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An excellent thriller that comes out of nowhere.
Michael DeZubiria27 June 2003
Clay Pigeons is one of those movies that I only rented because I worked at a video store when it was released and I got movie rentals for free and would go through every movie that came out. I'm glad I rented it, too, because this is one of the best thrillers I've seen in years. Like it's title, there's nothing really complex or intricate about it, and it even follows pretty close to the usual thriller plotline, but it is so well acted and written that it thrills and entertains throughout the entire film.

The characters are made up mostly of caricatures. Caricatures, in this case, oddly enough, of the actors performing them rather than the role that needed to be filled in the story. Janeane Garofalo plays the part of an FBI agent assigned to investigate the various murders that begin turning up in a small town. Like most of her characters, she is disillusioned, sarcastic, and continually amazed at the sheer idiocy with which she is surrounded. Vince Vaughn delivers a wonderful performance as the villain, with his endless charm making him the perfect actor to play the part of a serial killer. `They're all charming,' as they say.

As is often the case, Joaquin Phoenix also plays a rather unenviable role, as he did in movies like 8MM, To Die For, and Gladiator. He is a good guy in Clay Pigeons, but after you watch the movie it becomes obvious that this guy must just have a serious problem with bad luck. A good friend of Clay's (Phoenix) kills himself in a remote location early in the film because of an affair that Clay has been having with his wife, forcing Clay to alter the scene to make it look like an accidental death in order to avoid looking like he did it to get rid of him so that he could be with his wife.

It's strange to notice the absolute absence of any kind of remorse or sadness that this wife shows after her husband kills himself. Clay is freaking out, and this vicious bitch wants to continue their sexual escapades as though nothing has even happened. When Lester Long (Vaughn) shows up, he strikes up a friendship with Clay and, through a bizarre fishing incident, becomes irreversibly intertwined with Clay's murders. Basically they are stuck working together for the rest of the movie no matter how much Clay's hatred for Lester grows. You'll just have to watch the movie to see why.

I thought that the ending was a tiny bit of a copout, if only because it involves a situation at a distant roadside diner/café that ends too perfectly. This situation just had way too many variables that could have happened to have come off exactly as it was expected to, but the movie was still so good that it is more than worth it. If you are looking for a great thriller (and you've already seen The Way of the Gun), Clay Pigeons is the way to go.
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How strange...
tripwires2 March 2001
Clay Pigeons is, to put it mildly, a very strange movie. That could be just me though, as this is the first dark comedy I've seen. Despite that I had fun watching it, from the first scene (which, by the way, gives you an awesome view of Joaquin Phoenix's beautiful eyes) up till the very last. Joaquin Phoenix, once again, delivered a memorable performance as Clay. He said his lines with conviction and the right amount of emotions at the right places. I don't know if Vince Vaughn was supposed to be hilarious but he cracked me up. I don't fancy Vince much but I like him in this movie. The plot is pretty unpredictable, and even though it doesn't grip your heart with tension it will maintain your interest until the very end cause you'll be dying to find out what happens to Clay.

