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a hidden pearl in the cheap movie bin
GoddessArtemis8514 October 2005
My friend bought this movie out of the $5 bin at Walmart for a laugh. I was just expecting a stupid, mindless romantic comedy. What I found was a brilliant piece of work. The script is quite impressive. The story actually focuses on the "Best Men" like it says, not on the bride and groom. The whole film is chock full of lovable (and not so lovable) vibrant characters from nerdy little Teddy to Billy, the classical romantic hero, to Buzz the top-notch soldier with a heart of gold to Sol the lawyer you don't want to trust. Why had I never heard of this movie before?!? This definitely deserves a place on the shelf for anyone who loves comedy and good writing.
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A love story with enough action to keep the guys happy.
edtay20 May 2005
Great has comedy, drama, unexpected events, love and real interaction among friends..people you know slightly and total strangers who interact and mesh well in the storyline. Good cast; and for all of you Dean Cain fans, he shows a buff chest. Drew adds an interesting twist to the bride-to-be. Luke Wilson is again great in his role, he gives real depth to his role. The male stars interact like they actually know their roles and the little quirks in their relationships just seems to draw you more into the story and Drew is believable as the bride to be and has a friendship with each of the 5 male stars. I seldom recommend movies, but this is definitely one I plan on seeing a few times just because it was written so well I know I probably missed a few things the first time.
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Quite good
vishrutseera15 March 2000
The movie started out very promisingly and I thought that it was going to be a hilarious comedy. But it turned out to be better than that. The characters of each person have been acted out flawlessly. The setting is good.

I can see why some people did not like it. They expected a comedy and got a drama instead. It has a bit of comedy in it, but I guess people were expecting more. The lines recited from Shakespeare are extremely well chosen and just right for the movie. This, by the way, encouraged me to read Hamlet.

The role of Drew Barrymore is small, but significant. It was quite funny seeing the whole public against the FBI. The ending was quite unexpected.

Anyway, I think that this is a beautiful movie and should be seen with an open mind.
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Not what you would expect...
CatNamedEaster30 July 1999
When I rented this movie, I was thinking that it would be a comedy. Instead, this movie turned out to be more of a drama. I was very surprised with this movie and even a little curious as to why I had never heard of it before seeing it at the video store. Perhaps it is because it isn't a comedy like most people would expect. I really liked this movie. It isn't a vehicle for Drew Barrymore, if that is what you are expecting, but her part is one that she does well in. Dean Cain also turns in a worthy performance. I think most will be surprised at how touching and even moving this movie is if they give it a chance.
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One of those rare "near-perfect" movies.
Julian Cable (jc-89)24 September 2000
Never heard of this movie, but it was the best bet on the box. Had a thoroughly good time! Excellent writing, direction and performances. Nothing unpredictable - the Hamlet tie-in says it all, even the characters know they are playing out a tragedy and tell each other. But the predictability of the plot comes from the inevitability of the scenario, which in turn comes from the characters. If the resolutions are a little trite, its because its basically a tragedy played out on an action comedy set and there isn't time to beat about the bush. If you liked the wit and love of life in Strictly Ballroom, you'll like this.
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Contains elements of M*A*S*H
Theodore J. Rieth3 June 2000
An entertaining movie from beginning to end. It delivers a clever story line with a blend of humor, drama and tragedy reminiscent of the TV series M*A*S*H. I was a bit surprised by the relatively low average score, but the statistics indicate that a healthy percentage of viewers found the story compelling as I did.
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A surprisingly complex and satisfying film
MickDog30 May 1999
I too rented this movie because I am a Drew Barrymore fan, but wasn't sad that she had a relatively small part. That's not a dis on Drew (she did just fine), but more a commentary on how good a script it was. The acting was all around solid with Dean Cain leading the pack... and surprise, surprise, Andy Dick giving his comic character some interesting depth.

