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Michael Connelly wanted Matthew McConaughey for the role of Mickey based on his performance in Tropic Thunder (2008).
Matthew McConaughey became a spokesman for Lincoln cars in 2014.
Exists in the same universe as Blood Work (2002) and Bosch (2014).
Marisa Tomei and William H. Macy have previously played together in Wild Hogs (2007). In both movies, Tomei played a character named Maggie while Macy played one named Frank.
In "The Crossing" (2015), a Bosch novel by Michael Connelly that also features Haller, it's remarked that "He [Mick Haller] had received the ultimate imprimatur of L.A. acceptance - a movie about one of his cases starring no less than Matthew McConaughey." Furthermore, Haller was also asked by a reporter "if he had been in touch with Matthew McConaughey and if there would be a sequel to the Lincoln Lawyer film. Haller said he didn't know."
Mickey Haller also makes an appearance in the Michael Connelly novel "Nine Dragons" (2009, Bosch series). In one scene of that book a suspect claims that Matthew McConaughey can provide an alibi for him.
In the Mick Haller novel "The Fifth Witness" (2011) by Michael Connelly, a producer talks making a film about the case, and offers a suggestion who should play Haller: "I was thinking of going to Matthew McConaughey with this. He'd be excellent."
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The house used as Matthew McConaughey's character Mick Haller's house in The Lincoln Lawyer is 3104 Minnesota Street, Los Angeles. Immediately across the road is 3101 Minnesota Street, which was used as Ryan Gosling's character Willy Beachum's house in Fracture.
Matthew McConaughey (Mick Haller) says "alright alright alright" in the scene near the end where he gets a parking ticket (he says it in a different intonation from the famous phrase from Dazed and Confused).
In the scene where Matthew McConaughey and William H. Macy are drinking in the bar: after McConaughey leaves with Marisa Tomei, Macy utters the line "No-no, I got this. I insist". Steve Zahn says the same line under similar circumstances to McConaughey in the film 'Sahara' in which William H. Macy plays Zahn and McConaughey's boss.
In "The Gods of Guilt" (2013), another Mick Haller novel by Michael Connelly, Haller mentions that a film about "a Lincoln lawyer" has been made, causing an increase in popularity of Town Cars among the judicial practitioners. Neither the storyline, nor the lead actor are specified.
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Matthew McConaughey also played a defense attorney in the 1996 film, A Time To Kill, along side Samuel L. Jackson and Sandra Bullock.
In "The Scarecrow" (2009), a crime thriller written by Michael Connolly, the main character, journalist Jack McEvoy, claims that a year earlier he had written a series of stories about a lawyer who worked out of the back of a Lincoln Town Car, while a client worked off his fees by driving him around. This is a clear reference to "The Lincoln Lawyer".
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Frances Fisher began filming her scenes in LA the day after she finished filming for Sedona (2011) on July 28th, 2010.
The film cast includes two Oscar winners: Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei; and two Oscar nominees: William H. Macy and Bryan Cranston.
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Mick Haller is also a character in the novel "Wrong Side of Goodbye" by Michael Connelly.
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