Overall this film is definitely worth a watch.
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Dark Humor Drives Engrossing Story
jhclues11 September 2000
In a small town out west, a target practice outing with a friend kicks off a chain of bizarre events that lead a man to involvement with murder and an unsolicited alliance with a person of, shall we say, `questionable' character in `Clay Pigeons,' directed by David Dobkin. Joaquin Phoenix is Clay Birdwell, a regular guy whose lack of judgment and discretion catches up with him unexpectedly in this dark, maddening tale of morality and fate that is sometimes morose and disturbing, at other times darkly humorous, as it deftly examines the trappings of the tangled webs we humans weave. Clay has become mired in a moral dilemma from which there seems to be no escape, when he meets and is befriended by Lester Long (Vince Vaughn), a trucker passing through town one night. At a local bar, Lester observes that Clay doesn't exactly have a way with women; it gets Lester's attention, which leads to a game of pool and, later on, a casual fishing trip that, like the target practice outing, proves to be a life-altering experience for Clay. Phoenix is perfectly cast as Clay, ably conveying the effects of the dark quagmire into which he is cast by circumstances he is unable to control. His performance enables you to feel him sinking ever deeper as the story moves along, and to empathize with him and experience what he is going through. You realize that he understands his situation, and it becomes a matter of waiting to see if he will make the right decisions, regardless of the inevitable consequences. It creates a tension that makes you want to yell at the screen to tell him what to do. Vaughn is excellent as well as the cowboy trucker with the winning smile, robust laugh and a closet full of dark secrets. There's a menace behind the good-natured facade he puts on that becomes more pronounced as the events unfold. Pretty early on you know what this guy is all about, but somehow it only enhances the anxiety of the whole situation as it becomes a cat-and mouse game (with some unexpected twists) between Clay and Lester. Another notable performance comes from the charismatic Janeane Garofalo, who is surprisingly effective and credible as F.B.I. agent Dale Shelby, who comes to town when things take a turn and begin to heat up. It's a credit to her talent and versatility that she can pull this character off so well. The supporting cast includes Georgina Cates (Amanda), Scott Wilson (Sheriff Mooney), Vince Vieluf (Deputy Barney), and Monica Moench (Kimberly). There are moments in this movie that absolutely make you want to tear your hair out, a credit to the way Dobkin put this project together and delivered it. `Clay Pigeons' is a nail-biter that will keep you going right up to the end (which is terrific); Clay and Lester are characters you're going to remember, and just to make sure there's a brief, inspired reminder at the end of the credits (so stay with it all the way). Relatively overlooked during it's original release, this film should gain new life on video, and deservedly so; this is one you'll be glad you took a look at. I rate this one 9/10.
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One of the year's most entertaining and original movies. *** out of ****
Movie-1224 February 1999
"Clay Pigeons" is a black comedy centering on a young man named Clay Birdwell, who works as a Montana gas station attendant. He is having an affair with his best friend's wife, Amanda. His best friend, Earl, knows about this, however. Thus he kills himself one day, and cleverly frames Clay for the murder. Clay, feeling both afraid and awkward, covers this incident up by making the death look like a suicide. The police fall for it and Clay puts this mess behind him. This film, both written and directed by newcomer David Dobkin, is the most original movie I have seen in a long while. Think about it, we haven't had a movie this clever and blackly comic since "Fargo," possible one of the best movies I have ever scene. The characters are so unique, while they don't generate much sympathy from the audience; they still are extremely fun to watch.

The performances are another great element in the movie. Vince Vaughn portrays Lester Long like he did in the recent "Psycho" remake. His style, giggle, attitude, and presence are all priceless. Joaquin Phoenix takes us though a funny joyride as he gets into more and more trouble as Clay. Let's not forget Georgina Cates, as the slutty wife of Earl. She plays cocky character who everyone loves to hate. The only character I could find is Janeane Garofalo's, who was surly inspired by Frances MacDormand from "Fargo."

The film's soundtrack is of the best there is, with songs that not only further the character's motives, but are also catchy and even describe some of the movie's plot at times. I have owned the soundtrack even before I saw the movie, which is quite unusual. But once I heard the theme song to "Clay Pigeons": "The Ballad of Lester Long," I had to get it.

I do think that this movie could have been better, however. If it had left a few more elements to the imagination, like the guilt or innocence of Clay Birdwell, and the explicit murder and sex scenes, maybe the viewer would be l bit more involved into the story. A little less plot and a little fewer characters would have also been nice.

But those are but minor complaints. I was looking forward to seeing this movie for a long time, and I was not that disappointed. "Clay Pigeons" is one of the years most entertaining and original films.
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Quirky and enjoyable
tresdodge21 October 2004
A young man ,Clay, who lives in a small town witnesses a friend commit suicide because of affairs Clay has had with his girlfriend. Clay covers the suicide up to make it look like an accident, however death and murder continue when Clay becomes involved with an affable but murderous cowboy.

Joaquin Phoenix is very good in his role and works extremely well on screen with Vince Vaughn who is always great to see in anything. The cinematography is top notch and the music works incredibly well to all round create an off beat, interesting and watchable effort. The ending could have been better but this an enjoyable 'independent' film none the less.
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The laughing cowboy
jotix10026 December 2005
"Clay Pigeons" was a pleasant surprise to discover. Director David Dobkin, working with Matt Healye's screen play, has created a film with a western flavor in which a young man has the bad fortune of being around when different dead bodies are found; it doesn't take too long when Clay will be implicated in them.