Did this movie get a theatrical release? If not, it's a shame... it's one of those small indie films that could really find an audience.
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Uneven homage to 'Dog Day Afternoon'
SnoopyStyle6 April 2014
There is a bank robber known as Hamlet working the area who quotes Shakespeare during his robberies. Four friends Buzz (Dean Cain), Teddy (Andy Dick), Billy (Sean Patrick Flanery), and Sol (Mitchell Whitfield) have come to pick up Jesse (Luke Wilson) from prison released after around 3 years. They are all dressed in tuxedos going to Jesse's wedding with Hope (Drew Barrymore). Billy is dropped off at the bank who turns out to be the masked bandit Hamlet. Then the rest of the guys go into the bank. They are surprised by Billy's bank robbery, and join in. Sheriff Phillips (Fred Ward) surrounds the group, and turns out to be Billy's dad.

This is a poor copy of 'Dog Day Afternoon'. Billy is way too pathetic. The FBI is way too ridiculous. The other people in the group makes no sense. It's trying to be a quirky action comedy. Except that it's more stupid than funny. And it's a horrible idea to have Andy Dick who is hamming it up for the camera. I think the filmmakers are attempting at a Tarantino-like DDA movie but they don't have the skills to pull it off. It comes off as a weak homage to the great movie.
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The tears kept coming
tweety_2248827 July 2004
I really like this movie. The actors fit the characters perfectly and the plot was unique. It would have been even more great to find out more about the characters but other than that i really enjoyed it. What was really fantastic is how all the friends were so different from each other but the fit so well. I can understand that this movie wasn't really deep, but life isn't always like that. The movie certainly took some surprising turns, well at least in the characters they were bringing into the plot. the overall feeling of the movie was really sentimental, dealing in the fact that these guys lives had been rough but they were still willing to go on, and the end really interesting if a little sad. But it just goes to show that some people don't go down without a fight.
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An amazing piece of work
buffy-3425 April 1999
I rented this movie because...well to be honest it was to see Drew Barrymore, but I got much more out of it than just that. The story was beautifully written and played out. This movie shows the definition of true friendship. It's nice to see a film where everyone is not out to protect themselves, but to keep the people they care about under safety's wing.

The acting was all around nice. No really outstanding performances, but certainly no one who demeaned the film and the performances of others.
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A Quirky Flick About Love, Death, Shakespeare & Bank Heists
great_sphinx_4211 March 2001
A peculiarity when I wasn't expecting one, 'Best Men' should probably be described as a black comedy. It held my attention and I enjoyed it. Basically, 5 buddies accidentally wind up robbing a bank on their way to a wedding. There are several problems in this scenario: one of them got out of prison and can't afford to get in trouble again, one is a bit of a folk-hero called 'Hamlet' by the press because he quotes Shakespeare while robbing banks and gives the money to orphanages- and worse, his dad is a sheriff, one is denying any involvement in the situation, one is really a bit over-excited about the 'manly' thing he's involved in, and one is a gay Green Beret but at least isn't actually causing any problems. To further complicate matters, the crowd loves them, one of their hostages is a paranoid Vietnam vet and the bride shows up. None of these guys actually wants to hurt anyone- hell, they even get pizza for their captives. They just want out of the situation in one piece. This goal will become more difficult to obtain with the arrival of a self-serious FBI agent who thinks he's got everything under control. I have a hard time categorizing this movie. Many have said it doesn't seem to know what it wants to be, and I think that's true. On the other hand, it doesn't really hurt. It's got lots of humor, and some serious parts between the friends and 'Hamlet' and his father. It's hard to call any movie a light comedy when half the people you like die by the end, but it can't really be called a drama. It's just a quirky flick, and one of the weirdest bank heist movies I've ever seen. I don't really know who to recommend it to, but I do recommend it. Also features standout performances by Dean Cain and Sean Patrick Flannery, and more Shakespearian references than any movie I've ever seen besides 'Shakespeare In Love'.
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Weird hybrid but I liked it
Boyo-211 November 1999
I thought this was a cross between "Dog Day Afternoon", "Diner" and "In Country" with a bit of any Steven Seagal movie thrown in. I liked it because the characters were all interesting, even the FBI, who are usually not real characters. Out of the large cast, I enjoyed Ray Barry and Dean Cain the most. What you'll get out of this movie is anyone's guess, but its that unpredictability that I appreciate.
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Suspend reality for good entertainment
jrbunc17 March 2001
Good action flic with passable comedy.Shakespearian theme is a bit overdone, but, the bad guy gets his just desserts. Drew Barrymore is actually likeable. Dean Cain is not a gay green beret but turns in a good job under trying circumstances
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Why so under-rated and unpopular?
xxihottie2126 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I would recommend seeing the movie before reading any of the comments posted on this page. If you are thinking of posting a comment, read the comments of other people to get a sturdy point of view and opinion.

