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The Devil's Advocate is a sharp, suspenseful and completely satisfying movie.
Written with brio and staged rousingly by director Taylor Hackford, the film is good, kitschy fun -- after all, how can you hate a movie that casts litigators as the new legions of Lucifer?
Entertainment Weekly
Embarrassingly entertaining.
The Devil's Advocate is a highly-enjoyable motion picture that's part character study, part supernatural thriller, and part morality play.
It is not a serious film about its subject, nor is it quite a dark comedy, despite some of Pacino's good lines. The epilogue, indeed, cheats in a way I thought had been left behind in grade school. And yet there are splendid moments.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The Devil's Advocate is a dull morality tale, but a number of bright moments come courtesy of the Prince of Darkness.
Christian Science Monitor
Taylor Hackford's thriller makes a mischievous assault on today's legal system, but its points would be more telling if the story didn't veer so often into needless sensationalism and eye-catching effects.
Call it "Rosemary's Nephew." Or, simply call The Devil's Advocate a muddled metaphysical thriller that takes a small eternity to engage the observer with its flimsy characters and its tired special effects.
This supremely silly supernatural potboiler is slickly entertaining for just under two hours and absolutely hilarious for 10 minutes near the end.
Devil's Advocate is such a bloated, gargantuan, and ultimately tasteless juggernaut of a film that it manages to achieve a righteously cheesy splendor.

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