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Holds the interest - just about

Author: chriskh from Milan, Italy
29 April 2001

Though the situations and characters are fairly banal, they are mixed together in a sufficiently surprising way that I, at least, felt obliged to stay with it and see how it all turned out. That plus a performance of a certain class from Ally Sheedy, who gets about all there is to be got from a not especially interesting part.

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Garbage sequel - go watch the first instead

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
19 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Saddled with one of the most boringly unimaginative movie titles that I can think of, BURIED ALIVE 2 is a bitter (as a blowfish) disappointment. The original 1990 movie was surprisingly good for a TV film, with quality performances, an interesting plot and plenty of creepy moments. This sequel is a poor rehash of the first film, with the sole difference that the wife is the one being poisoned and the husband is the adulterer instead of the other way round. Everything else is exactly the same, including the poisoning by blowfish, even the drilling and trap at the end, but it's just not as effective this time around. The only fun parts are those which directly follow on from the first film, like the unexpected exhumation of the two bodies in a coffin and the character of Clint Goodman, but these are played down to a mere sideline in the movie.

Ally Sheedy (MAN'S BEST FRIEND) is frankly one of the most unattractive actresses I've seen, and her unconvincing performance doesn't help much. The rest of the cast is even worse, with the unknown Stephen Caffrey and Tracey Needham to blame for most of the bad acting in the movie. The only good performers are Tim Matheson, who has an excellently creepy role as a man with an unholy connection to death having been buried alive himself in the first, it's just a shame his direction isn't so inspired this time around. Brian Libby also has fun as an enbalmer with a black sense of humour.

The plot is often contrived (the enbalming machine going haywire is just plain dumb) and over-emphasises plot developments so that they become laughable. The final image, of two people trapped in a boat at the bottom of the ocean, is mishandled, turning a potentially horrific image into a laughable one thanks to the over-acting of the aforementioned Caffrey and Needham. Give this worthless flick a miss and rewatch the first movie instead, as it's about ten times better than this unoriginal garbage.

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A sequel or is it a remake?

Author: Prolox from Canada
29 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

TIM MATHESON returns as both star & director for this supposed sequel to the original 1990 thriller, unfortunately Matheson's film is nothing more than a remake of the original movie, with the only added difference being that it's a faithful wife & a cheating husband rather than being the other way around. Supposedly set 10 years after the first, Matheson helps a woman who was poisoned by her husband so that he can run off with his mistress, however much like the original film, the poison given isn't enough to kill the main character & she returns to seek revenge on her husband & his new lover, having passed such things as embalming (like in the original) Matheson's character dies in the middle of the film & does absolutely nothing in the film when he is on. Although its well acted & directed, it's copies so much of the original film that comes off almost like a shot for shot remake instead of a sequel, so much so that it kills any & all suspense the film has or tries to offer. In fact there's no point to this supposed sequel at all, there's nothing new added to the old formula, plainly put, if you seen the original film, then you've seen this film as well, because like I said it copies so much from the original, in fact, I'd go so far as to say that the film is an official remake, but a remake that's not all that good. Skip it, it's not terrible, but renting this along with the first would be like walking into the video store & renting let's say...two copies of the original STAR WARS & expecting them to be different movies.

** stars

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It's not that bad!

Author: Sara Megan Kay ( from Newport, OR
28 November 2004

True, this is very similar to the first "Buried Alive" as in the storyline, direction, characters and basic results. I will say this though: It's not as bad as people say. Tim Matheson does a good job at establishing the characters right off the bat- Ally Sheedy as the heroine who has ties to the characters from the first film, Stephen McCaffrey as the immature, cheating husband, Tracey Needham as the sexy b*tch who convinces McCaffrey to kill his wife, and Tim Matheson himself is great as a much older and hardened Clint Goodman who (ten years after the events of the first film) now is tormented by a bad heart and nightmares on a daily basis. There is a real bond between Sheedy and Matheson's characters, which I really wish could have been explored more in the film and helped made it better. But all in all, this is pretty good- not first-rate, but how many sequels are? When you watch it, don't hold any expectations that this will be better than the first (because it's not) and you'll have a better time enjoying it as a movie separate from the original. I did, and I found that the storyline is easy to follow, the characters and actors are great, and the film ends on a delightfully creepy ending as you wonder how long before the boat containing the husband and his lover will stay together before collapsing!

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This is a fairly decent sequel, however, it's predecessor was far better.

Author: SentraWagon1982 from Acushnet, Massachusetts
16 August 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*This contains spoilers*

Buried Alive II is a half way decent sequel, but nothing close to saying it's a fantastic movie. What makes it a half way decent sequel is the fact that it picks up where the first one leaves off. Laura (Ally Sheedy) and Randy (Stephen Caffrey) have just inherited a large sum of money from the sheriff, Sam, from the original movie who had just passed away. Randy wanted to buy a new boat with the money and Laura didn't want to waste the whole inheritance on it. While at the same time, Randy was seeing Tracy (Tracy Needham). They come up with a plot to murder Laura by poisoning her with fish toxon. Randy would then be able to get his hands on Laura's money so that he would be able to buy the boat he wanted. Randy follows up with his plans and poisons Laura in a restaurant. Laura, of coarse, does not die, and after she wakes up from her coma, she takes her revenge out on Randy and Tracy.