I would definitely love to meet one of the main characters in the movie Best Men. Dean Cain played Sergeant Buzz Thomas (might I add that he is so incredibly cute!). You probably know him from his role as Superman in Lois and Clark. Best Men is about four guys who get involved in a bank robbery after their friend Billy Phillips (Sean Patrick Flanery) decides to hold up a bank to grab cash for Jesse Reilly's (Luke Wilson) wedding present. Billy uses quotes from Shakespeare's Hamlet during his robberies, earning the nickname Hamlet. Drew Barrymore plays a small but important part as Hope, the bride-to-be. Teddy Pollack (Andy Dick) adds a funny and somewhat unique twist to the movie. Best Men has it's action scenes, but is mainly a comedy that gradually turns into a drama. The characters are flawless, great performance from all the actors.

I have read some of the other comments on this movie, and have to agree that I was also disappointed when I found out that Cain's character was gay. I also realized, though, that if he was not gay, he most likely would have taken the role of a sex-driven man. The movie was straight forward, and did not need a distraction.

Also, some comments are complaining about the stupidity of the characters. If there weren't parts of the movie where the characters did idiotic things, there wouldn't be much suspense as to where that action would lead them.

There seems to be an argument between comments about the genre of the film. A film does not have to be one type, it is actually much better if it is composed of mixed feelings, which is definitely what Best Men imposes.

This movie was most likely not intended to be a really action-filled movie, a really tragic one, or one that you will laugh about for the next week. It is a light combination of all three. Watching it a couple times will also help you understand the dialog between the beginning and the end. A lot of what is said shows up in another part of the movie.

Overall, a must-see. Best Men definitely gives you a new perspective on shotgun weddings and comedy/action films.
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It's not ordinary
tony-1029 April 1999
It's a great movie. I enjoyed all 1'30 of the movie, but enjoyed does not match this movie. It's more complicated and more beautiful than you thought at the beginning of the movie. Real drama which clarifies who and what is the best man. All personages are actually live people with their own life and feelings. In my opinion, it gets more Shakespeare than "Shakespeare in love" >
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A bad, stupid movie
Niklas Ringdahl17 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Some films have it all. This doesn't. It opens quite ok, a bunch of friends gathered for a wedding. But very soon the movie hits the unthinkable level. I like strange movies, but they have to be somewhat logical, to the characters at least, but there are too many unthinkable, unbelievable actions taken in this movie:


1) The robber "Hamlet" has to rob the bank on his friends wedding day. Stupid, unnecessary, risky

2) When Buzz comes storming in, he removes his hood, and the two guys uses their real names. Stupid.

3) The other guys drop by, no other person attempts to enter the bank, only these guys, although the bank is full of people. Unlikely.

4) The helicopter pilot all of a sudden gets his hands on a Lynx? My god, he is a lunatic who got fired from the army, no chance in hell is he gonna get his hands on an army helicopter!

