thinks it can help the famine-ridden country of Elbonia.
8 Feb. 2000
The Off-Site Meeting
Dilbert's neighbors get an elephant and annoy him by building a large tree house that is perched directly over his roof. Dilbert must settle the issue before his co-workers arrive for an off-site meeting at his house.
15 Feb. 2000
The Assistant
Dilbert meets an incompetent former co-workers and discovers that he has made it big working for another company. As a result, the engineers find out there are other opportunities for them. To trick them into staying, management gives Dilbert an assistant.
22 Feb. 2000
The Return
Dilbert buys a computer over the Internet. He has it sent to work, but the delivery that the boss signs for is not what Dilbert ordered. When he calls to complain, he discovers that his own company provides support for the complaint line.
30 May 2000
The Virtual Employee
When Dilbert learns of all the bureaucratic red tape involving disposal of obsolete equipment, he, Alice, Wally, Asok, and Loud Howard become desperate to find a place to store theirs. A chat with Young Zeke Who Takes Really Bad Care of Himself reveals that there is an empty cubicle. But when Catbert, the evil director of Human Resources, catches wind of what they're doing, they are forced to create a virtual employee, Todd, who becomes a huge success in the company.
6 Jun. 2000
Dilbert creates a small rocket in order to search for intelligent life. The rocket collects alien DNA as well as samples from a hillbilly, a cow, and an engineer. On its return flight, the rocket crashes and impregnates Dilbert.
13 Jun. 2000
The Delivery
Dilbert examines his ultrasound and wants a second opinion. When he discovers that he isn't going to get medical benefits for his pregnancy, Dilbert tries to sell his story in order to raise money and a media frenzy ensues.
11 Jul. 2000
Company Picnic
Dilbert must attend the company picnic and play as pitcher in the annual softball game between the engineering division and the marketing division.
18 Jul. 2000
The Fact
Dogbert writes a book entitled "Chronic Cubicle Syndrome". The boss see the best-seller as a chance to come up with a new product.
25 Jul. 2000
After coming under scrutiny for unethical business practices, the company sends the employees for mandatory ethics training. Of course, management does not have to attend even though it is behind the major ethical violations.

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