Though this is a decent sequel, it left a lot to be desired. In general, the acting by Clint and Laura was very well done; however, the acting by Randy and Tracy seemed very stale. In the first place, poisoning somebody in public doesn't seem like a very well thought out plot by the writers. They also could have found another way to prevent Laura from being embalmed instead of showing the fluid injection system going haywire, which seemed cheesy and fake. The scenes with Randy and Tracy at the end were rather funny. While Laura was sinking the boat Randy and Tracy was on, Randy says to Tracy "What would you like me to do, call 911?". Overall, this movie is worth seeing, but don't expect anything spectacular.

Movie rating: 6 out of 10

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Totally incoherent

Author: John Kipplinger from Sydney, Australia
31 March 1999

This movie, unlike the first part (Buried Alive), has a totally illogical and practically impossible plot. First of all, it attempts to include many of the elements (main actor, part of the old plot) of the first one. This badly achieved relation makes the movie even more illogical.

Also, the whole movie seems to be based only on a small idea for a sequel, and no attention is paid to the supporting story-line: there are many plot-holes; thus the story makes no sense.

Not as thrilling as (and harder to believe than) its predecessor.

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Roxanne if it were raining brains you wouldn't get wet

Author: sol from Brooklyn NY USA
24 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

**SPOILERS** Somewhat inferior sequel to the original 1990 made for TV movie "Buried Alive" that has it's star Clint Goodman, Tim Matherson, come back to town to pay his respects to the late Sheriff Sam Eberly. Sheriff Sam is the only person who knows Clint's secret, that he in fact is alive, and took it to the grave with him.

It just happens that Sheriff Sam's niece Laua Riskin, Ally Sheedy, is having trouble with her cheating husband Randy, Stephen Caffrey, in that the no good heel wants her out of the way an out of both his and, literally, her life. Randy has been having an affair with Roxanne, Tracey Needham, and the two are planning to off her the same way that Clint was; with the poison extract from the Japanese blow fish.

Sick and tired of living in the same hick town all his life and wanting to pursue adventure on the high seas, by getting himself a yacht, Randy sees his ticket to ride in that Laura is to get some $250,000.00 from the her late uncle's, Sheriff Sam, estate. It turns out that Clint, looking like he was just exhumed, is on to both Randy & Roxanne and tries in vain to get Laura, who at first doesn't recognize him, out of harms way but like in his case, who was also poisoned, to no avail.

With a nervous Randy spiking her drink, a glass of wine, with the blow fish extract or poison Laura goes into convulsions and literately drops dead right in front of Randy and about a dozen witnesses at a local restaurant. Just before Laura lost consciousness she realized, by finding the vile where the poison was in, that Randy had in fact murdered her! Or did he!

The film "Bruied Alive II" follows the very same storyline as it's predecessor "Buried Alive" with Laura coming back to life after she was buried. Not getting embalmed since the embalming machine at the local funeral home conked out Laura's vital functions were not effected as she was later able to get herself resurrected. It's then that an outraged Laura plans to exact vengeance on both her husband Randy and his lover Roxanne who both planned but, fortunately for Laura, didn't go through with her murder; Not that they didn't get an "A" for effort in trying.

Coming back from the dead Laura plans to get both Randy and Roxanne alone on Randy's yacht and then, by both sealing and sinking it, have them pay for their crimes. The problem is how can she being weak and almost unable to walk, by being entombed and buried in a air-tight copper coffin for some three days, be able to pull all this off? ****SPOILER ALERT****It there that Clint comes into the picture, and to Laura's rescue, but at the cost, being that Clint is suffering from an acute heart ailment, of his life.

Nowhere as good as "Buried Alive" but still worth watching with both Stephen Caffrey & Tracey Needham, as Randy & Roxanne, so badly overacting in their roles that for a time you think your watching a laugh a minute comedy not a tense and nail biting murder/suspense drama.

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If you like this watch "Goldeneye"?

Author: richardbradbury2001 from Birmingham, England
28 August 2004

The summary says it all really? I'm just looking this up as I watch it on ITV and a bit puzzled by the link. Does anyone else actually understand what the two films have in common - apart from being distinctly average? I haven't really got much more to say, but apparently I need to make this ten lines long in order to submit it, so bear with me while I babble a bit in between breaks to watch her eat the poisoned blowfish...well, that was fun - but still no sign of James Bond,high budget stunts, SMERSH, SPECTRE, or even Pussy Galore. I suppose that this is just one more of Life's great mysteries that I will have to live with. Anyway, that's my ten lines up. Any clues anyone?

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Why bother...

Author: nugirl from Georgia, USA
7 August 1998

...seeing the same movie twice? The first was good..the second a poor model of the first.

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Very poor story

Author: Legacy-2 from Bangkok, Thailand
7 November 1998

Buried Alive 2 not only ruins itself but also ruins the story of the first part(Buried Alive).

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