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Delta, Delta, Delta...

Author: cerebralchap from Key West
19 April 2004

Because I spend most of my time in science lab I look forward to watching films that are filled with action, romance and energy. I don't really care about the production value or the inaccurate flow of story. I have read thousands of novels and I don't care to try to find problems with films like some of these critics. Which is why, I absolutely loved this movie! I found the lead actor to be heroic in nature, believable, and more than anything else, unknown. It sometimes throws me to watch a film with someone that is well known because that more then anything takes me out of the story.

I love seeing a film where I don't know anything about the lead actors, and I have to wonder what they are really like. It's much more compelling to view. Kudos to the film makers. Great job.

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Superb acting, action and story.

Author: dwalden-2 from United States
24 February 2005

The war against drugs will never go away. It exists and seems to repeat itself with every new generation of greedy drug makers and sellers.

This film takes the war against drugs to a whole new level. It is human nature to want to protect your family and friends against it, but when you are doing your job to protect...and you lose one of your buddies that is fighting along side of you, it pisses you-off. The experience is not primarily about shooting and blowing things up -- as described from the experience of other soldiers I know, it's largely about what happens between the battles...the growth of wisdom...and comradeship...fear, and the freedom that has to be fought for. It's important to realize that with terrorists training in other lands, we must go there and fight them there, otherwise they WILL come here again.

Delta III, is the perfect depiction of taking the fight to them. James Fitzpatrick is a terrific action film star, I don't understand why he's not bigger.

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Excellent Retribution Action Film!

Author: ssnider-2 from United States
16 February 2005

In a Delta III's storyline, Skip Lang (Jim Fitzpatrick) is embroiled in a personal agenda to cut off the Columbian Drug Lord 'Salvatore', and get "revenge" for the murder of one of his Delta Team, on the kid's Birthday.

The plot is very good - but I think it overplayed the whole "Skip Lang is a hero", way too much.

The action sequences are very well done too, but it tries too hard to be a suspenseful action-adventure movie by incorporating ideas and themes from several other films and putting them into one box. I thought this was a very good film about the world-wide war on drugs, but, it could have stood to incorporate one strong subplot, not three. Besides that, the acting, the action, and the music were all good.

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The Great Motivators, Family & Patriotism

Author: montyw from Ireland
19 March 2005

Okay! I decided to lease this movie (the first time I've viewed 2 movies in a year) and I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, movies fall off for me and I lose valid interest. 'Operation Delta Force Clear Target', was as interesting the moment it started, as it was at the end. I see that the movie was made in 1997, but it could pass for today because of the terrorist state we live in. I met a couple Delta Force soldiers when I served our Great Country (God save the Queen) and they were interesting chaps. Talk about focusing on the task at hand...these Gents were aggressive as the year is long. This lead actor (James Fitzpatrick) which was also in the movie I just viewed (US Seals) is uniquely focused. The Lad HAD to be a soldier at one time. Or else most American actors are just plain intense. I give this movie also a ten.

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I LOVE action movies. This one's GREAT!

Author: rickifox from Canada
28 March 2005

I've lived in the Ontario Province of Canada all of my natural days. I'm not sure whether it's because we have so much snow and rain up here, or just because I enjoy them, but I have seen almost every action film that's available. I'm not a tomboy, I just enjoy action. The first time I saw Jim Fitzpatrick, I knew he had thing for action films too. I'm sure that he enjoys making them as much as we do watching them. It's like being a kid again and going out in the back yard and playing army, or in my case, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I'm also into martial arts, so I know that mister Fitzpatrick is no Chuck Norris. But, mister Fitzpatrick is a better actor than Chuck Norris is. Please continue to entertain us freezing Canucks up here in the Northern part of the continent. Thanks to you all.

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Super-duper! I appreciate this film!

Author: editman-4 from Israel
3 April 2005

Every once in a blue moon, you get to watch a movie and say to yourself, "Man, I wish that was me in that movie." This was kind of movie. The main actor was great. It looks like he had a lot of fun playing the part of the hero. And ANYONE that has a moral bone in their body has to love the aspect of fighting against terrorists. terrorists all need to be destroyed. Even if it's just in the movies. It's a start. Get moral people to think about and except the concept of getting rid of terrorists like rats that want to kill all of us innocent people. When ever I see a movie that makes a statement of defending the world's peace-lovers, I'm all for it.

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A Wonderful Actor in a B Movie.

Author: setdresser-1 from United States
27 March 2005

I'd watch Jimmy Fitzpatrick sleep. I've been an All My Children fan since I was in grade school. When he came onto the show, I was smitten. Great looking, great actor. Two qualities that are hard to beat. I was heart broken when he left the show, but then I got to work with him. He's every bit the gentleman that is, the actor. I met his wife and children, which he's totally proud of. He whips his wallet out and shows you the pictures of his family at the drop of a hat. Delta Force is an old franchise, but Jimmy has brought some new life into it. It's a shame they didn't put more money into the production, because Jimmy deserves more. He's the only reason I rented the movie. Good job Jimmy.

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Top of the Action Flics, if you like action!

Author: Devin Gerber from United States
22 February 2005

This was an excellent action movie, and Jim Fitzpatrick does a great performance. I don't care what you think you might know about Terrorism or Columbians, or Production value, or, whatever. Team Delta is on a roll and they're not gonna stop until the bill is paid in-full.

I love the fact that they don't pretend to be anything more than pure fantasy and entertainment. This guy Fitzpatrick doesn't take himself to serious and it's evident that these actors really had fun making this film. ROCK-ON!

It would be different if a Studio spent millions of dollars on a big star, which would take me out of it. I rep lots of big stars, but Fitzpatrick is so much more interesting. His range is bigger, broader.

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Fab Acting and Action from Star

Author: henryhaden from United Kingdom
20 April 2005

I absolutely agree with soldier's take on this flick. I happen to think that the lead actor was utterly fantastic. Not to mention the supporting cast. I noticed whilst I was browsing the IMDb, that Mr. Collins has worked several times with Mr. Fitzpatrick. It's good to see that these gentlemen have continued a working relationship in action flics. I have yet to see American Reunion, but I am assuming it is not an action flick. I am hoping to see more films with Mr. Fitzpatrick, he has my vote for action actor of the year. I used to be a big fan of Arnold Schwartzeneger's, and realized after reading up James' bio that his wife worked with Arnold. It is truly such a small world.

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I love this guy!

Author: filmcutter-5 from Romania
2 June 2005

I work with Jimmy on Seals movie. He is very nice guy and much talented. He work in our country for two months and I never see him complain. He buy our crew McDonalds one day. The whole crew. When the movie was make show on the movie screen, every one clap for Jimmy name. He work hard and he play hard. He and his actor friends are very good hard workers. The movie come very greater and I see him in other movie. I am very happy to work with him. The other guy actor Greg was very hard worker to. Good guy and nice guy. They together in the movie Armageddon. They play good roles and work well together. Any one should get to watch this movie. It is fun and good experience to watch.

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