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Alternate Versions

New Line Platinum Edition, released on DVD, features 9 additional scenes not included in the original theatrical version. The sell through widescreen VHS tape also has the deleted scenes.
Network television version cut the last scene short before Dirk pulls out his penis.
The UK R2 DVD is presented in an aspect of 1.85:1, not 2.35:1 as filmed, which makes some scenes not fully in frame, especially at the beginning of the film with the title sequence.
Some smaller sub-plots, NOT included in the DVD were filmed for the movie, but didn't make it to the final version, or DVD deleted scenes. They are: A small sub-plot in which Luis Guzman's character (maurice) bugs Rollergirl throughout the film for nude pictures of her. He sends the pictures back to his brothers in Puerto Rico. This ties in with the deleted scene between him and Rollergirl. A scene in which Alfred Molina's character (Rahad) runs back to the house after chasing Dirk and Reed with the gun. Cosmo has been shot, and is dead. Helicopters circle, and he is actually happy he gets to use his firepower. He exchanges shots with cops, and ultimately dies in the confrontation. Becky Barnett's husband abuses her shortly after they are married, and she calls Dirk over to help her. He wrecks his car in the way, which explains the damage to his car seen in the movie.
The scene where Becky Barnett calls Dirk when her husband abuses her and Dirk smashes his car in an accident has been included on the new 2-disc DVD set.
On the 2-disc DVD release, there is a hidden screen test on the color bars selection.
On the version available in a certain video store chain and on cable TV, Rollergirl is wearing underwear in the scene where she strips and has sex with Dirk on the couch at Jack's house. In the theatrical/DVD release, full frontal nudity is shown.

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