This movie sucks, and I regret staying up to see it.
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tedg29 September 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

Some films allow you to see how they were conceived. This one you can see the splices: `Deer Hunter,' `Dog Day,' `Speed,' `Butch Cassady.' Each is rolled out in turn to remind us of some fond image instead of delivering one to us directly.

I'm beginning to feel that it is now impossible to make a passable film with either a bus chase or a pickup by a helicopter from a moving vehicle. This has both. Drew Barrymore from her Green period. Early Luke Wilson.

Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 4: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
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Action/Comedy/Drama/Tragedy? All of the above!
tomm-74 June 2000
Well scripted, tightly directed. Small town guys against the world of inequities. Throw in Romeo & Juliet and Shakespeare's having a feast with this one. One surprise after another..hoping that the bad/good guys make it in the end. I don't want to give away the ending, but you should see this one.
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Don't be fooled by the cast
D C17 September 2005
What a train wreck.

Watching the opening credits the audience is granted some manner of false hope; Wilson, Cain, Flanery, Dick, Ward, and Barrymore...not to mention direction from the talented Tamra Davis. Add in music by Mark Mothersbaugh and you might think you were in for a really entertaining hour and a half. You'd be wrong.

Instead this is 90 minutes of your life you'll be wishing you had back. This movie fails miserably in spite of its passable cast. The script is miserable tripe, with each member of this derelict wedding party recounting their own unique story, one more cliché than the next.

The supporting cast features a bevy of film stereotypes; the distant father, the crazy veteran, the villainous FBI agent...even a black security guard named after a ball player! How embarrassing.

Beyond the bad script, sub par performances, weak story, and average direction, Best Men never really decides where it wants to go. Comedy, dark comedy, action-adventure, drama; as it flounders it never achieves any of these goals.

Don't be fooled by the stars, this is grade A loser not worthy of its cast or its director.
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Best men, worst film.
George Parker9 December 2000
"Best Men" can't seem to make up its mind if it wants to be a comedy or a drama and scrambles both while compromising each only to cap the confusion with some mediocre action. A technically okay production with a decent cast of 2nd tier talent, this film is a directorial disaster with a sloppy make-it-up-as-we-go-along storyline. Character development is not sufficient to allow the audience to summon the emotions the film seems to demand and comedic purpose is lost in quotes from Hamlet and a lot of sappy personal relationship issues.
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Best Men: Not Half Bad but...Not Half Good Either.
happipuppi1312 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
There are some movies so bad,that when you watch them on video or TV,you wonder, "Why did they bother with this?" "Why didn't they shelve it?" That's what I wondered when I caught this unoriginal,cliché' filled movie on late night TV.

The first hour of this movie (including commercials) is truly a mess and completely unbelievable. While I can see the possibility of a man getting out of jail and going to his waiting bride, I could not buy how he and his friends end up helping their buddy "Hamlet" (Billy)in the bank and keeping their fellow towns-people hostage. Even more ridiculous is that because the guys are "nice",they end up basically helping them too.

Dean Cain is really the only convincing male actor of the five (at least in the first 1/2). Although his coming out of the bank,with guns blazing is just plain stupid,along with the fact that he's wearing guns under his tuxedo in the first place.

Andy Dick seems to only be able to play one character his whole career,a strange,nerdy kind of Matthew from "News Radio" boy-man. He really has no place here and his "tell off the wife over the phone" scene has been done way too many times in movies and TV shows,it's completely unoriginal.

As is most of this blatant small town rip-off of "Dog Day Afternoon" (which they at least acknowledge their ripping off). We get a sheriff who's the father of wanted criminal "Hamlet". We also get the cliché' of the crowd cheering for "Hamlet" like he's some kind of Robin Hood folk hero! "I went to high school with that guy!" Says one of them,then they're chanting "Hamlet" over & over.