Clay is an auto mechanic who made the mistake of having an affair with one of his buddies' wife. Earl reminds Clay at the beginning of the film when he decides to kill himself. He is convinced his death will have "Clay" written all over it. What's more, his widow, Amanda, the young and sexy woman who had the affair with Clay wants to continue the relationship now that her old man is gone. Clay, who has been scared out of his mind with what he had witnessed wants to be millions of miles apart from Amanda, who keeps pressuring the young man for sex.

One night at the local tavern, Lester Long, a stranger to the town, witnesses how Clay slaps Amanda in front of everyone because he has had it with her. Lester, who appears to be a friendly guy, strikes a conversation with Clay and invites him to go fishing in a nearby lake. That same lake is the place where Clay had taken the corpse of Gloria, who was killed while having sex with him by the deranged Amanda. Little does Clay know who his new friend really is.

When the FBI is called to investigate Amanda's own death, things begin to spiral for Clay. Everything is out of control. Agent Shelby thinks Clay is the one responsible for Amanda's killing and a string of others like it in the area. Clay puts two and two together and he realizes who is the killer and puts a plan into action. The last thing we see is Clay leaving town and driving in the opposite direction.

Joaquin Phoenix makes Clay come alive in a great reading of this character. Mr. Phoenix is at times the confused man who is perplexed and wonders how anyone can be accusing him of the crimes he supposedly committed. Vince Vaughn is perfect as the reptilian Lester Long. He adds a layer to his character with the nervous laugh he doesn't seem to control. Janeane Garofalo plays FBI agent Shelby with good results. Scott Wilson is seen as Sheriff Mooney who believes in Clay's innocence.

The excellent music score provided by John Lurie serves the movie well as does the cinematography of Eric Edwards. David Dobkin directed with assurance, making this film become a good way to spend some time.
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Surprisingly good
AKS-611 June 2000
I usually don't read many comments here at IMDb before I have seen a certain film, I only read a few. But before I saw "Clay Pigeons" I read them all and after having done so I didn't exactly expect much when I pushed "play" on the remote control. I'm not saying that that is the only reason why I liked this movie so much, because I really thought that it was a good film. Not a masterpiece of course, but the script is witty, the acting great, and the movie in itself is quite entertaining -- it's never boring. I really, really like Joaquin Phoenix, he is one of the best young actors around now, and he didn't disappoint me in this film -- far from it. He's quite brilliant. Vince Vaughn must have had a great time playing Lester Long, you can see that he is comfortable with his character and Vaughn is better than I'd ever expected, however, for me it's Phoenix's film. He truly is amazing. As for Janeane Garofalo, she's certainly not bad, but neither very good, but that's mainly because she's in the shadow of Vaughn and Phoenix. Overall, an entertaining and rather funny film, way better than I expected. (7/10)
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Most Under-rated movie ever?...
Thumpski19 February 2004
Ok I was pretty much on a real bad run with my films after watching big let downs like Underworld, Bad Boys 2, Out Of time etc etc... so when Clay Pigeons came along, I really wasn't expecting much, especially as I hadn't heard anything about it before. So after watching it, I have to say this is without a shadow of a doubt one of the MOST , or possibly the BIGGEST under-rated movie ever!. Honestly I really can't think of any negative to say about it at all, the plot was gripping, funny, intense & the acting...Oooh the acting was OUTSTANDING! I mean Vince Vaughan was brilliant in his role of Lester Long, his character will have to go down as probably the funniest, creepiest & craziest bad guy ever! he definatly should have got an oscar for this performance!. Joaquin Phoenix played his part brilliantly also, this too I think is his best performance ive seen ( And i thought he was superb in Gladiator) The movie does have everything, it's run-time is 104mins, and geez they have managed to fit alot of story in that space of time, it's so fast paced, you can't take your eyes off it! Sadly though there is no region 2 dvd out for it yet, so i had to buy it region 1 which I try not too do, but for a movie of this quality it's worth it. Im sure there's loads out there that have't seen this, but I strongly suggest you do, Its 10x better than most of this garbage that Hollywood are throwing at us right now!

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Great Plot
Snatraps30 August 2003
Clay Pigeons is a great movie with an original plot, which is hard to come by these days. The acting by Joaquin Phoenix and Vince Vaughn was spectacular! I don't think that you could find better actors for these parts. They made the movie even better than it was, which says a lot. The movie also has a great ending that you wouldn't really expect. If you haven't seen this movie, you should really check it out! You won't regret it!
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Edgy psychological thriller with great script, comedic touch and strong sound track.
Beatrice-317 September 1998
A story of double-double-cross and serial killing in Montana. From the first shot the film engages and won't let go. Joaquin Phoenix, Janeane Garofalo and Vince Vaughn take us on a trip that's simultaneously entertaining and harrowing.

