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Interesting immigration drama with a sense of humor! rare.
wildwesstt27 September 2002
Too many filmmakers take themselves too seriously, not the case with "Beyond the Pale", even though some elements of the movie are sentimental, the actors carry it off without the baggage normally associated with this genre. Malachy McCourt is a standout as Tom, a down on his luck alcoholic and Roger Davis is well cast as the conniving Jeffrey. The other members of the cast comprise of unknowns Beverley Elder, and Conn Horgan, whose performances are refreshingly energetic, their work is surprisingly devoid of the usual awful stage Irish-ness style of acting associated with most Irish films, in particular, recent horrid efforts such as "Ordinary Decent Criminal" "About Adam" and "The General". Valentina Olmos is not in the film long enough but still manages to steal the show as Conchita the Latino love interest of Seamus (Horgan). Malachy McCourt and Ruth Miller (Ms. Mooney) are well matched, it's rare these days to see the love story of old age pensioners unfold on screen; it was a joy to watch them. Most remarkable however is the thoroughly watch-able Patrick Clarke (Patrick) a throwback to the classic leading man in the Gregory Peck, Tyrone Power mould, Clarke gives an assured low key and unobtrusive performance and is surely one to watch for the future. Considering the low-budget nature of this film, Beyond the Pale is quite an accomplishment. 10 out of 10
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How wonderful it was to see "Beyond the Pale" at Houston Film Festival.
pilgrimsshadow14 June 2000
I saw "Beyond the Pale" at the Houston International Film Festival. Before the screening the filmmakers, Patrick Clarke, Jack Alvino and George Bazala made a presentation speech. Also in attendence, was the movies lead actress, Beverley Elder and Oscar winning actor Cliff Robertson. "Beyond the Pale" was presented with the award for best feature in Drama. It was a great experience for me because I'd gone to the movie theater to see Edward Nortons directorial debut and found a festival taking place. So we opted for "Beyond the Pale" because it was a European film (Irish to be exact), we were not to be dissapointed, what a charming jem it turned out to be. It reminded me of the old style Hollywood flicks, its a real character driven movie, not everyones cup of tea these days, thats why it was so refreshing. To cap this wonderful experience, I got to meet the filmmakers after the show. I recommend this movie for anyone tired of summer boxoffice fare.
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Collectors Edition DVD doesn't disappoint
kpdavis128 July 2004
I watched a copy of the collectors edition DVD, which my friend and I bought online, because we couldn't get it in any of the the video stores in Scotland. I moved to NYC in the mid-eighties and lived there for six years, which is what drew me to the film. It seems like a life time ago, but the nostalgia came flooding back as if it were yesterday. I have to say that I really enjoyed watching the film even though it was a bit corny in parts. What impressed me most was the film used New York as a character without the standard shots of the Empire State building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and so on. The documentary in the additional features of the DVD was excellent and enhanced my appreciation of the film because the story is based on real events and it's interesting to meet the real people involved. All in all it was a worth while 2 hours.
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Good but....
schmeagul6 October 2002
Good but it bothered me. Awakening my worst fears about love and friendship which I already need meds to suppress. The main character (Pat) is a freakin' doormat, always being stepped on. Didn't this guy ever hear that nice guys finish last? He has that Joe Buck (Midnight Cowboy) mentality You feel like slapping him and saying "Wake up boy, ya ain't in Ireland anymore, you're in the big city, and the big city is for people with big dreams" His Hustler friend (Seamus) has the right idea, taking what you can get, as fast as you can get it. They should re-title this film Saints and Sinners.