So,we get the "you we're never there for me dad" plot,which has also been done in movies TV shows. Which made it hard to be sympathetic,but not just in that case,I couldn't sympathize with any of these characters. Even after finding out about their personal downfalls.

The Vietnam vet is so much a cartoon that what could have been a great character is wasted. As are the acting talents of Drew Barrymore. Her presence in all this is spread quite thin.

Then there's the expected FBI converging on the town,with the leader who just wants to blast the bad guys away. He and the sheriff are of course at at odds with each other and the other big city FBI men make fun of the small town's people. "They should be used to shot gun weddings here." (Referring to Barrymore and her boyfriend wanting to get married in the middle of a hostage situation.)

I really only got into the movie when the more truthful and real elements came into play. When Andy is the first to get shot and then the FBI shooting up Cain and "Hamlet's" get away bus in a scene somewhat similar to the ending of Clint Eastwood's,"The Gauntlet". "Hamlet" and father make amends just before that and Dad let's his son get away. (Oh please!)

Then the final two biggest rip off's of all. Barrymore and soon to be husband are given the stolen money by "Hamlet" and they fly of in the Vietnam Vet's helicopter and escape scott free. Shades of "D.B. Cooper"!

Dean Cain and "Hamlet" then have one bullet each in their guns after the bus crashes and their all shot up. Just like the final scene in "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid" they come running out together and Cain takes down the leader of the FBI,who he swore he'd take out.

All the supposed "reasons" these characters have for letting themselves into this mess are contrived and flimsy at best. I would say if this movie had been made a long time ago and had there not been "Dog Day Afternoon",it might seem more plausible but even the intense last half,which did hold my interest,is not enough to like this movie.

Four stars for the final,intense attempted getaway chase scene and "Hamlet's" very well spoken Shakespearian quotes,which do fit in here and the movie thankfully taking a needed turn into reality. Otheriwse,I'd never bother with "Best Men" again. (END)
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Not what I expected, but a good watch all the same
Crystal Land (ShadowGal)16 August 2004
Maybe I shouldn't have liked "Best Men," but I did. I watched it late last night on either HBO or Showtime, I don't remember which, with reservations and low hopes. The rating of 6 here seemed decent enough, but the comment(s) that showed on the main info page seemed rather negative. Still, I decided to give the movie a chance.

I'm really glad that I did. This movie had some laughs and some teary-eyed moments. I, personally, both laughed and cried hard, and I know for a fact that it wasn't just because of the late-night time affecting my rationality and/or emotions. I missed the first 10 minutes or so of the movie, which had me a little confused, but I don't think it mattered too awfully much--I'll be sure to rent or buy (this one should be cheap if I can find it) it and watch it again to find out. That being said, I'll move on to my opinions of the individual actors/characters.

I'd never heard of Dean Cain before. I vaguely recognized him without knowing from where--turns out he was the host of "Ripley's Believe It or Not," which I used to watch fairly frequently. That's the only place I'd ever seen him, so I had no idea of what his acting skills were going into this movie. I was pleased with Cain's performance as Buzz. He had a perfect body and attitude for the "tough military guy," although he could've been a bit softer during certain scenes. Still, he did well enough, and certainly didn't detract from the movie.

I went into the film liking Andy Dick. He made me laugh my head off in "Hebrew Hammer," I watch his series "The Assistant" whenever I can, and I've enjoyed all the little guest parts he's had in a great deal of movies. With the exception of "The Assistant," I'd only seen him in slapstick settings. Although he was certainly funny--even hilarious at times--it was a different type of funny, and I really liked it. I'd like to see him in more roles like this: funny, but a little serious. He did a great job as Teddy; I only wish he would have had more time on-screen. Maybe if I'd caught those first minutes of the movie I'd have seen more of him.