Great music by John Lurie (aka Lounge Lizard, Down by Law, etc.), and featuring oldies that carry the merciless momentum of the film. Ridley Scott co-produced.Cinematography is evocative of My Own Private Idaho (it was filmed in Utah).

Director David Dobkin has his own strong signature, particularly his deft pulling together of the characters and the light comedy, but there were also elements of Jarmusch and Van Sant. Fine cast and an excellent film.
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Nothing less then what you would expect from a movie with Vince Vaughn
KatieKnowsBest19 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I saw Clay Pidgeons for the first time yesterday. My sister has loved this movie for a long time. I have to say that I haven't had that much fun in a while. I LOVED Lester Long and had so much fun watching little Joaquin Phoenix. I have to say that I don't think anyone can make you love a psycho killer like Vince Vaughn did. On that note, I liked that, at the diner, they showed that even though Vince Vaughn is so good that he makes you love Lester Long, Lester's still a bad person.

I loved the dark humor of the movie as well. There were so many great one-liners. I would have to say that even 50 years from now, the line, 'Lester the Molester', will make me die laughing. Finally, I hope that if you haven't already seen this great movie, you will take give it a chance to make your day.
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Entertaining all the way through ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Warning: Spoilers
Not only was the story entertaining and somewhat suspenseful but the characters here are one of a kind. Vaughan's laugh is contagious. Yes, he is a killer but one can't help but like him. Not too many actors can pull that off. It took me a couple of times to realize who he got into the truck with at the end, and then the ending made more sense to me. Phoenix also did a superb job as Lester's "fishin' buddy", who just wants to live a normal life. Georgina Cates who plays Amanda does a superb job creating a character that you can't help but hate. Garofalo contributes her dry sense of humor as usual. Watch how she interracts with Barney. The many talented people in this film contribute to a well made product containing good humor, suspense, action and drama. Shooter fires nine out of ten bullets at this flick.
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Cat Among The Pigeons
Lechuguilla19 November 2005
This is a film I ended up liking, despite its flaws. Set in Montana, the film's title alludes to our "hero", Clay Bidwell (Joaquin Phoenix), a dim-witted country hick who, following his friend's death, sinks deeper and deeper into intractable problems, as a result of his own stupid decisions.

It's the kind of setup you would expect when the film's writers devise a plot first, and then create the characters needed to advance the plot. The main problem with "Clay Pigeons", therefore, is a contrived plot devoid of characterization. We never really get to know Clay, or any of the characters, in terms of their needs, motivations, backgrounds, or what makes them tick. And that renders a shallow story, and precludes any discernible theme, or broader message. Several obvious plot holes together with improbable coincidences in timing further weaken the script.

While the film's concept is flawed and the characterizations are weak, other elements of the script are neither flawed nor weak. The screenplay clearly conforms to a three-act structure, with logical sequences and scenes that keep the drama both coherent and moving, and with conflict, appropriately placed, necessary to engage viewer interest. And the dialogue is engaging and funny, especially as it relates to a somniferous-prone deputy dog named Barney.

The film's cinematography is excellent. Production design and costumes are credible. And the music gives the film texture. But what really makes this film enjoyable is the acting. With the exception of Phoenix, who pouts and mumbles his way through, all of the other acting is really good. Georgina Cates chews up the scenery as the no-good vixen. Scott Wilson is a credible sheriff. Janeane Garofalo is spunky and humorous as the FBI's youthful lead agent. And Vince Vaughn (love that laugh of his) is great as the charmingly animated rhinestone cat among the pigeons.

Despite a contrived plot and the lack of a theme, "Clay Pigeons" held my attention, mostly as a result of the film's dialogue, and especially the acting of Garofalo and Vaughn.
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Promise you'll stop finding dead people.
lastliberal21 May 2007
Before David Dobkin directed Wedding Crashers and Shanghai Knights, he did this, his first feature film. Now, while I would rather run nude through the mall (sorry for that image) than admit I have ever watched these two films, I have to admit that he did a great job with this one.