Overall, I enjoyed the film, good performances from the cast, good direction, beautiful images. Also look out for Roger Davis (Jeffrey)that actor from Dark Shadows, he is one creepy dude. He's so good playing the villain you feel like strangling him at films' end. The film is very true and honest. I've lived in an Irish area my entire life and some of my closest friends are illegals dealing with the same issues as Pat and Shea. It's a damn shame, damn depressing, but a damn good film.
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A throw back to the sort of movies they made in Hollywood's Golden Era
jespa925 September 2002
As a film buff I always make it a point to check out the local video stores of any country I visit, so on a recent trip to Dublin I made no exception. I was encouraged to visit the Irish Film Centre, which is situated in the heart of the Temple Bar district. In addition to its two movie theatres, there is a bar, restaurant, bookstore and a video library, which stocked a number of Irish titles I hadn't heard of. I purchased several titles including Beyond the Pale, which was the more obscure of the bunch. When I returned to London, I invited a friend round for dinner and a movie, we deliberated for a time and finally settled for, "Beyond the Pale", we both agreed that it was reminiscent of the sort of movies made in the Hollywood Golden Era, the style, pace and the acting. Patrick Clarke has my vote for the next James Bond, I haven't seen anyone like him on screen, we visited the to find out more, it listed the official site for Beyond the Pale and we were shocked to find that this film was made on a tiny budget, which only served to enhance our admiration for the piece. It's a sad indictment of our times that movies like this get overlooked. Hats off to Maiden Voyage Pictures, keep up the good work.
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Different; the collectors edition DVD is 2 hours well spent.
Jamie Clarkson12 April 2006
This is an unusual film in the sense that it's honest. Unusual because it looks more like a studio made film, than a low budget indie. The story is based on the the life of Patrick Clarke who also wrote the screenplay and plays himself, turning in a good performance in the process. I get the feeling that if this film had real financial backing it would've been a classic; it has the kinda substance and heart associated with films like, It's a Wonderful Life and The Verdict. The documentary on the DVD is pretty raw and gives a good sense of the hardships the filmmakers endured to get the film made. The biggest revelation is that Malachy McCourt can actually act! listening to him and the other actors and producers recount their experiences making the film shows how much it meant to them. I have to admit that I saw this film when I was at a low point and it cheered me up, so I may be seeing it through rose tinted glasses; but I still think that the collectors edition DVD is 2 hours well spent.
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Roger Davis plays a slime ball movie producer to a T
info-98985 September 2006
I'm a big House of Dark Shadows fan and met Roger Davis recently, I was surprised to see that his last film outing was 1999's "Beyond the Pale" which I have to say threw me, because it's very different from the sort of thing Mr. Davis usually does. At least I was able to get a DVD version which had a behind the scenes featurette and a rare interview with Mr. Davis, who plays a slime ball movie producer to a T. Beyond the Pale overall wasn't a bad flick, I had issues with a couple of things, in particular the lead character's whiter than white personality, which was frustrating, I know that's how the character was written and the actor pulled it off, but are there really people like him out there!for ROGER DAVIS fans it's a must see.
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Roger Davis and Patrick Clarke Shine
PecksBadGirl12 October 2006
Roger Davis is at his best as a sleazy producer. He plays it to the hilt. He doesn't portray bad guys very often. When he does it is a rare treat. Patrick Clarke plays the good guy. His character gives me some faith that there really are some nice guys still around. Great performance. I will be on the look out for more of Patrick's work in the future. This movie is more like a big budget studio production than an indie flick. Great little movie.

I've had the pleasure to meet Roger Davis twice recently. It's great to watch his performances. He always delivers the goods. It's even more entertaining to compare his screen persona to real life. He is such a sweet and kind man. Not to mention handsome. What a great guy.
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Great idea, wonderful in parts, But!!!!
mvpictures-219 March 2012
Irishman Patrick Shaw (Patrick Clarke -- Anton) enters the U.S. illegally with his wayward friend Seamus O'Sullivan (Conn Horgan -- Gods & Generals). Landing in New York, the pair start out with dreams of striking it rich, but soon find themselves in dead-end jobs and drifting apart. As Seamus pursues various get rich quick schemes, the more cautious Patrick holds down a Janitor's job and plays good Samaritan to washed up alcoholic author Tom Finnegan (Malachy McCourt - Ash Wednesday).

Along the way, Patrick falls for fellow Dubliner Helen Graham (Beverley Elder) a struggling actress involved in a messy break up with the much older Jeffrey (Roger Davis -- Alias Smith & Jones) Everything comes to a head when Seamus turns to backroom gambling, Tom hits rock bottom and Jeffrey makes a vicious play to win Helen back.

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