Sean Patrick Flanery was definitely the star of the show in my mind. The only other movie I'd seen him in was "Powder," and I didn't recognize him at all here--I only found out it was the same actor when I checked his bio page here. In "Best Men" he did a truly superb job as Billy. He delivered his Shakespeare lines incredibly well, without sounding hesitant, fake, or anything like that. The lines just flowed out, and I think I fell in love a little. His scenes with his father were perfectly believable. All in all, Billy was just my favorite character.

Mitchell Whitfeld did well as Sol. I'd never seen him before this movie, so I didn't know what to expect; I wasn't disappointed. His best line in the movie is the "I'm Jewish" one--so funny!

I've seen lots of Luke Wilson's movies before, and I've always found him thoroughly enjoyable. This held true in "Best Men" as well. I felt really bad for his character, Jesse--I mean, come on, stuck in a bank robbery on your wedding day? That just sucks. A good character, though he (surprisingly) wasn't on screen that much compared to the other characters.

Finally, there's Drew Barrymore as Hope. This woman is one of my favorite actresses of all time, so I was a little disappointed to see that she was barely ever on-screen. For the few minutes we see her, however, she did well.

Although this movie seemed a little random--unequal parts humor, drama, and action--it was still a very good watch. I'll definitely rent this, and if I ever see it for sale I'll be sure to buy it immediately. I give it a 7 out of 10--a slightly more coherent plot would have given it an 8.
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A GREAT film, but not for everyone...
notclam25 March 1999
The best way I can sum it up is a cross between a David Mamet movie and Starship Troopers. Here is why... There are two kinds of people. The people who understood STARTSHIP TROOPERS, and those who didn't. These are people who looked at the superficial exterior and then stopped there, failing to see the true brilliance of the satire and the other fascinating qualities it had to offer. These are the kind of people who look at the sand on the beach, and see only dry sand. They then assume that all the sand is dry, even though it is wet just below the surface.

Best men is like Mamet in that the dialogue is not the way real people talk, but is stylized, much like Shakespeare stylized his. The way shakespeare wrote was far from the way people talked back then. BEST MEN actually has close ties to shakespeare, as his work plays a major part in the plot. The film is in a way a tribute to shakespeare and his work. The script is in my opinion one of the best and most layered scripts I have ever seen or heared. Unfortunately I don't know if most people will realize how good it really is. The acting is acceptable for the most part. The only really great performances are turned in by Dean Kane, and Brad Dourif (who is one of my very favorite character actors.

If you are going to see this movie, I would recommend seeing it with a completely open mind, have no pre-notions of what it will be, because you won't get what you are expecting. I didn't, I expected a Drew Barrymore movie, but she actually has a rather small role, but I good one.
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Mort-3127 June 2002
Imagine, you have 90 minutes to fill by means of a movie. This movie is supposed to be a thriller, black-humoured, exciting and deep in character. You have five main characters and a couple of supporting characters and now, please press all of them into these 90 minutes and include a background story about each of them. The result is a movie like Best Men with a challenging idea standing at the beginning and apart from that, over-loaded with characterizations created along one of those books on 'How to Write a Damn Good Screenplay'. The dialogues lack ideas because there is no time to develop them, so they have to be reduced to standard phrases. If stretched, however, they would be boring. Another result is that the characters all have exciting and heart-rending pasts but regarding their present situations they remain flat. Maybe they had better not tried to realize that attractive idea.
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Great movie.
bruce-gerard20 July 2006
One of my personal favorites. This great movie symbolizes camaraderie, and defines friendship on a new level. Love, life, and a lasting impact. This movie has it all. Dean Cain plays a bada**, who just happens to be gay. While coming terms with that, he's confronted with his friends personal demons as well. Sean Patrick Flannery invokes his Shakespearean side, and takes his role to heart. Andy Dick's 'quirkiness' adds a comical side, while Drew Barrymore graces the film with her beauty. Luke Wilson, also plays an excellent role, especially seeing as how he was relatively unknown when this movie was made. His cool demeanor, and mellowness provide 'quiet professional' aspect to the motley crew that make up these band of friends.
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