Casting Vince Vaughn as the villain was brilliant, as I see him that way, and I was most impressed with Joaquin Phoenix; more than I have ever been.

The supporting cast was brilliant also: Janeane Garofalo from The West Wing as an FBI agent; Scott Wilson from C.S.I as the sheriff; Georgina Cates and Nikki Arlyn (who we see way too little of) as the victims.

The soundtrack was so good, I headed to to get it immediately.

Great thriller with some great characters. Worth your time.
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I still don't know what this is
bowmanblue1 March 2015
I've now seen 'Clay Pigeons' three times and yet I'm still not totally sure how best to describe it, or know what exactly I've even watched! However, at least I must like it... whatever it is.

It's a story which doesn't really fit easily into any particular genre. It's not really thrilling enough to be a thriller. It doesn't have any element of a 'who-dun-it' as every death is pretty much self explanatory and there's certainly no action in it. Perhaps the best category – if this IS even a category – is 'serial killer' film... as there are plenty of bodies piling up here and there.

It's about a man – Clay, played by Joaquin Phoenix – who just seems to attract death and destruction all around him. He can't seem to go a day in his small American town without someone he knows getting killed – normally horribly. And this trend is set to get worse when he meets Lester, played by (a slim) Vince Vaughn, who also seems to just want to kill pretty much everyone in his way.

What follows isn't your average story. There are no 'damsels in distress' who conveniently need to be rescued in the final act. And, talking of final acts, there isn't the traditional stand-off between hero and villain in some dramatic place, like the top of a high-rise building. Perhaps that's why the film has such an odd feel to it. It doesn't really conform to any sort of blueprint. You just follow the lives of these – murderous – characters and see where it takes you.

If you like the sound of that, you should get something out of this film. It has the feel of a film-maker's early work where he's still allowed enough freedom not to conform to every Hollywood convention. However, a word of caution, if you're looking for 'relatable' characters then you probably won't find any here. All of them, even Clay, are hardly the sort of people you'd want to hang around with. But then that's why you probably won't mind seeing them bumped off one by one.
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A movie to revisit every couple of years!
jaylveck31 December 2012
OK I read all these negative reviews by these boneheads. I loved this movie when I first saw it, and I still love it today. It's one of my all time favourite movies. Don't listen to these people.

If you are generally a follower and you want to see a predictable movie, don't watch this one. You will be too stupid to appreciate the humour in it or the plot.

I appreciate it for what it is. Funny! Some great moments in this film including Vaughn and Garafalo's characters.

Plus there is a great soundtrack in the movie. If you don't love music, you won't like this movie either.
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Dark comedy that hits more than it misses
dcw-1227 June 2007
The film beautifully captures the goofy good natured attitude of small town life. In fact the film itself could be described as goofy and good natured. Which is kind of odd considering i'm describing a film with multiple murders, disgusting people, and all kinds of strange happenings. The film has a similar feel to Twin Peaks without the Lynchian flourish.

Without the acting performance of Joaquin Phoenix who is perfectly cast in this the film, it could have become a farce. Phoenix brings a brooding depth to the film that grounds it in reality.

The film is also smarter than many people give it credit for. First it creates a real sense of place and time which is more difficult to accomplish than most people think. Also it operates on a more subtle allegorical level than that. A fact that most people seem to miss. Some of the characters in the film are archetypes of the past.

All in all a well filmed piece that sucks you in. Lots of dark humor, and many quality acting performances.
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OLD plot & story redone with a fine cast
Jay Harris18 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This 'lil' film noir has been done over the years many times & it is one of those chestnuts I can & will see many times.

Innocent man trapped,Evil woman killed. Our hero is innocent, That is the basic plot.

As in other reincarnations the film is saved by the actors in it. Once again good acting makes a routine film seem much better than it should be,

This is a 1998 film & the 2 stars are now big name players, Both Joachim Phoenix & Vince Vaughn had only made a few films before this. & you can definitely see why they became big time players in a few years.

Joachim is our young, not so innocent hero, & Vince portrays of all things a serial killer (this was made before he did Norman Bates in the redo of Psycho. Both turn in first rate performances

Also Janeane Garafalo plays a winning FBI agent She is always good.

Scott Wilson is a quiet sheriff.

