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excellent movie

Author: blackattack from United States
5 February 2009

I watched this movie at like 4 in the morning and let me tell you... I ended up staying up to watch it while it was on again like four hours later.

I think that everyone in this movie is just so beautifully cast. you have don diamont playing the dark yet handsome older guy who becomes attracted to rachel leigh cook who despite being younger can really hold her own. George C. Scott breaks hearts as the strict but loving grandpa who would do anything to help his granddaughter. Ally Sheedy shows her range by playing distant and often drunk mom.

Let's just say...i would love to own this movie.

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Wonderful movie like the old days!

Author: Marie-7
23 August 2001

This movie was a joyful surprise. Seldom did we see George C Scott in such a tender role. Just goes to prove what a well rounded actor he was; how we shall miss him! What a delight to see a whole town pulling together to help neighbors. How funny to see those rugged truck drivers cradeling that little baby. The expressions on their faces were wonderful to see. I don't know what made me tape it but I am glad I did as I shall watch it again and again (something I seldom do.) I gave it to my neighbor to watch also. Hollywood: we want more movies like this; no sex, no foul language and no nudity. Are you listening????

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I loved it... I was touched inside out... It's terrific!!

Author: jiahui from Singapore
23 January 1999

Well, I just happened to catch it around on TV this morning, at first, I wasn't really impressed by the introduction, there was just a mine and stuff, I didn't know that this film actually carried such a strong storyline, of family love and strength as a whole. I felt for Emma when she was raped, when she almost lost the custody of her son to that RAY, her grandfather was really caring and great. I really feel that Rachael Leigh Cook fully extended her talents in acting, in this particular movie. She is worth to be commended :) Keep up the good work Rachael !

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"Interesting enough"

Author: becca18 from Australia
11 November 2002

I recently seen this film and I have to say that I will never look at Don Diamont ("Ray Wilcox") the same way again, he has the "Creepy Rapist" act down pat, even when I watch him in The Young & the Restless he creeps me out (and he plays a nice guy), Rachael Leigh Cooks ("Emma") part in this film is convincing enough but doesn't show the best of her talent, the film itself is interesting enough and Ally Sheedy gives a brilliant performance as Emma's mother who is drunk and out of it for most of the film.

I reccomend it to anyone who wants to look at some of Rachael's early work and all those Don Diamont fans who want to see him in a completely different to type role.

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Loved It

Author: Melissa ( from California
3 January 1999

I loved this movie, and really want to see it aired again...I hope it will be in the near future. Rachel Leigh Cook was excellent and it tackled a very difficult subject. I'd love to see it again.

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an okay cable movie with some problems...

Author: jaycub from Salt Lake City, Utah
9 June 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

****Contains Spoilers****

As a fan of Rachael Leigh Cook, I watched for this show to finally come on so that I could see it. I taped it so I could watch it several times, and there is something about this show that really bothers me!

I recognize that this was a made-for-TV movie. Not only that, but it was made for Lifetime, which is a channel that I despise. Because it was made for TV, I can ignore the huge plot holes. I can ignore the massive lack of character development in Ally Sheedy's character. I can overlook the fact that George C. Scott and Rachael Leigh Cook, both of whom are very talented actors, were definately not reaching the best of their abilities. I can look past the fact that Don Diamont's character was so cliche'd, that you knew when you saw him he was the villain. I can even pass over the obvious mistake in the timeline (She's raped during her winter break, and then over a year later she has the baby from it.)

The major thing that I can't get over is this: There are two trials for the custody of the child. In the first trial, custody is awarded to the child's father because he is "better educated, has a degree from a community college, and has a full time job." In the second trial the judgement is reversed because the Judge feels that there is lack of evidence that Emma (RLC's character)is an unfit mother, and custody shouldn't be taken from the primary caretaker and given to someone with no previous interaction with the child.

The problem is this: Nowhere during the course of these trials is the fact that a thirtysomthing year old man raped a 15 year old girl and got her pregnant taken into consideration! Whether it was a rape or not, he had sex with a minor! Wouldn't that be taken into consideration when the judge is choosing him for custody because he's a "mature adult?" Mature adults don't have sex with minors!

It's not the worst cable movie that you would ever see, but it's not a great show either. ** out of ****

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Pretty Corny and Cliche

Author: turtlewax182
30 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Was it just me, or did it feel like the makers were trying to squeeze too much into an hour and a half? First you have Emma (Cook), trying to contact her estranged mother. Then you have a rape incident. Then she becomes pregnant. The baby is then diagnosed with severe asthma. The grandfather (Scott) decides it's for the best if he adopts the baby and then will be able to use his healthcare to cover the child's medical bills. Now we wind up in a court battle, which ends with custody being awarded to the father. And just when you thought every cliche in the book was presented, they go another step and we see dear old gramps going on the run with the baby. I find it highly coincidental that this old man just happens to have family and friends who are truckers and able to carry him all over different states. I think Grandpa should have blown Ray's brains out one of the times he came onto his property. He would have been in his legal rights to do so, then none of this would have happened in the first place. The ending is enough to make you gag (The baby is eventually brought back home, charges are dropped against grandpa, and mom finally takes an interest in her daughter's, and father's lives). You should only watch it if nothing else is on tv, on one of those boring Sunday evenings.

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could have dealt better with the complex sensitive topic

Author: hearthlight from Indiana, USA
25 February 2008

A very sensitive topic--15 y/o girl abandoned by mother as a baby and who goes to visit her, continues to be ignored, is raped by her mom's boyfriend, becomes pregnant. There was not enough depth displayed of this situation. Too much of time is taken up on the chase with the truckers transporting the baby. (Interesting, this baby with asthma--you never see him cry-- except once--, be fed, have is diaper changed during the whole truck transport ordeal.) I would have liked to have seen more of the interrelationships, more focus on the fact that this girl was a minor--this should have stood up in court immediately.

And this was a true story! It deserved a better telling than that!!

If it weren't for the subject matter, I would have given this closer to a 0 rating. I rented this from the library. Only later I found out it was a made for TV movie.

oh well

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Dysfunction breeds more dysfunction

Author: helpless_dancer from Broken Bow, Oklahoma
28 July 2002

Mediocre movie of the week about a young girl who goes to visit her long lost mother and winds up getting caught in the web of an unstable stranger. This meeting leads to much sorrow for not only the girl but her only other living relative, her grandfather, who winds up in dutch with the state police. Ally Sheedy played, and looked, the part of a burnt out drunk with nothing to live for. Interesting enough story but not very believable and way too corny for my tastes.

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