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I don't want to say any more about the plot, it's just too much sick fun.
It's got unpredictable plot twists and unexpected laughs coming out of dark corners. The sharp-edged film also looks terrific.
Chicago Sun-Times
Within Clay Pigeons is a smaller story that might have involved us more, but it's buried by overkill.
Chicago Tribune
The movie seems so convinced of its own entertainment value that it has neglected to factor in the elements that make a comedic thriller more than just a facile exercise -- i.e., suspense, tension, heart. Being amused by plot turns is not the same as caring, and Clay Pigeons never inspires you to grab your armrest or catch your breath. [25 Sept 1998]
The cast's control and Dobkin's assured pacing keep most of the funny things funny and make most of the scary things scary - while maintaining the tricky balance between humor and fear.
The final half-hour contains enough contrivances and holes to challenge even the most generous movie-goer's suspension of disbelief.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Where it stumbles is in the script by Matt Healy, which is often clever, but never quite takes hold.
New York Daily News
Cold-blooded comedy.
Christian Science Monitor
Much of the acting is energetically good. Moviegoers familiar with "Fargo" and "Red Rock West" will find this adventure eerily familiar.
USA Today
The young Pigeon turks who no doubt think they've made a hip black comedy should be forced to see it in a theater of non-sycophants, where only an occasional exasperated exhale signifies the audience isn't dead yet. [25 Sept 1998]
Entertainment Weekly
It's young-Hollywood-driven business as usual in this derivative, nasty, and ultimately empty drama.

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