This is a film noir & for comic relief we have an overly sleepy deputy sheriff named Barney.I don't think his last name was Fife or is it now,

Even though this movie is a wee bit too long at 104 minutes, It held my interest from exciting beginning to satisfactory conclusion . It was filmed in beautiful Montana

Ratings *** (out of 4) 83 points (out of 100) IMDb 7 (out of 100
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You've heard of a chick about a dead chick magnet?
Michael O'Keefe31 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This black comedy is just down right wicked. Clay(Joaquin Phoenix)is just an unimposing fellow that has a lot of bad luck. His best friend commits suicide and hopes the blame falls on Clay as payback for sleeping with his wife Amanda(Georgina Cates). Amanda is a cold hearted sex machine that doesn't want to let Clay go. Clay is befriended by a cowboy buffoon, Lester(Vince Vaughn)that knows a dark secret. Both Clay and Amanda are worried; but Amanda is found hacked to death. Soon its like a dead girl marathon and it appears Clay is the prime suspect...after all he keeps finding dead bodies. Scott Wilson is the Mercer, Montana Sheriff that believes Clay is innocent. Janeane Garofalo plays the FBI Agent that finds it hard to believe Clay is not a serial killer. A decent soundtrack features Don Gibson, Pat Boone and Elvis Presley.
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A Quirky Black Comedy
kmaclean12 August 2001
This is an excellently done black comedy. Vince Vaughn plays a

serial killer that you can really like. Joaquin Phoenix plays

the guy who seems to be a magnet for trouble, and gives a very believable performance. Georgina Cates is perfectly disgusting as his girlfriend, and Jeanene Garofalo is her idiosyncratic self as Agent Shelby. This movie is different. It's funny, but quirky in a good way. You don't know how it's going to turn out until the very end. The script and the direction are superb, because this movie could have easily been really bad. I give it a 8, which is really high for this genre.
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fairly good black comedy *spoilers*
changingshades11 April 2001
Warning: Spoilers
While not Heathers, but really what is, Clay Pigeons has a dirty grimey guilty pleasure feel to it that I have found in few other movies. Joaquinn Pheonix does a great turn as dick who is cheating on his best friend with his wife. Vince Vaughn is also excellent as a serial Killer, but the show is stolen by Janeane Garofalo who has the best deadpan in the business. While not as great as Heathers, it still was a good movie. 8/10
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BastardBlob17 March 2001
Wow, this was a pleasant surprise. I rented it because a friend recommended it, but I knew little about it, and I know it played in theaters in fall 1998 for under 2 weeks.

Then I watched it.

I was really into this movie. It kept me wondering about all of the characters and it had a really good mysterious, dark and kinda funny atmosphere the whole time. What stood out the most was Vince Vaughn's character: Not since Jeffrey Combs in The Frighteners (my second favorite film of all time) has there been such a strange/hilarious intentions-completely-unknown-till-the-end character and you don't know whether to laugh at him or to be afraid of him. Terrific! The other characters in this freaky town the film takes place in are all superb, too. Sarcastic, hilarious, white-trash everywhere you look!

The film is great on a murder mystery level, great on a thriller level and good on a comedy level, and is never boring for a second. Rent it now, but I'll put out a warning: The movies soundtrack (100% country) will not thrill everyone.

8.5 out of 10. (It deserves 9, but that's what I gave Frighteners and that film was better).
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Vince Vaughn lights up Utah.
Mag-132 February 2001
Auto mechanic Joaquin Phoenix is likeable but smooth-talking, gorgeous lady-killer Vince Vaughn is lovable as the serial murderer.

The snow-dusted Utah Rockies are the supporting cast in this movie. Definitely worth seeing twice.

Georgina Cates as Amanda is the scariest person in this movie.
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A very Dark light comedy
G. Allen Morris III18 September 2000
This is a very funny movie, except that lots of people die, but didn't you ever laugh when a friend hurt them selves. I'm can't really put my finger on why, but I really enjoy this movie. I think it was even better the second time than the first, and I am sure I will see it many more times. It has good acting, dark humor, some light humor, very interesting charaters and some very good acting. Anyway see it, you'll like it.
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Great movie with perfect casting and a smart script
angel4l22 July 2000
This movie was very very funny. I was very intelligent too. I loved the ending!! Also, it was casted perfectly. Pheonix and Vaughn couldn't have been better and they work wonderfully together. Definitely a must see!!
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